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Vedic Swastika crop circle appeared in Beckhampton, Wiltshire, UK.Reported on the 27th of August, 2016

New crop circle reported at Cooks Plantation, near Beckhampton, Wiltshire, UK. Reported on the 27th of August, 2016.
As reported by Crop Circle Connector 

A huge crop circle in the shape of a swastika has been spotted in the Wiltshire countryside.
The symbol, which has been cut into a huge field in Beckhampton, near Avery, Wiltshire, is roughly 150 to 180 ft wide.
The formation is so big it can be seen from the nearby road and has been cut into a farmer’s field of crops without him giving permission.
After first being shocked by the finding, the farmer was instead told how the cutting is actually a Hindu symbol of positivity, and the ancient ‘Swastika’ was used long before the Nazis adapted it as their infamous logo.
Ancient mysteries author Hugh Newman, who captured the footage via drone of the huge formation, spotted a Facebook post not long after the crop circle was cut.
The 43-year-old who lives in Wiltshire said: ‘I rushed there to check it out and I met the farmer there and he was keen for me to not go into the field.
‘I flew my drone over it and got some good shots.
‘The big trouble of the years is who cuts these crop circles because sometimes people don’t have a clue how they ended up there, and the farmer didn’t know.
‘He didn’t say much to me but he was a bit concerned by the symbol and he saw the negative connotation of it when he realised what it looked like.’
Hugh said the ancient symbol is actually positive and can often be seen on Buddha statues going back thousands of years as well as on temples and houses.
The swastika has an extensive history and was used at least 5,000 years before Adolf Hitler adopted it for use as a Nazi symbol.
The difference can be seen between them as the ancient symbol has dots in the gaps between the lines and has round edges compared to the blunt edges used in the Nazi flag.
Hugh added: ‘You get teams of hoaxers going around and doing crop circles without anyone’s permission and if they get caught they can be prosecuted for it.
‘But some of the circles they cut are so advanced and difficult to do that it is actually land art.’
A crop circle or crop formation is a pattern created by flattening a crop by using string and wooden planks which people stand on to break and bend the crops.

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