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Sunday, March 29, 2015

King Mahabali went to Patala Loka (South America)

vamana bali sukracaryaPuranas have defined 7 various lokas and in Bhagavata Purana and Padma Purana, they are called Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talatala, Mahatala, Rasatala and Patala.
Vishnu Purana narrates a story in which Vishnu’s 5th avatar (incarnation), Vamana asked for land from Daitya King Mahabali and how Bali left India to settle in South America.

Vamana asking 3 quarters of land from Bali

Hiranyakasipu was a Daitya(son of Diti, not a demon). Diti was second daughter of Daksha (first was Aditi, who gave birth to Devas). Diti married to Kashyapa, a seer and had sons named as Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipu.
Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipu.
Hiranyaksha drowned the single super-continent Pangea into single global ocean, Panthalassa.
He was killed by Vishnu’s 3rd avatar Varaha and present ‘Sweta Varaha Kalpa‘ started.
Later Vishnu also killed Hiranyakasipu during his 4th avatar of Narasimha (Half Lion, Half Man) and made his son Prahlada as king.
Prahlada’s son was Virochana (Viracocha in Inca Mythology) and his son was Bali (Mahabali).
When Bali was performing Yagna under supervision of his guru Sukracharya, Vishnu came as Vamana(dwarf or kid) and asked for donation of ‘three pada Bhoomi.
This is wrongly interpreted as 3 foot land.
Infact it is 3 quarters of Land (pada here is similar to nakshatra pada in vedic astrology, where each nakshatra is divided into 4 padas [quarters]).
At that time, Bali was ruling over Asia, Europe and Africa. So he donated these 3 human inhabitated lands to Vamana and decided to leave.
Vamana was satisfied with Bali and gave him a boon of becoming next Indra, but until then he has to settle in Patala loka and perform yagnas.
Bali travelled towards east in a ship with his men in same path as described by Sugreeva in Ramayana and settled in South America.
On this path he discovered Sutala (Islands in South East Asia and Australia), Talatala (Antarctica) and Patala (South America).
His men created settlements even in Mahatala (North America).
atala vitala sutala mahatala rasatala patala talatala
People residing in these places were known as ‘Talatalak’. This name corrupted to ‘Toltec’.
Toltecs still exist in Mexico of South America. Maya (founder of Mayan Calendar) was an engineer, who built three cities for Bali.
Maya built 3 cities for his king Bali and thus Bali was called as ‘tribhuvanak‘ (lord of 3 cities). This word later got corrupted toTiahuanaco in Mexico.
The Nazca Lines in USA are supposed to be air plane landing markings made by Bali.
Patala was later inhabitated by people called as ‘Sarpa’, who went there on behest of Waman to keep
watch on Bali’s activities. Total seven colonies were new, therefore they were called as ‘Navatala’. Nava means new and Tala means colony. This word ‘Navatala’, in a corrupt form as ‘Nahuatl’, still exists in the South America. People residing in Mexico and around are known as ‘Nava’ and their language is called as ‘Nahuatl’.
Earlier, sons of King Sagara from Ikshwaku dynasty encroached there and were burnt live by sage Kapila.
They were brought back to life by Bhagiratha, who brought down Akasa Ganga.
In Mahabharata, Sarpa (snake) race were massacred in India at the time of Janamejaya, who ruled after 3100 BC.
This ‘Sarpa Yagam’ was done to avenge his father (Parikshit) death, which was caused by a sarpa called Takshaka.
These people were saved by one seer named as ‘Astika’. When the slaughter was on and after it many people of that race returned back to South America. They felt that Astika gave them rebirth and so they supposed themselves to be the sons of seer Astika and so called them to be Astek (meaning ‘of Astika’). These descendents still reside there and call themselves Aztec.
Indra was supposed to be the master of east. There would have been a conflict between Indra and Bali resulting from
boundary. Hence Vishnu decided to fix the limit of east. For that purpose both Daityas and Adityas built a signpost to limit their boundary. That signpost is the Trident at Peru.
In Ramayana, Rama said that Moola Nakshatra was the Kula Nakshatra of Daityas. It shows that the Daitya dynasty began when the Vernal equinox was at Moola Nakshatra. This period is more ancient than 17000 BC or even older.
Patala Loka is described to be exactly below earth (then India) and one has to go 70000 yojanas deeper in earth to reach to reach there.
Mexico and Brazil are exactly below India and one has to dig a hole(tunnel) of that distance to travel vertically.
In Ramayana, Hanuman travelled to Patala (Brazil) to rescue Rama, Lakshmana from Mahiranava.
Bali was originally ruling the area between East to South India and his 6 sons Even today, people in Kerala assume that their king Mahabali will return to their kingdom once every year and they celebrate ‘ONAM’ festival on that day.
This Bali had 6 sons, who later went onto establish races and kingdoms in between East to South India.
They were Anga, Vanga, Kalinga, Sumha, Pundra, Andhra.
Kingdoms on these names were formed between Coast of Bengal and Andhra Pradesh.