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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

SAMUDRA MANTHAN DECODED #decodinghinduism #samudramanthan #sagarmanthan

This is based on a researched article -Science behind Hindu’s Four Ages (Chatur Yugas): Magnetogeddon may destroy the World!-Research paper written by London Swaminathan Research article No.1458; Dated 4th December 2014.
Here is a famous chant describing the 14 Ratnas from the Churning of the Milky Ocean.
लक्ष्मीः कौस्तुभपारिजातकसुराधन्वन्तरिश्चन्द्रमाः। ::
गावः कामदुहा सुरेश्वरगजो रम्भादिदेवाङ्गनाः। ::
अश्वः सप्तमुखो विषं हरिधनुः शङ्खोमृतं चाम्बुधेः।::
रत्नानीह चतुर्दश प्रतिदिनं कुर्यात्सदा मङ्गलम्। ::
"Lakshmeeh kaustubhapaarijaatakasuraadhantarischandramaah, Gaavah kaamaduhaa sureswaragajorambhadidevaanganaah, Ashwah saptamukhovisam haridhanuh sankhomrtam chaambudheh, Ratnaaneeha chaturdasa pratidinam kuryaatsadaa mangalam."

 The study of the earth’s magnetic field and the prediction about Magnetogeddon by the scientists justify the Hindus’ classification of Chatur Yugas. An interesting article reveals the science behind the Chatur Yugas
YugasWhat is Chatur Yuga/Four Ages?
Kerala Ayurveda Equipment's photo. Hindus have divided the ages of the world into four: Krita (4), Treta (3), Dwapara(2) and Kali (1). Krita lasts for 1 ,728,000 years, Treta for 1296 000 years, Dwapara for 864,000 years and the last kali for 4,32,000 years. Four Yugas is Chatur Yuga in Sanskrit.8640,000,000 years make one Kalpa which is one day for Brahma, the Creator God, in Hinduism. He will live for 100 years like this. This cycle is never ending and the next Brhama takes over. It would not have made any sense 200 years agobut now with study of cosmology and the latest news about the Black Holes and other things show that the Hindus are the only one ancient race that understood the functioning of the Universe.
Hindus wrote in their scriptures that in between the Yugas there is an interval called Sandhya period and another as Sandhyansa period. Hindus also told that the time period for Devas, Gods and Humans are different.
What is Magnetogeddon?
Kerala Ayurveda Equipment's photo.Kerala Ayurveda Equipment's photo. Like Devas and Asuras churned the Milky Ocean, the earth’s stomach is also churned. When the molten iron bowel of the earth is churned, it inflates a magnetic bubble around our world. That protects us from the full radiation coming out of the sun.So milky ocean does not reside in earth and it is talk of some other universe apart from our SUN where milky ocean was churned and it involved not men from earth but some other natives from different universe where they resides -called Asura and also Devas as they reside in some other part of universe. And basically it is churning of entire Universe that created magnetic field and a law of attraction between all universe partricle, sun,moon, different solar system.
 Now scientists are worried that this magnetic field is weakening and could soon flip out entirely. That means the magnetic North and South poles may trade places. European Space Agency’s Swarm satellites have been mapping the magnetic fields for the past several months. In the past 150 years the magnetic field has weakened 10 percent. This is an indication that the flip over is going to happen. That means North Pole will become South Pole and vice verse.
angkore vat

Kerala Ayurveda Equipment's photo. solar wind Yuga= Change of Polarity
 Geological evidence of preserved magnetic fields shows this happens every 400,000 years or so closer to the figure of Hindu’s 4,32,000 years of Kali Yuga. Hindus believe that the world will be destroyed at the end of Kali Yuga and then a new era will begin.
In the past, life has NOT been eradicated at the end of 400,000 years or so. But theoretically speaking extinction (MAGNETOGEDDON) is possible according to the scientists. Probably this is what Hindus meant the “destruction” at the end of each Chatur Yuga. When Krishna and Vyasa lived it was Dwapara Yuga. A great Mahabharata war occurred and Dharma and other rules changed, but the human beings survived.
Magnetic reversals don’t happen overnight. The process takes 1000 years to complete. Probably this is what Hindus Rishi called Yuga Sandhya (interval). The weakened field would expose us to higher levels of radiation, leaving power grids and satellites vulnerable

Earth is a Dynamo
Inside the earth there is molten iron. The churning of the core creates a magnetic field around the earth. (The churning is created by the rotation of the earth). This is what protects us from the Solar wind. If there is no magnetic field to protect us earth would have become desert like Mars. No life can exist.

Earth’s inner core is a 2400 km wide ball of solid iron with some nickel and sulphur and radioactive elements. Outer core is 6800 kms wide ball of liquid iron nickel and sulphur. The mantle is 2900 km deep mixture of semi molten rock. The crust is only 8 to 40 kms thick and we live on this crust. The earth is a magnetic dynamo. It is magnetic field generator.

After reading this bit of science we can sense some scientific truth in the Yuga classification and the interval periods between the Yugas. Scientists could study the weakening of magnetic fields or the flipping over (Change of polarity) by studying fossilised rocks.
 Source for Science news: London metro with my interpretation of Chatur Yugas.
Mythological story is like this-
Swarn bhomi airport,Thailand

Indra, the King of Devas (gods), while riding on an elephant Airawat, came across Sage Durvasa who offered him a special garland given to him by the god Shiva. Indra accepted the garland, placing it on the trunk of the elephant as a test to prove that he was not an egoistic god. The elephant, knowing that Indra had no control over his own ego, threw the garland to the ground. This enraged the sage as the garland was a dwelling of Sri (fortune) and was to be treated as prasada. Durvasa cursed Indra and all devas to be bereft of all strength, energy, and fortune.[1]
In battles that followed this incident, the Devas were defeated and Asuras (demons) led by king Bali gained control of the universe. Devas sought help from the god Vishnu Who advised them to treat asuras in a diplomatic manner. Devas formed an alliance with asuras to jointly churn the ocean for the nectar of immortality and to share it among them. However, Vishnu told Devas that He would arrange that they alone obtain the nectar.
The churning of the Ocean of Milk was an elaborate process. Mount Mandara was used as the churning rod, and Vasuki, the king of serpents, who abides on Shiva's neck, became the churning rope. The demons demanded to hold the head of the snake, while the gods taking advice from Vishnu, agreed to hold its tail. As a result the demons were poisoned by fumes emitted by Vasuki. Despite this, the gods and demons pulled back and forth on the snake's body alternately, causing the mountain to rotate, which in turn churned the ocean. However, once the mountain was placed on the ocean, it began to sink. Vishnu, in the form of a turtle Kurma, came to their rescue and supported the mountain on his back.
The Samudra Manthan process released a number of things from the Milk Ocean. One product was the lethal poison known as Halahal. (In some versions of the story, this poison escaped from the mouth of the serpent king as the demons and gods churned.) This terrified the gods and demons because the poison was so powerful that it can destroy all of creation-THIS WAS probably RADIATION OR ATOMIC RADIATION AND NOT A PRODUCT CALLED POISON and GOD Shankara had a way to protect himself after absorving radiation. Per mythology-Then the gods approached Shiva for protection. Shiva consumed the poison in an act to protect the universe, and his wife Parvati pressed her hand on Shiva's throat to save the universe. As a result, The color of Shiva's neck turned blue. For this reason, Lord Shiva is also called Neelakanta (the blue-throated one; "neela" = "blue", "kantha" = "throat" in Sanskrit