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Parsi were Kshatriya

PARSIS WERE KSHATRIYA SUB SECT AS ALSO MENTIONED IN RIGVEDA ...7.83.1 युवां नरा पश्यमानास आप्यं पराचा गव्यन्तः पर्थुपर्शवो ययुः |

Two Iranian groups especially Parthian (Parthia [pathava]) and Persians ( Parsa) were exclusively mentioned in the Rigvedic verse 7.83.1. These two groups are mentioned side by side in this Rigvedic verse.

Modern day picture of the inscriptionThey were expelled from Kshatriya fold alongwith Paundhrakas ,Odhras ,Dravidas , Yavanas , Shakas , Paradas , Pahlavas , Kiratas, Chinas , kalimdas , Pulindas , Usinaras , Kolisarpas , Mahishaas , Mekalos , Lapas, Konvasiras, Dorvas , Chauras , Savaras ,Barbaras , Gandharas, Thusharas, Kankaas , Ramattas , Bahlikas , Haras , Hunas , Parasakas due to neglecting of the Vedic rituals of Bharatam and therefore excommunicated from the Kshatriya fold ..... in the north west of Bharatas to settle in the west of Sapta Sindhus .

Akaemenian Inscription at Behistun ( Bistun) . C-522-486 B.C.
Script : Persian Cuneiform.
Language : Old Persian ( Avestic).
Location : This tablet was sculptured at Behistun on the main road from Mesopotamia to Persia to commemorate the victory of King Darius (Darayavahush) the Great (c.529-486 BC).
Column one has 96 lines.

In the below Image , you can see first 15 lines of column one.

Column 1 , lines 1-8
1. \ adam \ Dârayavauš \ xšâyathiya \ vazraka \ xšâyatha \ xšâyathiy
2. ânâm \ xšâyathiya \ Pârsaiy \ xšâyathiya \ dahyûnâm \ Višt
3. âspahyâ \ puça \ Aršâmahyâ napâ \ Haxâmanišiya \ thâtiy \
4. Dârayavauš \ xšâyathiya \ manâ \ pitâ \ Vištâspa \ Vištâspahyâ \ pitâ \ Arš
5. âma \ Aršâmahyâ \ pitâ \ Ariyâramna \ Ariyâramnahyâ \ pitâ\ Cišpiš \ Cišp
6. âiš \ pitâ \ Haxâmaniš \ thâtiy \ Dârayavauš \ xšâthiya \ avahyarâ
7. diy \ vayam \ Haxâmanišiyâ \ thahyâmahy \ hacâ \ paruviyata \ âmâtâ \ ama
8. hy hacâ \ paruviyata \hyâ \amâxam \ taumâ \ xšâyathiyâ \ âha \ th

Translation :

(1) I am Darius [Dâryavuš], the great king, king of kings, the king of Persia [Pârsa], the king of countries, the son of Hystaspes, the grandson of Arsames, the Achaemenid.
(2) King Darius says: My father is Hystaspes [Vištâspa]; the father of Hystaspes was Arsames [Aršâma]; the father of Arsames was Ariaramnes [Ariyâramna]; the father of Ariaramnes was Teispes [Cišpiš]; the father of Teispes was Achaemenes [Haxâmaniš].
(3) King Darius says: That is why we are called Achaemenids; from antiquity we have been noble; from antiquity has our dynasty been royal.
(4) King Darius says: Eight of my dynasty were kings before me; I am the ninth. Nine in succession we have been kings.
(5) King Darius says: By the grace of Ahuramazda am I king; Ahuramazda has granted me the kingdom.
(6) King Darius says: These are the countries which are subject unto me, and by the grace of Ahuramazda I became king of them: Persia [Pârsa], Elam [Ûvja], Babylonia [Bâbiruš], Assyria [Athurâ], Arabia [Arabâya], Egypt [Mudrâya], the countries by the Sea, Lydia [Sparda], the Greeks [Yauna], Media [Mâda], Armenia [Armina], Cappadocia [Katpatuka], Parthia [Parthava], Drangiana [Zraka], Aria [Haraiva], Chorasmia [Uvârazmîy], Bactria [Bâxtriš], Sogdia [Suguda], Gandara [Gadâra], Scythia [Saka] (Ghi-mi-ri or Cimmeria in Babylonian version), Sattagydia [Thataguš], Arachosia [Harauvatiš] and Maka [Maka]; twenty-three lands in all.
(7) King Darius says: These are the countries which are subject to me; by the grace of Ahuramazda they became subject to me; they brought tribute unto me. Whatsoever commands have been laid on them by me, by night or by day, have been performed by them.
(8) King Darius says: Within these lands, whosoever was a friend, him have I surely protected; whosoever was hostile, him have I utterly destroyed. By the grace of Ahuramazda these lands have conformed to my decrees; as it was commanded unto them by me, so was it done.
(9) King Darius says: Ahuramazda has granted unto me this empire. Ahuramazda brought me help, until I gained this empire; by the grace of Ahuramazda do I hold this empire.


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Hindu King ruler Syria and Turkey- Facts hidden by British Historian

This story is about 2000 year rule of Hindus in Syria,Turkey and Iraq per ancient inscriptions. Though the Bogazkoy inscription mentioning the Vedic Gods, Amarna letters of Dasaratha in Egypt, Kikkuli’s Horse manual with Sanskrit numbers were discovered long before Indian independence, they never found a place in our school and college text books.
Indian history has a huge gap between Mauryan dynasty and Indus Valley. The Marxist and Dravidian scholars  never recognised any of the 153 generations mentioned by Megasthenes and the Hindu Puranas.
Writer london swaminathan at Stonehenge; each stone weighed several ...I am bringing you to read glorious Hindu rule in Syria and Turkey.
Research paper written by London Swaminathan
Research article No.1341; Dated 11th October 2014.hittite3

Amarna letters
Between 1600 BCE and 1200 BCE the major powers of the Near East contended with each other for control of the region by means of war and diplomacy. Much of our knowledge of this period comes from the Amarna letters, a collection of clay tablets containing correspondence between Egyptian rulers of the later 18th Dynasty and their neighbours. They reveal amongst other things, the existence of Mitanni (Amarna is in Egypt).

The Amarna letters date from the time of Amenophis III  and  IV (Akhenaten) and Tutankhamun (1390—1327 BCE). Written in Akkadian, the diplomatic language of the time, in cuneiform script, they include letters from subject princes and regions in the Near East. In the letters we see rulers sending gifts to each other and sometimes entering into dynastic marriages such as that between Amenophis III  and Taduhepa, daughter of Tushratta (Dasaratha) of Mitanni.

Tushratta wrote to his son in law, “ I have sent you , as a present to my brother, five chariots and five yoke of horses, and as a present to Taduhepa my sister, I have sent trinkets of gold, a pair of gold earrings ….. and godly stones”. After the death of Amenophis III, Taduhepa was married to his son Akhenaten.

Tushratta twice sent the statues of Ishtar of Nineveh to Egypt to heal the pharaoh of Egypt.  (Ishtar is Goddess Durga. Foreign writers always give their known equivalents instead of original names. All the Greek writers wrote that Indians worship Bacchus and Hercules meaning Shiva/Indra and Vishnu)

Mitanni (Mitranya Desa) appears in history in 1480 BCE, when Parrattarna (Pratardhana) was in control of Aleppo in Syria , By the end of 15th century BCE, Saushatar brought Assyria under Mitannian control.  Tushratta was assassinated by his son in 1340 BCE. He was the last king of independent Mitanni. His kingdom was destroyed by the Hittites and Assyrians. A document from the Hittite capital Hattusa   records a treaty in which Tushratta’s son Shattiwaza is recognised as the ruler of Mitanni as a Hittite vassal. Mitanni’s capital was called Washukanni (Vedic god Vasu) .
Dasaratha/Tushratta letters

A powerful Hurrian (Surya Vamsa; Hurrian=Suryan)) state in north Mesopotamia and Syria (named after Surya, Hindu sun god) , Mitanni is first mentioned in an Egyptian tomb inscription dating to the early the fifteenth century BCE and last attested at the time of Assyrian king Tiglath-pilesar 1115—1077 BCE.

The name Mitanni comes from a personal name maiita (MITRA for Sun) known from Nuzi In Iraq. Since Bogazkoy inscription mentioned Mitra in Mitannian Peace Treaty,  there is no doubt that it denotes MITRA, the Vedic God. Hurriya is also Surya=Sun=Mitra.

Mitra, Surya, Hurya, Solomon, Suleyman, Shulman are all same (H=S)

Mitanni changed in to a geographical name Maittani. The state was also known as Hurri  in Hurrian, Khanigalbat in Assyrian and some other texts, Khabigalbat in Babylonian, and  Naharina or Nahrima in Egyptian.
Sanskrit word Nagara= Nagarika= City dwellers ,Cultured, Posh

Scholars could not identify or locate its capital Washukanni. Its identification with Tell Fekherieh is disputed. By the mid fifteenth century BCE, Mitanni has conquered many parts of Iraq, Turkey, Syria  which stretched to the Mediterranean sea. Its kings campaigned against Egypt and Hatti and eventually signed peace treaties with them.

It has been argued that the glass production in the fifteenth century BCE should be attributed to Mitanni and the best early glass comes from Nuzi in Iraq.

After Mitannian contact with Egypt,  we see lot of Sanskrit names among Egyptian royals. Tutankhamen’s wife was Ankenan. It is the corrupted form of Anjana or Angana (Surangana= Sura+ angana= Woman of Devaloka)

Mitannian Seal

Mitanni Kings with pure Sanskrit Names
Kirta (1500 BCE) = Kreeta/Crown or Kirti=Fame
Shuttarna  = Sudhana or Sudharsana (Gautama Buddha’s father name was Sudhodana)
Paratarna = Pratardhana in Vishnu Sahsranama
Shaushtatara = Suacadhara (Pure?)
Artatama = Like Rudra Daman(130—150 CE),  Arta Daman or Arta Dharma
Shuttarna II
Artashumara = Artha Kumara
Artatama II
Shuttarna III
Shattivaza/ Kirtiwasa = Sathya vakya, Sathya Vacha, Kirti Vacha, Krittivasan is name of Lord Shiva
Shattuvara= Satvavara or Sathyavaran
Wasashatta = Vasu satva or Sathya
Shattuara II =

Letter of Tushratta to Amenhotep III(Like India, grand father’s name or great grand father’s name was repeated. Pandyas alternated with Maran and Sadaiyan; Maravarman and Jadavarman)

Hindu Migration
Vedas mention Pancha Jana (five tribes) in many places. Of the five tribes, Druhyus were the people who migrated to West Asia. Now we get lot of proof for this from the 8th Mandala of Rig Veda. The names correlate with the names in Iraq and Iran.

“The contact between Egypt and the Hindu kings of Turkey and Syria is well documented. Thanks to the clay tablets of Amarna letters we know that Dasaratha’s daughter Taduhepa ( Datta shivaa) was married to Amenophis III of Egypt. Dasaratha was ruling Syria and Turkey around 1380 BCE. He was assassinated in 1340 BCE. Mitanni kings followed Vedic religion is confirmed by Bogazkoy inscription where all the four major Vedic gods are mentioned in a peace treaty. Pratardhana – name in Vishnu sahasranama – was ruling Aleppo now in Syria. Turkey and Syria were ruled by the Vedic kings from 1480 BCE according to the clay tablets.

 Dasaratha sent Amenophis five chariots, five horses, trinkets of gold, a pair of gold rings and goodly stones, says one of the Amarna letters. We have more Sanskrit names and horse manual with Sanskrit numbers around 1400 BCE in Turkey. Marrying one’s daughter with a king of a neighbouring country is a typical Hindu custom followed by kings from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and beyond. Afghan Gandhari and Iranian Kaikeyi were married to Drudharashtra and Dasaratha, because all those countries were ruled by the Hindus in those days.
(Mitannian Dasaratha is different from Ramayana Dasaratha. Like Tamils, Tamilize Sanskrit words, Mitannians also wrote Dasaratha as Tushratta, Pratardhana as Parartana. Even today Sri Lankan Tamils write Damayanthy as Tamayanthy. Mauritius Tamils are still worse and they write Subramanya as Soupramoniamme due to French influence. Greek writer, Chinese visiors and British rulers distorted all place names and people’s names beyond recognition. Beautiful Aralvaymozi became Aramboli, Tarangampadi changed to Tranqbar, Tutukkudi changed to Tuticorin Alexander became Alikasunda etc.)

The horse manual written by Kikkuli ( Aswa Sena) runs to 1080 lines on clay tablets. Though it was written in Hittite language the numerals Aika,Tera,Pancha, Satta, Nava vartaana (1,3,5,7,9 intervals) and words for colors are in Sanskrit.

Books-Dictionary of the Near East by the British Museum,  Time’s World History, Arya Tanagini by A. Kalyanaraman and Wikipedia.)

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Egypt Rathyatra and mount meru- similarity with Hinduism



The universe according to Egyptian philosophy was created from the primal waters, the universe according to the Vedas was created from the causal ocean. According to Egyptian scriptures a lotus flower emerges from the primal waters, according to the Vedas a lotus flower emerges from the causal ocean. From the lotus of Egyptian philosophy Ra the Sun God is born bringing life to this universe, the lotus of the Vedas produces Lord Brahma who engineers this universe. The Egyptians understand a universe which undergoes a cyclical process of creation and destruction while the Vedas speak of the days and nights of Lord Brahma.


In Egypt they would worship a particula deity and other Gods in relation to that deity, Vedic India do the same. Each morning in Egyptian temples the deity is awoken, bathed, dressed, worshipped and offered a variety of sumptuous foodstuffs, each morning throughout India deities receive the same worship. Although in Egypt, unlike Vedic temples, the inner sanctum of the temple was off limits to the general public, in homes throughout Egypt the deity would be worshipped.


“On comparing the religious system between the Egyptian civilisation and Vedic civilisation we are struck by their resemblance to each other. The principle of trinity with that of unity, the pre-existence of the soul, its transmigration, the division of caste into priests, warriors, traders and agriculturists are the cardinal points of both system. Even the symbols are the same on the shores of the Ganges and the Nile. Thus we find the lingam of the Shiva temples of India and the phallus of the Ammon temples of Egypt. We find the lotus as a symbol of the sun both in India and Egypt and we find symbols of immortality of the soul both in India and Egypt. The power of rendering barren women fruitful, ascribed to the temple of Shiva in India is also ascribed to the temple of Ammon in Egypt”.  The theogony of the Hindus  -  Count Biornsttierna.



He is the ultimate God of ancient Egypt, considered the King of Kings, the God of Kings. Some 4000 years ago Amun was  adopted into the ennead of Heliopolis where he is said to have merged with the Sun God Ra, hence the name Amun Ra. Ra in Sanskrit means fire, gold, brightness, which are basically descriptions of the Sun, and Amun, which is pronounced Amana, is Sanskrit for affection, friendly disposition. Heliopolis where this adoption took place is a Sanskrit term, Heli being Sanskrit for the Sun and Polis being a corruption of Puri which is Sanskrit for city, city of the Sun. Amun Ra is described as having blue skin and adorned with two feathers in his hair. Its a striking description as it reflects the bluish complexion and peacock feathers of Lord Krsna. It is said that from the feet of Amun flows the mighty river Nile and once again it reminds us of the Ganga emenating from the feet of Lord Krsna.


Now of course no-one is claiming that Amun Ra and Lord Krsna are one and the same, however coming less than 1000 years after Lord Krsnas departure we can consider this as a reflection of the cultural ties between India and Egypt. The famous river which was the lifeblood of the Egyptian race is famously known as the blue Nile. In Sanskrit Nila means blue, a word used to describe Lord Shiva as Nilakantha, the blue throated one. The Kingdom of Amun Ra is Karnaka temple complex which deifies Amun, his wife Mut and son Khonsu, and in true Vedic style they form an Egyptian tri murti.


Each year in Karnak they hold the annual Opet festival where the three deities of Amun Ra, Mut and Khonsu are paraded before the public. The deities are first of all ceremoniously washed and then clothed in colourful linen and precious jewels. The Pharaoh then appears and prostrates himself before the deities who are then placed upon barques (boats). These are then carried by priests accompanied by soldiers carrying poles and flags with colourful plumes and streamers while musicians and elegant horse drawn chariots decorate and enliven the procession. For some two miles huge crowds gather and blow trumpets, sing, dance, clap, offer prayers, burn incense and celebrate the procession. Any Hindu will immediately be reminded of the Ratha Yatra festival where the three deities of Krsna, Subadra and Balaram are paraded through the town of Puri in India and once again we see cross cultural influences between two seemingly distant countries extending over thousands of years. Upon arrival at the Luxor temple the deities are rested and a few days later they return to Karnak having given their annual blessings. The whole festival lasts some 24 - 27 days while in India it lasts for 25 - 26 days.


"It is testified by Herdotus, Plato, Salon, Pythagoras, and Philostratus that the religion of Egypt proceeded from India....It is testified by Neibuhr, Valentia, Champollian and Weddington that the temples of upper Egypt are of greater antiquity than those of lower Egypt...that consequently the religion of Egypt, according to the testimony of those monuments....came from India...The chronicles found in the temples of Abydos and Sais and which have been transmitted by Josephus, Julius Africanus, and Eusebius, all testify that the religious system of the Egyptians proceeded from India." Greek author and philosopher Philostratus.



According to Egyptian texts this universe is produced from the primordial waters at the beginning of creation. From these waters a mound is produced and from this mound a lotus flower travels up to the top of this universe upon which Ra, the great sun God appears. Now this of course is the same account we find in the Vedas, a lotus appears from the navel of Lord Visnu residing upon the causal ocean and upon this lotus Lord Brahma appears and proceeds to create this universe.


The mound which appears, according to Egyptian sacred texts, is none other than Mount Meru, the Vedic abode of the Gods. According to Egyptian cosmology, the pyramids we see in Egypt represent this mound which sprang from the primal waters. The word "pyramid" has nothing to do with the Egyptians, its simply another case where western outsiders dictate another countries culture. The word "pyramid" comes from the Greek word "pyramis" which means "fire in the middle". If these icons of ancient Egyptian culture were allowed to speak for themselves, according to their own culture, their own language and their own civilisation, they would simply say "hello my name is Meru".


In Egyptian hieroglyphics the name which is used for mountain is Meru and they also designated the consonants MR as the name for these ancient structures we now call pyramids. The Egyptians never wrote down the vowels, so when we see names like Nefertiti, what we really have is NFR, leaving the egyptologists to fill in the blanks with their academic speculations. One of the rules of egyptologists is they place the letter E between two consonants, so for example NFR becomes Nefer and eventually Nefertiti. Applying the rules of the Egyptologists, the MR, the original name for the pyramids, becomes MER which is simply Meru, the abode of the Gods. The following are taken from the book  -   "An Egyptian Hieroglyohic Dictionary Volume 1" by E.A.Wallis Budge.







E.A.Wallace Budge, an English egyptologist, orientalist and philologist describes here in the first caption that the name for mountain in Egyptian is Meru, in the second caption he is describing Egypt as the land of Meru and in the final caption he is describing the Egyptians as the people of Meru.



“Note the great Hamite-Cushite race from the East was the first to settle Egypt and Babylon; that this bible race can be traced to the Mount Meru, on the high table-lands of Central Asia; that the races emigrating from that region can be traced from thence, to the four quarters of the earth, and that however widely separated, they can be re-traced to their common home, - the Eden of Genesis”  -  “Har-Moad: or the Mountain of the Assembly” written in 1891 by Orlando Dana Miller and Stephen Munson Whipple


“By the pictorial hieroglyphic inscription found on the walls of the temple of the Queen Haslitop (Hatshepsut) at Der-el-babri, we see that this Punt can be no other than India. For many ages the Egyptians traded with their old homes, and the reference here made by them to the names of the Princes of Punt and its fauna and flora, especially the nomenclature of various precious woods to be found but in India, leave us scarcely room for the smallest doubt that the old civilization of Egypt is the direct outcome of that the older India.”  -  Col. Henry Steel Olcott.


" The land of punt in the Egyptian ethnological traditions has been identified by the scholars as the Malabar coast of Deccan ( India ). From this land ebony and other rich woods, incense, balsam, precious metals, ect, used to be imported into Egypt ". German Egyptologist  -  Friedrich Wilhelm.


"At the mouth of the Indus river dwell a sea faring people, active, ingenious and enterprising as when, ages subsequent to this great movement, these people coast along the shores of Mekran, traverse the mouth of the Persian gulf and again adhering to the sea board of Oman, Hadramant and Yemen, they sail up the Red sea, and again ascending that mighty stream which fertilises a land of wonders found the Kingdom of Egypt, Nubia and Abyssinia. These are the same stock that centuries subsequently to this colonisation, spread the blessings of civilisation over Hellas ( Greece ) and her islands". Edward G Pococke  -  India In Greece.

"Of the cursory observations on the Hindus, which it would require volumes to expand and illustrate, this is the result, that they had an immemorial affinity with the old Persians, Ethiopians and Egyptians, the Phoenicians, Greeks, and Tuscans, the Scythians, or Goths, and Celts, the Chinese, Japanese, and Peruvians.”  Indologist and Sanskritist Sir William Jones  -  Asiatic Researches, Volume I

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Hindu Links of Australian Aboriginal and Dingo Mystery

Hinduism is the Mother of all Civilisation and Cultures _/\_
Australian Aboriginal and Dingo Mystery
Proved Indian Hindu Links
of all civilization .
Australia holds some of modern humans’ earliest archeological evidence, with relics dating back to about 45,000 years ago. In other words, Australian aboriginals are the oldest continuous population of humans on the planet . Shares very strong bond with Ancient Hindus and their traditions .well before Europeans could even dream of exploring the far-off continent
Before you dig deep in to this part of case study u must understand the step motherly treatment given by these western scientist who always attempt to deminish Hindu's proud history of mankind as much as possible.
First they started with "Hindus have no culture " Later " Aryan invasion Theory" Now " Hindu prayed Aliens" tongue emoticon . These racist scientists even tried to tamper our history with "First humans came from africa theory" As many africans genetically looks closer to chimps . These are utterly a propaganda . Indian civilisations and our ancient hindus dont share any link All these propaganda is to twist our history as many civilisation from America to Australia have strong connections with Indian DNA and our culture .
So they created this theory thatAfricans migrated into Indian subcontinent then from there into other parts !!! Another desperate attempt .
. Slowly but steadily when science get advanced these western experts are finding it very hard to botch up the facts and new evidences . But i always said : West can fake / alter our history but cant change it !!!
1) Dr Raghavendra Rao from the Anthropological Survey of India, says that DNA evidence linking Indian tribes to Australian Aboriginal people points to the fact that humans arrived in Australia via a southern coastal route through India. His team used computer programs to predict that a common ancestor existed, between the Indian population and Aboriginal Australians, up to 50,000 years ago.
The Uru megalithic sites of Australia date back to between 30,000 and 50,000 years, with extensive sites in the central west of NSW. The Sun is the most common symbol that is seen in the Megaliths erected by the Uru of Australia.
The Uruans worshipped the Sky-Father and Mother Earth.These are concepts linked to the Vedic India. In India, the 'World-Mother' is worshipped as Goddess 'Jagadambika' (जगदम्बिका). The 'Sky-Father' in Sanskrit is 'Jagatpati' (जगत्पति) which is 'Vishnu'. Jagatpati is also another word for the Sun as per the Vedic tradition.
With this as the background lets apply Sanskrit to decipher the word 'Uru'- the name by which this civilization came to be known. In Sanskrit 'Uru' (उरु) means 'Earth'. This may be a reference to the 'Earth-Mother' of the Uruan culture.
However, in the megalithic sites of Australia, it is the Sun that takes prominence and is the most common and recurring symbol. In Sanskrit 'Aru' (अरु) means the 'Sun'. And the name Australia may be derived from 'Aru'.
The entire word Australia can be decoded if we apply Sanskrit. 'Arus' (अरुस्) means the 'Sun', 'Taral' (तरल) means liquid which may refer to the coastal route which the Indians took to arrive into Australia and the fact that the entire continent is surrounded by water - a logic similar to why Australia and New Zealand together are referred to as Oceania. 'Alaya' (आलय) means 'home' or a 'retreat'.
And here is something from the Gympie Times, Australia dated 30th October, 1975.
A Granite Hindu God Ganesha
Artefact found in Dogun, Australia
"At Dogun, schoolboy Cliff Brown, 13, found an elephant about 100mm high carved from beige granite. It is thought to be the Hindu God Ganesha." - The Gympie Times.
A statue found in the Gympie Ruins area
The 'Padma_Asana' Posture is the same as
Indian Vedic Goddess
And now a report from BBC News, dated 14th January, 2013 quotes a genetic research study which has concluded that Australia experienced a wave of migration from India about 4,000 years ago. It also says that a Genome-wide data substantiates that the Holocene gene flowed from India to Australia.*
An Australian Bushman with
the U-shaped Vedic Tilak on his forehead
In his book 'Oriental Fragments' Edward Moor made the following observation in 1854, "In the vast spread of Australia, for instance, we might expect to find ... traces and remains of Sanskrit, and temples and images and various Hinduisms - evincing indeed, the existence there, at no very distant period, of a magnificent Hindu empire..."
2) The Dingo Mystery and the Indian link of Australian Aborigines :
Before you dig deep in to this part of case study u must understand the step motherly treatment given by these western scientist who always attempt to deminish Hindu's proud history of mankind as much as possible. First they started with "Hindus have no culture " Later " Aryan invasion Theory" Now " Hindu prayed Aliens" tongue emoticon . These racist scientists even tried to tamper our history with "First humans came from africa theory" As many africans genetically looks closer to chimps . These are utterly a propaganda . Indian civilisations and our ancient hindus dont share any link . All these propaganda is to twist our history as many civilisation from America to Australia have strong connections with Indian DNA and our culture . So they created this theory than Africans migrated into Indian subcontinent then from there into other parts !!! Another desperate attempt .
. Slowly but steadily when science get advanced these western experts are finding it very hard to botch up the facts and new evidences . But i always said : West can fake / alter our history but cant change it !!!
Below are the findings by these western scientists . Again they tried to play it down by saying 4000 yeas ago ie,. 2000 BCE only but we all know our Hindu empire was a Naval super power and controled vast area of the world's terrirory even before any of these western civilisations came into existance. Let it be Truth will expose them sooner or Later !!! I tried my best to put all these infos in one single cover picture .
The Dingo Mystery
The dog in the below photo may look familiar to Indians as it closely resembles the free roaming dogs found in India. But this is Dingo, a dog species found in Australia and is also Australia’s largest terrestrial predator. Recent genetic studies of Australian Aborigines have revealed the missing link between Ancient India, Dingo and the natives of Australia. This study also negates the popular belief that Europeans were the first outsiders to arrive on the Australian soil. On the contrary, these studies reveal that ancient Indians were the the first outsiders to arrive on the Australian Soil 4000 years ago, to be exact some 4,230 years ago.
The Dingo Mystery was that, the oldest known fossil of this dog species in Australia dates back to 4000 years. There are no fossils of Dingo older than 4000 years found anywhere in Australia. So it was as if this dog suddenly arrived on the Australian landscape 4000 years ago. If so, then who brought it and from where? was the question.
The Mystery of the Archaeological Records in Australia
The archaeological records of Australia also indicated that there was a sudden change in the lives of the Australian natives 4000 years ago with improved agricultural practices and plant processing techniques (to remove toxins from edible plants), and new stone tools had arrived suddenly in Australia at around the same time. So from whom did the native Australian Aborigines learn all these new techniques 4000 years ago?
The Genetic Study of the Australian Aborigines
Now a Genetic study conducted by the researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany has reported evidence of substantial gene flow from India into Australia dating back to about 4,000 years ago. The timing or dating of this gene flow matches so well with the earlier explained mysteries that now it is clear that Ancient Indians had arrived on the Australian soil 4000 years ago, bringing with them the Dingo. They also taught the native Australians the new agriculture techniques, plant processing and stone tools creation. Read this news item Indians broke Australian isolation 4,000 years ago and a more detailed report Must be Indian: Human Settlement in Australia
This also explains the other so far unexplained mystery of the huge expansion of a new Aboriginal language group in Australia at around the same time i.e. some 4000 years back.
Ancient Indians, not modern Europeans were the first outsiders to enter Australia
Till now it was widely believed that Europeans who first arrived in Australia at the end of the 1700s were the first outsiders to enter Australia. But this new genetic study has now revealed that the ancient Indians were the first outsiders to set foot on the Australian soil 4000 years back. More importantly, this migration is supposed to have happened from southern India, the present Dravidian speaking population of India.
Why did it take so long for a proper genetic study to be conducted on the Aborigines of Australia? Researcher Mark Stoneking says that the Aboriginal Australians have been hesitant to participate in these kinds of genetic studies, and were suspicious about the intention of such studies till recently.
Another important point to be noted is also the fact that the native Australians themselves arrived to Australia some 50,000 years back from India. The current theory of human origin and expansion, called the “Out of Africa” theory says that, humans originated in Africa, and from there migrated to India, and from India spread to the rest of the world. So every non-African human being has his ancestral roots in India.
Hinduism is the Mother of all Civilisation and Cultures

Nostradamus Prediction about India for a King to reign from 2014-2024?

Is he a Ram Rajya King of Nostradamus

French prophet Nostradamus wrote in the French language in the Century text that from 2014 to 2026, a man will lead india, whom initially, people will hate but after that people will love him so much that he will be engaged in changing the country’s plight and direction. This was predicted in the year 1555.

In the end of Century 5 of his prophecy and in the beginning of Century 6, Nostradamus has written that from today i.e. 1555 A.D., exactly 450 years later i.e. in year 2006, a Hindu Saint (Chyren) will appear i.e. he will be talked of in the whole world. At that time, the age of that Hindu religious Saint (Chyren) will be between 50 and 60 years. Parmeshwar (Supreme God) showed to Nostradamus and explained all the events like a film. Nostradamus was born in the Fifteenth Century. He has mentioned the events occurring in the future by forming centuries of the future from the time of his birth. Like, has called the 1500 A.D. as the First Century, and likewise, the Nineteenth century as the Fifth Century. Similarly, has called the Twentieth Century as the Sixth Century. Nostradamus has said that, that religious Hindu leader i.e. Saint (Chyren) in the last year of the Fifth Century i.e. in 1999 A.D.,will come out and will guide the path of bhakti in accordance with the injunctions of the scriptures to his followers.
Note: Dear Readers may please read the following prophecy which the French Nostradamus had written in 1555 that “In 1998, an astrologer in Maharshatra by clarifying the coded language lettered in the prophecies of Nostradamus and by giving meaning to the future events mentioned in it, will publish his future book.” Read in the words of the translator from the book translated authentically by the same astrologer.

1. (On Page no. 32, 33): - Wait, the Golden Age (Ram Rajya) is coming. A middle-aged noble matchless great-power-holder will bring a golden age not only in India but on the whole Earth and reawakening his Sanatan (immemorial) Dharm (religion) and by telling the true path of bhakti will form the greatest Hindu nation. Thereafter in other countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tibet, Afghanistan, Malaya (Malaysia) etc, he only will be the universal religious leader. He will have authority over those authoritative groups of people who fulfill their selfish objectives by deceiving common people. That leader (Chyren) will suddenly become known to the world; just keep watching.
2. (Then on Page no. 40, has written): - Wait, Ram Rajya (the Golden Age) is coming.
In the special revolution from June 1999 A.D. to 2006 A.D., there will be ascent of the Golden Age. The Taaranhaar (Saviour) Chyren who will appear in Hindustan will grant happiness, prosperity and peace to the world. Nostradamus has said with certainty that the Chyren, who will appear, is not known yet, but he is definitely not a Christian or a Muslim. He will only be a Hindu and I, Nostradamus, am wholeheartedly proud of him even now because as soon as that divine, independent, sun Chyren will rise, all the former great leaders who were called learned, becoming dull, will have to become polite in front of him. That Hindustani (Indian) Great Tattavdrshta Saint will grant an unprecedented State to everyone. He will form equal rules, equal regulations, and will not discriminate between men-women, rich-poor and castes and creeds; he will not let injustice happen to anyone. All the people will show special respect to that Tattavdarshi (God-realised saint with complete knowledge) Saint. Mother and father are indeed respectable, but on the basis of holiness that Chyren (Tattavdarshi Saint) will hold a special devotional place distinct from the mother and father. Nostradamus himself was a Jew and a citizen of France. He had adopted Christianity. Even then Nostradamus has said without doubt that the Chyren, who will appear, will only be a Hindu.

3. (On Page 41): - Making everyone follow the same rule, regulation and discipline, will bring them on the true path. I (Nostradamus) prove one thing indisputably that, that Chyren (religious leader) will discover a new knowledge. That True-pathdirecting Taaranhaar (Saviour) will take birth in that country in Asian region which has an ocean by its name (Indian Ocean). He will neither be a Christian, nor a Muslim, nor a Jew; he will definitely be a Hindu. He will be more intelligent than the former religious leaders and will be invincible. (Nostradamus in the Century 6 Quatrain 70 of the prophecy is telling an important hinted message.) Everybody will love him. He will be highly renowned. He will also be feared. Nobody will think of doing any wrong. His name and fame will reverberate beyond the sky in the three worlds. He will awaken the society deeply asleep in the slumber of ignorance until now, with the light of Tattavgyan. The entire mankind will wake up in alarm and will do bhakti-sadhna (worship) based on his Tattavgyan. He will make the entire society do true sadhna. As a result of which, taking all the worshippers to their ancestors in their eternal place (Satyalok), will make them attain a permanent place there (will make them heir). He will liberate them from this cruel Earth (Kaal lok); this word will sound.
4. (On Page 42, 43): - Who is this cruel Krurchandra (MahaKaal), where is he, only Chyren (Tattavdarshi Saint) will tell this. Only that Chyren will liberate from that Krurchandra. Under the leadership of Chyren (Tattavdarshi Saint), the Golden Age will descend on the sacred land (Hindustan/India) of this Earth, and then it will spread in the whole world. The glory of that world-leader and his virtuous qualities will be sung even after him. There will be so much popularity of the serenity, humility and nobility of his heart that the description in the last line of Century 6 Quatrain 70 mentioned earlier that, his word sounds itself and Chyren himself is saying that “Chyren only says three words about himself “A Victorious Scholar”. Do not attach any other adjective to it; it will not be acceptable to me. (This is from description 4 on page no. 42, Century 6 Quatrain 70). Hindu Chyren will again unconditionally bring to light the unique, eminent legislation (Tattavgyan) brightened by his knowledge, (Chyren will be chief of the world, loved, feared and unchallenged) and will honestly reform the human culture; there is no doubt in this. Nobody knows yet, but when his time will come, just as Narsinh appeared suddenly, likewise, that great world-leader (Great Chyren) will become renowned by his logical, infallible knowledge and the brilliance of his Bhakti (worship). I (Nostradamus) am astounded. Neither do I know his country (from where he will incarnate i.e. Satlok country), nor him; I am even seeing him in front of me. No one can illustrate his glory in words. I only call him Great Chyren (Great Religious Leader). Disturbed by the contemporary problems and pitiable state of his religious brothers, arising the sun of independent knowledge, by the brilliance of his bhakti, the saviour of the world, at the end of the 5th Century (in the last year of 19th century) in 1999 A.D., a middle-aged great world-leader like a glorious lion-man (Great Chyren) stepping over the threshold, in a perplexed state, is probing my (Nostradamus) heart and I, while welcoming him, am struck with wonderment; I am also feeling sad because, because of the world not being aware of him, my Chyren (Tattavdarshi Saint) is becoming a subject of contempt. Do not disdain my (Nostradamus’s) soul-piercing prophecy, and that Universal lion-man. On his manifestation and the rise of his brilliant sun of Tattav Gyan, there will be resurrection of idealistic eminent persons and the dawn of the Golden Age will begin in the 6th century .
5. (Page 44, 45, 46): - (Nostradamus is again confirming) In the island surrounded by ocean on the three sides, that Great Saint will be born. At that time, because of the absence of Tattavgyan, there will be darkness of ignorance. There will be tumult after decline of morality. That Chyren (Religious Leader) regarding Guruvar i.e. Guru Ji as the Var (most honourable) will do his sadhna and make others do it.
(Note: - The prophecy of Nostradamus was written in French. Later an Englishman named Paul Brunton lived in France for a few years and understood this prophecy of Nostradamus, “Century Book”, and then wrote it in English. He, considering the word ‘Guruvar’ as ‘Guruvaar’ i.e. ‘Thursday’, wrote that he (Chyren) will make (Brahspativaar) Thursday the basis of his worship. Actually it is ‘Guruvar’ word; its meaning is, one Tattavgyata (knower of the True Spiritual Knowledge) who is the most superior among all the gurus, and to do sadhna (worship) regarding Guru as the chief. In Ved language, the meaning of ‘Brahspati’ is Supreme Lord i.e. Parmeshwar; the second meaning of ‘Brahspati’ is also Jagatguru. Jagatguru and Parmeshwar are also meanings of Brahspati. Another meaning of ‘Guruvaar’ is that — ‘Guru’ means ‘heavy’; ‘Vaar’ means ‘attack or blow’. Therefore, the meaning of ‘Guruvaar’ becomes ‘A heavy attack’. The purport is that that Tattavdarshi Saint, by telling the truth of Tattavgyan, will attack with genuine words. The blow of that true knowledge will be so heavy that no saint will be able to stand before it. For this reason also, Guru (heavy) Vaar (attack/ blow) has been said to be the basis of worship.)
When in his middle-age, he, becoming a (Gyata) knower of the Tattavgyan and a (Gyey) giver of the knowable knowledge (i.e. will start delivering discourses), will acquire fame in the three worlds. His new solution, Sadhna-mantra, is seeming so unrelenting to me (Nostradamus), like, a Gardu, a snake-charmer overpowers a highly venomous snake by a mantra. That maker of the new solution and new regulation, Tattavveta (Knower of the Truth) will emerge before the world. I (Nostradamus) am calling him only as “Great Chyren” in amazement. By the influence of the divine brilliance of his knowledge, an aggressive storm, commotion, will be raised in that dweepkalp (imaginary island) (India) i.e. he will be revolted by the unknowledgeable saints. Only he will know the way to pacify it; like, a cruel female snake is subjugated. He will be powerful like a lion and will have a body composed of masses of light. I, Nostradamus, am telling this in clear words that he is endowed with Kundalni Shakti (power). The next clear statement is that, at that time, that ocean, in which there is an (dweepkalp) island where that Chyren will appear, will have its name derived from the name of that island/country. The distinguishing feature would be that the True Master will be fully acquainted with the Bhujang Sarpini Shakti (Kundalni Shakti) of that country. That Chyren (Great Religious Leader) will be nobleminded, merciful, kind, brilliant, holder of the immemorial empire, follower of the Aadi Purush (The oldest God who was present before creation) (Satya Purush - Eternal True God). His authority/power will be universal, his glory, solution — faith in Guru, devotion to Guru i.e. no sadhna is successful without a Guru; he will consolidate this principle. By doing satsang of Tattavgyan, awakening the religious brothers (Hindus) sleeping in the slumber of ignorance, tearing the veil of the sadhna opposed to the scriptures, which they are doing with blindfaith, will spread the light of hidden profound knowledge (Tattavgyan). By making follow his Sanatan Dharm (immemorial religion), will make them attain supreme peace. Nobody will be able to equal his (Great Tattavdarshi Saint) knowledge i.e. nobody will be able to match him. Even the brightness of the sun will be less before his profound knowledge (Tattavgyan). Therefore, that Universal Lion-greatman would be so great that I (Nostradamus) will not be able to express his glory in words. I (Nostradamus) am seeing that great Chyren.
The meaning of the above-mentioned description is that “the Tattavgyan will become evident in the scriptures to that world-leader at the age of 50 years i.e. at the age of 50 years, in the year 2001, after reading the holy scriptures of all the religions, he will become knowledgeable (Tattavgyani) about them and thereafter will become the Gyey (giver of knowable knowledge) of that Tattavgyan, and his spiritual birth will occur on an Amaavasya (the last day of the dark fortnight of a lunar month). At that time (in the year 2006), his spiritual age will be young i.e. will be around 16, 20 or 25 years. The age of his body will be between 50 and 60 years i.e. he will be middle-aged, and when he will become famous, at that time his age will be between 50 to 60 years.
6. (Page 46, 47): - Nostradamus says that, undoubtedly, regarding the supreme Tattavgyata (Great Chyren), if you will try to match word for word of my prophecy to any of the leaders in the world and argue it, then nobody will match the standard. I (Nostradamus) am boldly saying word for word that the method of action of my Chyren and his profound hidden knowledge (Tattavgyan) only will flay everyone. Just let 2006 year come. Chyren only will fully confirm each and every word of this rule.
7. (Page 52): - Nostradamus has said in his prophecy that in the beginning of the 21st century, there will be rise of ‘Chyren’ on the horizon of the world. Whatever change will take place, will not be by my (Nostradamus’s) wish; rather, all the changes will inevitably take place by the order of Chyren according to the wish of Niyati (destiny). Among that, the new change means Hindustan (India) will become the most superior country. Not seen for many centuries, such prosperous empire of the Hindus will become visible. The religious saint born in that country only will be Tattavdrshta, the saviour of the world and the giver of the knowledge to the world. The knowledge of that Tattavdarshi Saint will be different and even more advanced than the knowledge of Ramayan, Mahabharat (epics) etc., which is famous among the Hindus in the regions of Asia. He will be a follower of SatPurush (Eternal God). He will be an unequalled saint.
8. (Page 74): - Numerous Saint-leaders will come and go. All will be the traitor of God and arrogant. I (Nostradamus) have had an inner (interview with) audience of that Chyren. The Hindu saint of Hindustan, provider of a new light to the imminent benighted (blind because of the lack of knowledge of bhakti), catastrophic (out of selfishness, a brother is killing a brother, a son has turned away from the father, a Hindu is enemy of a Hindu, a Muslim has become enemy of a Muslim) and gloomy (the impatient society in the race for wealth) world, the greatest world-conqueror religious world-leader will have no desire apart from his sadness i.e. except the worry for the salvation of the mankind, he will have no self-interest, nor will have arrogance. It will be a matter of pride for my prophecy that in reality that Tattavdarshi Saint will definitely become famous in the world. The knowledge imparted by him will prevail for centuries. That Saint will dazzle the eyes of the modern scientists; he will perform such spiritual miracles. All his knowledge will be evident in the scriptures. I (Nostradamus) say that wise men should not disdain him; should not consider him a small lamp of knowledge. Establishing (making him sit on a seat) that Tattavveta greatman (Chyren) on a throne, worship him regarding him as a worshippable God. That follower of Aadi Purush (SatPurush) will be the deliverer of the world.