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Monday, January 13, 2014


Scientific and Spiritual significance of Tilak
The Tilak cover the spot between the eyebrows, which connects to the Bhramanadi which is the seat of memory and thinking. In yoga terms it is called as Aajna Chakra (Brow Chakra). We know that the human body emits energy in the form of electromagnetic waves and especially the forehead and the subtle spot between the eyebrows. The imbalance in the body causes the energy to destabilize and causes worrie...s and tension and hence headaches. The Tilak cools the forehead, protects us and prevents the loss of energy. Sometimes the entire forehead is covered with sandal wood or the holy ash. Moreover one cannot be easily hypnotized when he/she is wearing these marks and also it acts as an acupressure point GV 24.5 (in acupressure terms) which is also a immune booster and potent point and when one regular applies on this mark his immunity level never comes down easily. This point GV 24.5 along with CV 17 is also pressed during our prayer offerings when we fold our hands and bend our head down thereby making the index and middle fingers touching the points and when we bring down our hand we touch the CV 17 with our thumbs. It also protects one from other’s evil eyes because it neutralizes the negative thoughts of others when they see the face with tilak, that is why young babies are put the black kajal (a purified and medicated charcoal) on the side of their forehead and/or on cheeks and it is replaced by kum kum for adults. Anyone with strong meditative powers can control others evil eyes hence he doesn’t require kum kum although he can wear it.

Before I talk about Kumkum (vermillion) and its medical significance let me give a brief introduction on Rasayan shastra. Rasayan Shastra (Ayurvedic Alchemy) is one of the subject in Asthanga Ayurveda. Mercury here is considered as a Maha dhathu (Main metal), we all know that mercury is a dangerous poison and its vapour is even more dangerous, but when processed under specific shodhana (purification) process it becomes pure and becomes a miraculous medicine. It is a great feeling to touch mercury after it is bound when purified. Parad Shivalinga that you find in Rameshwaram or a Ganesha statue or even beads is made from mercury after binding it.
Mercury being considered as a Maha Dhathu is a most potent metal can cure any disorder and however old it may be. According to Ayurveda it is the best anti-ageing agent that one can use for remaining young and healthy. Interesting? Now in kum kum mercury in its pure compounded form is available as mercuric sulfide. Regularly using it will prevent the face from having wrinkles. Married women use this vermillion on their Maang (top of forehead till the middle of the head) because it has those nerves that when activated reduces the stress and fatigue. Other ingredients like turmeric, camphor and lime powder and since turmeric is grown underground it has all the 18 nutrients of the earth (soil) and the important being iron, hence when applied of the forehead (middle of eyebrows) will regulate your body aura and eliminate negative energy and promote good health.

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