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Friday, July 29, 2016

Life after Life - A truth -Video - Dr Moody ,MD ,USA -A Research

Life after Life-A True story-

In Life After Life Raymond Moody investigates case studies of people who experienced clinical death and were subsequently revived. This classic exploration of life after death started a revolution in popular attitudes about the afterlife and established Dr. Moody as the world's leading authority in the field of near-death experiences.

Some children can remember exact & verifiable details of their prior life they never could have come to know in this their current child life. These details can be objectively and independently confirmed. Remarkably & quite biologically enigmatic: Some of them have birth marks and birth defects at very same locations as the lethal injury causing their often abrupt and violent past life death. Eg. Born with 5 missing fingers after a prior life accident where they were cut off... Birthmarks at the exact location where they got gunshot wounds in their prior life, which

In "Remembrances of Lives Past," an article that appeared in the New York Times this weekend, Newsweek's religion editor Lisa Miller takes a look at our nation's growing belief in reincarnation. According to data released by Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, a quarter of Americans believe in reincarnation (interestingly, according to the Times piece, women are more likely to believe in reincarnation than men,

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Rebirth/Afterbirth/Astral life- All are true by many accounts-Hinduism Philosophy and spiritual science

A computer programming student was undergoing surgery in Costa Rica, when she died, experienced the afterlife, then returned to her body—in the morgue.
Graciela H. shares her story on the Near Death Experience Research Foundation website. This story has not been independently verified. 

During Surgery

Image of doctors performing CPR via Shutterstock
I saw doctors working fast on me. … They were agitated. They took my VS [vital signs], did CPR. Everybody began to leave the room slowly. I didn’t understand why they were acting like that.
Everything was quiet. I decided to get up. Only my doctor stood in the same place, looking at my body. I decided to get closer, I was standing near him, I could feel he was sad and his soul was in pain. I remember touching his shoulder, then he left. …
My body began to elevate and elevate, I can say taken by a strange force.
It was great, my body was getting lighter and lighter. While going through the roof of the surgery room, I [discovered] I could move anywhere I [wanted].
I was pulled to a place where … [the] clouds [were] bright, a room or space. … All around me was light, very bright, and filling my body with energy, filling my chest with happiness. …
[I looked] at my arms, [and they were the] same shape as human [arms], but different material. The material was as white gas mixed with [a] white glow, silver glow, pearl glow around my body.
I was beautiful. I had no mirror to see my face, but I … [could] feel my face was pretty, I saw my arms and my legs had a white, simple, long dress of light. … My voice was as a teenager mixed with [the] tone of voice as a child. …

Image of an angel via Shutterstock
Suddenly a light brighter than my body [approached] me. … His light was making me blind. …
He said in a very … fine voice, “You are not going to be able to continue.” …
I remember talking his same language with my mind, he spoke with his mind too.
[As I cried because I didn’t want to go back,] he picked me up, held me. … He was quiet the whole time, gave me strength. I felt love and energy. [There] Is no love and strength in this world [to] compare to that. …
[He said:] “You were sent here by mistake, somebody’s mistake. You need to go back. … To come here, you need to accomplish many things. … Try to help several people.” …

In the Morgue

I opened my eyes, everything around was metal doors, people on metal tables, one body had another body on top. I recognized the place: I was in the morgue.
I felt ice on my eyelashes, my body was cold. [I] could not feel anything. … [I wasn’t] even able to move my neck or talk.
I was feeling sleepy. … [Two or three hours] later, I heard voices, [and I] opened my eyes again. I saw two male nurses. … I knew I had to make … eye contact with one of them. I barely had strength to blink my eyes again and again, but I did. [It] took a lot of energy.
[One of the nurses looked] at me, scared, … [telling] his partner: “Look, look, she is moving her eyes!” Laughing, [he] said, “Let’s go, this place is scary.”
Inside of me, I was screaming, “Please, don’t leave!”
I didn’t close my eyes until the nurses came, and doctors. All I heard is [someone say], “Who did this? Who sent this patient to the morgue? The doctors were mad. I closed my eyes until was sure I was far away from that place. I didn’t wake up until three or four days later.
I had episodes of sleeping for long periods of time. … I could not talk. [On] day five, I began to move [my] arms and legs … again. …
Doctors [explained] to me that I was sent there [to the morgue] by mistake. … They helped me to walk again, with therapy.
One of the things I learned is [there] is no time to waste doing the wrong things, we need to do everything good for our sake … [on] the other side. [It] is like a bank; you save that much, you will get that much at the end.
Science of out of body experiance.
Atheist doctor witnesses telepathy as science now
computer programmer student wakes up in Morgue

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Afterlife : Predicting The Destination By The Movement Of Prana (Life-Force) At The Moment Of Death

Our karmas are the soul vehicle for this journey to heaven or hell,and if we knew what our karmas were,we would predict our destination.The problem is that we cannot grasp the complexity of our karmas with our limited mind and intellect presently at our disposal.And even if we could know all of our karmas,'The Story Of Jaigishavya' in the previous post makes it clear that even accomplished yogis can be overwhelmed if they all of the infinite number of samskaras deposited in their mind-field.The texts of yoga tell that it is impossible for anyone other than omniscient divine being to know all of them.
The flow of prana during the time of death is regulated by our forces of our karma.This determines the particular gate through which the pranic force departs,and this in-turn shapes the journey that follows.We can make some prediction about the destination of the departed soul,the scriptures tell us,by observing the movement of prana and the precise time it leaves.

According to Bhagavad Gita,all unliberated souls must follow one of two paths after death : deva yana or pitri yana, the path of the gods or the path of ancestors.The path of the god is bathed in light;the path of ancestors is shrouded in smoke.The path of the gods is open in the six month interval between the Spring and Autumn equinoxes; the path of the ancestors is open in the remaining six months.The broad and the simple rule is that those who die between the spring and the autumn equinoxes go to the realm of the gods,and those who die during the other half of the year go to the realm of the ancestors.Within this broad arrangements,there are more precise times connected to the path of gods or the path of the ancestors.

Tho yogic interpretation of this is that the six-month period following the spring equinox corresponds to the dominance of solar energy in our body,and this is indicated by the flow of breath through the right nostril (pingala nadi); the six month period following the autumn equinox corresponds to the dominance of lunar energy, indicated by the flow of breath through the left nostril (ida nadi).Accomplished yogis who can leave their bodies at will often do so during twilight when the breath is equally flowing through both nostrils,and prana is likewise flowing through both nostrils.At this time,day and night,sun and moon,are wed,and a yogi leaving the body then goes neither to heaven nor to the hell,but transcends both.Regardless of the time of day,however,accomplished yogis can,if they wish,create the atmosphere of the twilight within their own body by opening sushumma nadi and leaving the body while this nadi is active.

The gate through which the prana leaves the body is another indication of the soul's destination.According to a famous yogic text,Saundaryalahari,the two lowest chakras - the muladhara and the svadhisthana - are connected to the realms of blind darkness and darkness,respectively.The prana of an unliberated soul leaves the body from one of these two chakras and goes to the realm of darkness.Those who leave the body through the manipura chakra (the navel center) go the realm of shining beings (deva loka) and are reborn again after enjoying the celestial pleasures.

 Those who leave the body from any of the chakras above manipura chakra are free from illusion (including the illusion of heaven and hell) and are reborn only if they choose.Hundreds of nadis meet at the anahata chakra (the heart center),in most of us,these have become entangled and knotted,but they can be disentangled with the help of meditation,contemplation,prayer,selfless service,acts of charity,the blessing of the saints, and God's grace.When that has happened,energy flows freely through all the nadis at the heart center,and prana exits from this chakra at the time of death.Following the prana,consciousness leaves the body by the same gate and reaches the realm of the divine,which can transcends both heaven and hell (Katha Upanishad 2:3:14-18)

story of Maluk das