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Saturday, December 19, 2015

The story of Bhoja Raja and Astha Laksmis

The story of Bhoja Raja and Astha Laksmis

Raja Bhoja was the king of Malwa. He lived a prosperous life. Everything good, was there for him to possess and enjoy. That was because of the fact that all the Eight Lakshmis - Ashta Lakshmi were residing in his pujai room. He was an ardent worshiper of the Ashta Lakshmis.

Now.... who are The Ashta Lakshmis?
They are Dhana Lakshmi, Dhanya Lakshmi, Thairya Lakshmi,
Vijaya Lakshmi, GajaLakshmi, Aadhi Lakshmi and Santhaana Lakshmi and Saubhaghya Lakshmi.

They were the ones who bestowed everything to him. One day when he entered the pujai room and performed the puja, the Eight Lakshmis appeared before him. One of them told, "O King Bhoja. The day has come that we have to depart from you. All these days we have been with you. We have bestowed you everything that is good under the sky. But every good thing comes to and end. From tomorrow, we will not be here with you". Bhoja was aghast.

What will become of him? His family? His kingdom? It was not even possible to be imagined. He remonstrated before the Lakshmis and pleaded with them to prolong their stay with him. At last, the Lakshmis said, " You can choose one of us. That particular Lakshmi will stay with you. The rest will depart. Use your discretion wisely, O King. May the Supreme Goddess guide your wisdom". Bhoja thought very hard. At last he made his decision. He chose Thairya lakshmi (The mother who gives courage).

Any form of change for the worse or any form of misfortune can be met with, if there is courage. Any other richness without courage would make life miserable and intolerable. The next morning, Bhoja entered the Puja room to perform the pujas. There he saw all the Eight Lakshmis there. As resplendent as ever.

He was surprised. One of the Lakshmis explained:
"All of us will be together in a place where there is Thairya Lakshmi. Because you chose Thairya Lakshmi, We had to be together. We could not leave Her and thus We could not leave you. We will be with you always"