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Between 1519 to 1533, the white Christian man discovered and destroyed in a most foul manner, 3 glorious civilizations - the Aztecs of Mexico, Maya of Yuacatan and Guatemala and Inca of Peru.

Historians have time and again tried to decode these civilizations, but have been unsuccessful.

Recently we found a 600000 year old human skull in the Narmada valley Gongwana.  Narmada river is the fountain head of ALL evolution. Meteorites holding DNA ( Shiva lingams ) rained from the sky.
 Maya, Inca and Aztec civilizations were founded by ancient Indians. The Mayan calendar , which everybody knows about , is nothing but a Vedic calendar made by Maya Danava. The Mayan calendar began with the Fifth Great Cycle in 3114 BC and will end on 21 December 2012 AD. In Surya Siddhantam, Maya described how eclipses were caused..

Both the Hindus and S Americans used similar items in their worship rituals. They both maintained the concept of four Yuga cycles, or cosmological seasons, extending over thousands of years, and conceived of twelve constellations with reference to the sun as indicated by the Vedic-Incan sun calendar.

 The ancient Hindus mainly used lunar calendars but also used solar calendars. In the ancient days Indians were the first to do astronomy and astrology. Every other civilization just copied and mirrored , several thousands of years later.

 The Indus Valley inhabitants followed a calendar based on the movements of Jupiter Brihaspathi , and the Mayans followed one based on the Venus Shukra .

The Mayan calendar was made by the Asura Maya Danava, who ran away to Palala . Palata is Vedic lore is the nether world--underneath the ground. For a global earth this translated to the area of these 3 civilizations. 

 Maya Danava went to Peru on his own Vimana which was a spacecraft. He had designed several of these spacecrafts for Kubera.   Lord Kubera, the brother of King Ravana had several Vimanas, and he had gifted him one in return for services rendered.  Maya was an architect and a metallurgist par excellence-- he was a magician literally with palaces. He was the architect of Tripura ( Atlantis ) and the Lanka palace of Kubera which was usurped by his half brother Ravana along with the Pushpaka Vimana. After the Ramayana war in 4300 BC, this vimana ( flying saucer with mercury plasma gyroscope vortex ) was returned back to its rightful owner Kubera by Lord Rama.

Maya was arm twisted by Arjuna in a foul manner, to build the amazing Indraprasta Mahasabha for Yuddhisthira. In the ancient days having the best palace among all kings had its own glory and held the awe factor for respect. Mayasabha was a palace of illusions. Maya means illusion in Sanskrit. 

Guest king Duryodhana was circumspect while walking thorough, unable to figure out which is solid and which is liquid, causing Draupadi to laugh loudly in sarcasm from the balcony. Then King Duryodhana to preserve his honour, walked with less caution and fell headlong into a pool of water, and Draupadi laughed again in sarcasm--this time louder.  Duryodhana came out of the pool dripping wet and shouted at her " This laugher will cost you dear!". This was the root cause for the Mahabharata war in 4000 BC.

Maya Danava was a descendant of Danu, one of Kasyapa‘s 13 wives and a daughter of Dakhsa Prajapati. Maya’s grandson ( Mandodari’s son) Meghanada, defeated Indra and was called Indrajit.Maya’s sons Dundhubi and Mayavi were killed by the Vanara, Vali. Maya’s son-in-law Ravana was defeated by Lord Rama in the Ramayana war.

Maya is the author of Surya Siddhantam, which he learnt directly from an Amsa of Surya Deva, where he describes the Heliocentric  model . Maya had accurately arrived at the orbital periods of visible planets, their distance from Earth and their diameters.  In the Surya Siddhanta, a work dealing with astronomy he had described about the results of his analysis. 'Surya' means 'Sun' and 'Siddhanta' means 'theory'.

The British made a big hue and cry when German Jew Sir Frederick William Herschel ( 1738-1822 ) "discovered " Uranus on March 13th 1781--  hi hi the stupid Indians never knew all this. .   Indian Vedic astrology does NOT use Uranus (Shweta ) Neptune ( Shyama) Pluto ( Teevra )- as named in 7000 year old Vedas Vyasa Muni , just because they are too far away to affect your DNA and they stay in one single rashi for too long. 
Ptolemy came to India in 155 AD, and he stole from the astronomical data from Surya Siddhanta (12.85-90) , the most significant being the diameters of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn . You must understand that these diameters were calculated more thas 6 millenniums ago when even the atmospheric refraction of earth was different. 

Much before Pythagoras came to India and stole his theorem.

Maya is mentioned 23 times in the Ramayana, and 61 times in the Mahabharata.   A unique reason for glory and legacy indeed. He was the acharya of all the Mayavis ( sorcerers ).

Maya Danava was a descendant of Danu, one of Kasyapa‘s 13 wives and a daughter of Dakhsa Prajapati.
 Maya Danava was in the Khandava forest,  at the outskirts of New Delhi,  to build for Takshaka the Naga king.  This was the opportunity Arjuna in collusion with Lord Krishna looked for. They set fire to the mighty forest which was reputed to hold every specimen of flora and fauna. In this gruesome deliberate fire everything died except Takshaka's Aswasena son and 4 sarnagaka birds.  Maya was conveniently saved by Lord Krishna.

Out of sheer gratitude Asura Maya Danava asked , how he can ever repay Arjuna. Immediately Lord Krishna trapped him.  "Let a palatial Sabha (meeting hall) as thou choosest, be built by thee, if thou, O son of Diti, who art the foremost of all artists, desirest to do good to Yudhishthira the just (Mbh.2.1)".

 Krishna told Arjuna "Your city has been constructed by Vishwakarma and is truly beautiful. However, the Indraprastha palace is much too plain for such a wonderful city. Let a palatial meeting hall be constructed for Yudhishtra the just. Maya Danava is the best person to construct it, being the architect of the Asuras."Maya measured out a plot of land five thousand cubits square and began the construction. Soon the peerless palace of great beauty encrusted with diamonds was completed. The columns of this palace were made of gold. Maya appointed 8000 asuras called Kinkaras to guard this palace. Inside the palace, there were many amazing devices. It took the Maya just fourteen months to complete this building. Everything was made as per the principles of Vaastu.

In Indian history, Mayan appears several times, most significantly as the author of Mayamatam, "Concept of Mayan" which is a Vastu Shastra, a text on art, architecture and town planning.

 Narada on hearing of this palace hall came to visit , and he cried "O Child, I have never seen nor heard ever before, neither among men, nor among the gods, any assembly room built of gems and precious stones like this hall of thine. I have been to the hall of Indra, it is not equal to yours. I have been to the hall of Yama that shines like burnished gold, but it is inferior to this hall in beauty. I have visited Pushakaramalini, the hall of Varuna, floating in the waters, but it is not equal to yours. The hall of Kubera certainly displays his immense wealth, but is not as beautiful as yours. I have been to the hall of Lord Brahma, the grandsire of all beings, where the Prajapatis offer him worship, but its splendor is nothing to yours. I have seen all these assembly halls O King, but without question, your hall is the best that ever was."

In India, even modern architects learn Maya Danava's Vaastu as part of their syllabus. They perceive existence in terms of two dimensions: first the infinite spiritual realm and second the finite accommodating space for insentient material objects. This concept of a superior plane of existence, where the original form of things exist eternally, is the basis of India's sacred architecture.

Vaastu shastra prescribes desirable characteristics for sites and buildings based on flow of energy called Vaastu Purusha.

Vaastu Shastra which is considered a conduit between man and nature is based on the infinite powers of the five elements – fire, water, earth, and air and space. It essentially deals with two energy sources – the solar energy flux and the geomagnetic energy flux. This science aims at controlling the flow of these two energies by selecting proper directions and alignments for the vaastu. Vaastu is basically aimed at harnessing the higher energy levels within the self and can help in various aspects of life. Buildings not constructed as per Vaastu see their decline to ruins much faster than those built otherwise.

I will get back to the science of Vaastu later on. Vaastu is an Indian thing. You have to be VERY surprised when the intricate mathematical and geometrical principles are Vaastu are followed in arhitecture abroad, when all civilizations were wide apart.

Now let me get back to the surprising similarities between Indian civilisations and these South and Central American civilizations. This first Indian contact happened 11000 years ago.

The ancient Mexican game of Patolli is similar in details to the game of Panchisi played in India. The mathematical probability of two games invented separately agreeing by chance in so many specific intricate features, is zilch.  Mexican call a potter "Kumbhar", as Sanskrit word. There are several other similarities.

After Vedic people the Mayas of Yucatan were the first people to use a zero sign in Mathematics. This knowledge came from India, as we had this knowledge thousand of years before them.  All over Mayan civilization you find stone sculptures of Indian Vimanas and people in space suits. They just sculpted what they saw.  The Kundalini snake of Lord Shiva is also depicted.

The elephant on a sculptured pillar at Copan, which he referred to as an “idol”. Is an animal unknown in that country. It is an Indian elephant and NOT an African elephant. Indian elephants are found in Indian elephants as they are conscious creatures. They can see their image in the mirror, which only humans can do. Animals and birds cant see themselves in the mirror.  Few like Bonobos and Chimps can see partially.

Archaeologists found many Hindu deities like Shiva, black meteorite Shiva linga, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Kali, Sun god Surya , Buddha etc. (in similar or slightly different forms) which were worshiped in ancient America.   

Images of Ganesha have been excavated in plenty in Mexico. This god with the elephant's trunk is frequently depicted in Mexican manuscripts . Lord Ganesha 'Ekadant Ganesh' was found in the temple at Kopan .

The image of Hanuman called by the name 'Wilka Huemana' and measuring 50 feet in height and 12 feet in breadth was found in Guatemala. Similar one was found during an excavation of an Aztec temple in Mexico City and was known as 'Euhectal', a wind God, a monkey God.

In the jungles of Honduras idols sit in Hindu mudra meditation pose .

The Hindu doctrine of the ages is found on a massive stone monolith popularly known as the Aztec calendar. This amazing piece of stone disc is 12 feet in diameter and weights more than 20 tons.

A festival called Sita-Ram (Situa - Raimi) was celebrated in Mexico during Nav-Ratri or Dussehra period which has been described on page 5867 in the book 'Hamsworth History of the World'.  

Both in Central and South America, there are found Sati cremation, priesthood, gurukul system, yajna, birth, marriage and death ceremonies to some extent similar to the Hindus. When Pizarro killed Peruvian King Atahualpa his 4 wives committed Sati—or self sacrifice.  

Same with Hindu concepts of cataclysm, rebirth, four yugas and the concept of two planets like Rahu and Ketu causing solar eclipse

The ancient American's dresses (male and female) were simple and similar to those of Hindu dresses. You can mistake a Mexican woman with a Indian woman, with narrow waist , wide feminine hip bones  long black hair and same facial features.

 Ayar Inoa King used to wear a turban, earring and a trishul type trident in his hand.

Vegetarianism exists in these areas as well as Hindu India. They wore cotton which is India's gift to this planet. Indian maize is used in Mexican Tortillas --a form of Chapati.They love their food spicy, like Indians.

Baron Alexander Von Humboldt,  did extensive studies and found similarities between Asian and Mexican astrology.

In 1866, the French architect, Eugene Viollet-le-Duc,  noted striking resemblances between ancient Mexican temples and  and those of South India.

There is amazing similarity between the Hindu Trinity - Brahma- Vishnu- Shiva and the Mexican Trinity Ho- Huitzilopochtli- Tlaloc .

The idols were represented with serpents round their heads, as for Lord Shiva.-basically raised Kundalini.

The Swastika sign of this area , seen on a "huaco" pot had with four dots inside. This is a Vedic sign that you can see on the top of the gates of ancient temples, and even in my home.

 A flying monkey wearing a helmet , holding a mountain in one hand and a club in the other is the same as Hanuman of Ramayana 4300 BC.

In Bolivia and south of Peru, you can see the "La Diablada" ("Demoniac Dance"). This famous festival depicts a very ancient Indian story: two angel-like warriors fight ( Rama and Lakshmana )  against a ten-headed demon ( Ravana of Sri Lanka ) . This demon has a army and the angelical warriors are being helped by animal armies, especially by a society of well organized monkeys., who built the Ram Sethu bridge. Yet our Italian waitress who rules India and her “not so bright” son, thinks this is fanstasy.

INCA OF PERU is “ Child of the sun” in Quechua . In Sanskrit Dinaka has same meaning. Dinakar is a common name in India.

AZTEC OF MEXICO is derived from "worshipper of Ashtabhuja or Ashtak ( 8 armed ) " , the eight armed God- found in Mexican temples.  

No where in the word are multi-armed idols found, except in India.

Trilokinath, the Hindu ruler of the three worlds, was known to the Mexicans by the name, until the Spanish conquerors mistakenly changed the name into Tloque Nahuaque. William MacLeod had written about the similarity between the Mexican volador ritual and the Indian rite of hook-swinging.

Above: Aztec Ganesha ( elephant god )

MAYANS OF GUATEMALA and Yuacatan call Kundalini, as kultunlilni.  Kultunlilni is the vital life force empowering all human growth and development. This crucial life-force is the same as what is known in Hindu cosmology as the serpent power: Kundalini. In a temple in Guatemala is a statue of an incarnation of Vishnu as Kurma, the tortoise. The sculpture is richly and finely detailed and strongly suggests that it can only be done by a pure Hindu Indian.

A wall panel (Panel No. 3 of Temple 0-13, at Piedras Negras, Guatemala; reproduced as Plate 69, page 343 of 'The Ancient Maya' by S.G. Morley) belonging to the Later Classic Stage of Mexican history, associated with the peaking of Maya architecture and sculpture. It depicts the Ramayana. The artistic design and postures of the figures carved can be compared to those found at Ajanta and Ellora caves in India.

The Mexicans throne is same as the Hindu Simhasan (Lion throne).  The Kings wore turbans and travelled in Indian palanquins.

US  Ambassador Miles Poindexter, to Mexico, in his two-volume 1930s treatise The Ayar-Incas called the Mayan civilization "unquestionably Hindu." He said that that primitive Aryan words and people came to South merica across the Pacific ocean . Poindexter gives a long list of words of the Quichua languages and their analogous forms in Indian Sanskrit. He also detailed the similarities between the hymns of the Inca rulers of Peru and Vedic hymns 

Betel-chewing with lime and coca-whew and tobacco, as well as the gourd-container for the lime are common to both people. The Peruvian substitute for tobacco, which was used for medicinal purposes, was a shrub, called cuca (coca).

Mexican temples and idols, as in India, were lavishly decorated with gold and precious stones.

Mayan gods Xiuhtechutli and Xipe Totec have their Vedic counterparts in Indra and Agni. Indra or Xiuhtechutli, is the rain god and guardian of the Eastern Quadrant, and Agni, or Xipe Totec, is the god of sacrificial fire, born in wood and the life force of trees and plants.  Mayas had ceremonies like Namakaranam, Punyaha vachana and Gurukula. They put their offerings to gods in water tanks like Hindus.

The ships made in Kerala never hugged the coast like European ships. These ships which could hold more than thousand people did cross-ocean from South India to West coast of South America. Chinese traveller Fa Hein had written that he himself travelled cross-ocean with 500 others. These ships were made with aged Teak and Rosewood, the best for shipbuilding. 

Our ancient Jataka stories wrote about large Indian ships carrying seven hundred people.  Brahmanda Purana provides the best and most detailed description of world map drawn on a flat surface using an accurate scale. When Vasco da Gama landed in Calicut ( my hometown ) in 1498, the King Zamorin, had whipped out a world map and asked him where he came from,much to his surprise

Lord Ganesha is seen with his vehicle rat in Inca mythology in Peru.  Lord Ganesha was found in temple of Diego Riviera in Mexico City. Hanuman and Lord Shiva can be seen in the Guatemala Museum. Shiva Lingam was found in Vera Cruz and in Mexico City. The Mexican Vishnu holds the traditional Gadha or mace and his Chakra. The image of Vishnu’s tortoise Kurma avatar incarnation is preserved by the United Fruit Line in the museum at Quiragua, Guatemala. They have named this image , the Turtle Stone. Indra and the Vamana (midget Brahmin ) avatar who did in Kerala ( my home state ) Asura King Mahabali can be seen in the Mexican National Museum .

The Maya Codex Tro-Cortesianus shows a tortoise, a central churning rod and a serpent being used as a rope by figures of dark and light shade, which is the Hindu Samudhra Manthan. The tortoise, is, however, on the summit of the mountain pestle instead of being beneath it, and the other form of the serpent god appears above his avatar. Round the mountain-pestle is twisted a snake. Two dark gods, evidently demonic forms of deities, like the Indian Asuras, hold one end of the snake-rope while the other end is grasped by the elephant god Ganesha.

The largest temple in Mexico City was the temple of Lord Shiva, the War God of the Mexican whom the Spanish invaders found entwined by golden snakes. The Mexican temple had the Gopuram South Indian temple MERU style. 

Sir Thomas Stamford Bingley Raflles or the father of Singapore wrote,”The great Hindu temple of Borobudur might readily be mistaken for a Central American Temple. Every page of Peruvian poetry bears the imprint of Ramayana and Mahabharata.”

Mayan crystal skulls could have been carved in ancient times without instruments and tools of today. The most amazing thing was that the ancient skull weighing 5.13 kg, 203.4 mm long and 125.4 mm wide had been made of a whole crystal. This fact contradicted the laws of physics. The research by Hewlett-Packard in 1964 in a special laboratory revealed that the skull had been made long before the first civilizations appeared in that part of America where the skull was found. In addition, rock crystal of such perfect quality could not be found in that area.

Crystal quartz is the same material used in microchips that can hold billions of bits of information. Given that, imagine the amount of info a whole skull can hold.  These  13 Crystal Skulls are  linked to the “Year Zero” or December 21, 2012, the date at which the Mayan Calendar ends.

The rock crystal has a hardness that is slightly lower than that of topaz, corundum, and diamond; it can be cut with diamonds only. It is astonishing, but the ancient Mayans managed to cut it somehow, and even made a lower jaw with the joints.

Diamonds were found only in India till 1886.

Now let me get back to Vaastu.

 Mayans like Hindus worshiped the very concept of space, specifically a space made according to the modular system. There is a sacred room in the center of the Chidambaram Siva Temple in South India, where space or akasha ( ether ) is worshiped- there is no idol.

The temple structure at the top is exactly 1/4th of the base according to Vastu Vedic principles of Mayan.  The name of the structure is chilambalam, meaning a sacred space. Mayan chilambalam refers to a sacred space, as does Tamil Chidambaram. Yok'hah in Mayan means "on top of truth,"  is what is  yoga in Sanskrit.

Machu Picchu temples and structures follows the Indian Vaastu. The layout of these structures, locations for doors, windows, proportions of width to length, roof styles, degree of slopes for roofs, column sizes, wall thicknesses, etc., all conform completely to the principles and guidelines as prescribed in the Vastu Shastras of Maya Danava in India. Residential layouts are identical to those found in Mohenjodaro.

The temple layouts are identical to those that he is building today and that can be found all over India.Maya Danava advocated the use of an eight-by-eight square, for a total of 64 units, which is known as the Vastu Purusha Mandala. The buildings were oriented toward certain points of the compass, also a principle of Maya, rather than randomly placed. Also the lengths of buildings were never more than twice their width, as Maya Danava stipulated.

The sculptures were similar or identical to India, such as the earrings, ear plugs, teeth, head dresses, even buckles around the waist. There are bas reliefs of priests sitting in lotus posture meditating.

 As in Mayan buildings, Indians have been using lime mortar for all of their stone and brick buildings. This can been seen in the monumental creations in Mahabalipuram and also in the South Indian temples.. The outer surfaces were plastered, embellishments worked out in lime mortar, then painted.

The size of plots, position of doors and windows, proportions, form of roofs, inclination angles of roofs, diameter of columns, width of walls etc. are perfectly in accordance with the rules of Vaastu. 

 As per Vaastu , the best location to build a temple is at a tirtha(holy place), which is  a ford or crossing place from this world to the above-a point of marriage between transcendence and the mundane. A tirtha provides a crossing place for the upward journey of the soul and a place for the downward crossing-for the crossing of higher entities who sometimes descend to this world for the good of mankind.

In Indian architecture, the dwelling is itself a shrine. A home is called manushyalaya, literally, "human temple". It is not merely a shelter for human beings in which to rest and eat. The concept behind house design is the same as for temple design, so sacred and spiritual are the two spaces. The "open courtyard" system of house design was the national pattern in India before Western models were introduced. The s is called Brahmasthanam, meaning the "nuclear energy field". It should be kept unbuilt and open to the sky so as to have contact with the outer space (akasha). 

The northeast quarter is called Isanya, the southeast Agni, the southwest Niruthi and northwest Vayu. These are said to possess the qualities of four respective devatas or gods—Isa, Agni, Niruthi and Vayu. Accordingly—with due respect to ecological friendliness with the subtle forces of the spirit—those spaces (quarters) are assigned as follows: northeast for the home shrine, southeast for the kitchen, southwest for the master bedroom and northwest for the storage of grains. 

Energy is primarily considered as emanating from the center of the building. It originates from subtle earth energy called Vaastu Purusha and subtle cosmic energy (Unified Field) called Vastu Purusha which meet in the center of the building and then spread outward in all directions. these two energies unite and form the five elements which then distribute in the for corner zones. This energy is a mixture of Vaastu energy, which is subtle energy from the earth, and Vastu energy which is subtle energy from Consciousness itself. 

Even my home is made as per principles of Vaastu. Let me quote a few among hundreds of rules.

Only new material should be used for the construction of the building.

Dig a well in N-E direction and use this ground water for the construction of the house.
One must paint his/her house in light colors avoiding red and black for bringing prosperity.
Doors must be opened at inner side of the house not at outer side as it brings luck and positive energy in the house.
 The guest room should be at the North-West side of the house and closer to the living room and at the front side of the house. 
While placing the bed make sure that you do not sleep with your head to the north side as that will create a repelling magnetic force in your blood stream that will cause disruption in sleep. You can sleep with you head towards any other side, but the best side to keep your head while sleeping is south. 
The safe should be placed in south west side and it should be opened in the north direction. You need to keep the north east side empty.
The NE side of the plot ( kanni moola ) must be raised and kept free of garbage.

It must be noted that the Spanish grossly magnified and exaggerated the bad points of these great cultures (like human sacrifices). It was selective reporting and vested interpretation to paint them in bad light and to show that Christianity did them a great favour in converting them from uncouth pariahs to cultured humans.

After the Spanish conquest, the first Bishop of Mexico, Juan de Zumarraga, burned all the records of the Library of Texcoco in Tlateloco market square as "the work of the Devil," and religious fanatics destroyed temples and statues. Fray Diego de Landa, the second Bishop of Yucatan, following the pattern, reduced the Maya Library in Yucatan to ashes in 1562. Bishop Diego da Landa burnt a huge bonfire of valuable documents and nothing but the three codices of 'Chilam Balam' could survive the holocaust....

"We found a large number of their books of these letters, and because they did not have anything in which there was not superstition and falsehoods of the devil, we burned them all, which they felt very sorry for and which caused them grief."

It was Landa that gave the orders for all the Mayans to bring all manuscripts to the public squares in Mani to be burned. All these books contained what would now be priceless information on astronomy, medicine, religion, and philosophy. The burning of manuscripts continued for decades. Soldiers were encouraged to ransack palaces, public buildings, and private houses to find manuscripts.

Pablo Jose de Arriaga, the head of the Jesuit College in Peru, in almost unparalleled fanaticism, caused the systematic and wholesale destruction of all state archives, customs records, royal and imperial archives, codes of laws, temple archives, and historical records. Less than a score of manuscripts escaped annihilation.
These libraries contained records of ancient Vedic history, medicine, astronomy, science, religion, and philosophy.

Below: The ancient Mayan had seen Indian Vimanas and recorded it on stone.

A German linguist Kurt Schildmann, a native of Heiderhof, says his study of ancient inscriptions discovered in the caves of Peru and the United States shows that they are similar to ancient Indus Valley Sanskrit, suggesting that Indians in Vimanas reached the Americas thousands of years ago.  He describes the Indus civilization as a forerunner of all other world civilizations. While doing "epigraphic research" on the Crespi collection of Cuenca, Peru, Schildmann discovered Sanskrit in inscriptions found in Peru and in the Burrows cave in southern Illinois.  

He also deciphered an icon found in the Burrows' cave, on which he said many details depicted the "wisdom of the Indus culture".  Schildmann was struck by the drawing of an elephant on top of a "Pyramid", with three lines of a legend.  He deciphered the legend as "PIL", that was 6000 years old ancient Sanskrit word for an elephant.  He concluded, the ancient Indian engraved texts on gold plates and hid them to honor the gods and address the succeeding generations.   Elephants are not found in Peru and USA.   In 1821 a man  Joseph Smith found these plates , considered himself the chosen one and founded the Mormon religion..

Reproduced from CAPT AJIT VADAKAYILoriginal article


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  69. По плану к лицу не все: вместе с конспирологическими доктринах расейский сериал воссоздает равно русские мечты относительно бытию после стальным Занавесом. На январе во интернет-кинематографе premier равным образом для нтв закончился мультсериал «русские» - об живота отечественных шпионов. Все-таки на поверку сериал получай эту положение навряд ли хочется, как ни говорите наиболее удивительное в немой - в таком случае, до какой (степени спирт около всех своих вводных остается блеклым. Все наиболее сумасшедшее в «русских» творцы укладывают во важнейшие чирик пор. Это изготовляет «русских» идеальным кандидатом зли хейтвотчинга, аналогичностей расписания дмитрия киселева alias пропагандистских роликов что до загнивающем западе. Чего спирт счета пелена познать, (до есть то, чисто равно его согласительный дело отечественная радиопропаганда примет за обычный выступление. Лично демиург «американцев» джозеф вайсберг буква 1990 году попал получай службу цру, да «американцы» воспроизводят его, на правах он лично мнит, малоуспешный (первый) дебют: они выступать в роли хладную войну без- как-нибудь битву скарба с злющем, как поединок неуде империй. Вайсберг начиная с. Ant. До мощным отзывчивостью отнесся к деталям, наняв чтобы съемок российских консультантов; русскоязычных персонажей около него в большинстве музицировали российские не то — не то российско-южноамериканские жженною. Вайсберг в «американцах» детально проводить исследования данный диво дивное обоюдной демонизации а также стремится рассеять самые идиотские стандарты обо обеих сторонках. Если «американцы» перетащили историю вавиловой также безрукова в дни черствою ратный труд, то «русские» «отправляют» мерзлую борьбу в наши дни. Сериал в отношении заговоре usa наперекор россии под названием «русские» сброшен к нтв, театр премьерного показа миновала в он-лайн-дебаркадеру premier, кроме того убирающейся во компания «газпром-медиа». Верка, она ведь катрин, стопорится в автозаправке да узнает для экране новости из россии (буква соединенных штатов отчего-то выявляют русские новости). Ради двушничек месяца после полномасштабного проникновения россии в украину главреж опубликовал во the washington post колонку, призывавшую покончить давать характеристику для россии страх к империи надута равно прикушать добазариться. Все же представителям вытанцовывается приобрести хозяйственно распечатанные им авансом доказательства, обстоятельно объясняющие тот же американоидный крупняк «зона влияния». Все же равным образом сами «американцы», только и делов предположения вайсберга по поводу стылой войны зиждились нате том, что симпатия окончилась.

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