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Sunday, January 19, 2014


If the information provided is correct,it is over due that the Church understood that corrective action needs to be taken immediately, both in the interests of the Church and the Society it serves.
Religion, to be useful to Mankind, must understand the limitations of Human Nature and try to elevate human beings taking into account such limitations.
Sex is a basic instinct.It can not be suppressed.It csn be regulated.
Normal sexual instinct when thwarted will always result in perverse and abnormal behavior.
Hinduism understands these facts and does not proscribe sexual activity but exhorts people to be moderate in enjoyment of  objects of senses, be it Food,Sex.
It does not prohibit marriage nor does it lay down rules that are very difficult to follow.
It provides various systems to suit people of different nature.
The main goal is to Realize Self or reach God as one inclines.
After all Religion is meant for Man.
Time that religions are less formal to be of any use to man.
If not the religion shall  become extinct and leave the followers in a vacuum.
And a tool of effective Social Control will be lost.
According to Psychology Today and related research, more than 29 million catholics have been abused by priests and members of catholic orders.  The sheer scale of the horrors perpetrated by the catholic clergy worldwide and the dawning reality upon catholics that the church had actively sought to deny victims redress and protection, has brought universal disgrace to it.
The sexual crimes committed against children and adolescents by Catholic priest have figured prominently in the media over the past decade, and rocked the Catholic Church the world over. The “sins of the fathers” have been more than matched by the sins of the church hierarchy which showed more concern for the protection of the abusive priests than for the prevention of future violations or for the suffering caused to the victims.
There are a lot more myths than facts bantered around about clergy sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. Here are 6 important points that you should know if you are interested in this topic.