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Monday, October 6, 2014


Dr. P. V. Vartak from Pune has written a
researched version of Ramayana which is titled
Vastav Ramayan (Real Ramayana). According to
this version, South America was known
during the Ramayan era. Indians migrated to South
America which is called “Patal Lok” in sanskrit.
The book highlights many places in South America
which reflect Indian culture, such as a
Sun Temple, Elephants, Lord Ganesha, snakes
carved on ancient monuments and even Lord
Hanuman, etc.
In Ramayan, when King Sugriv directs his men in
all directions in search of Sita, the wife of Sri
Rama (who ruled India from the city of
Ayodhya), after she is abducted by Ravana, the
king of the mighty Lanka kingdom. He instructs
one group to go towards the east direction and
asked them to look for a Trident etched on a
mountain. King Surgive says that the Trident is
“A long Golden flag-stick with three limbs stuck on
top. It always glitters in when seen from sky”.
This trident is on the west coast of Peru – Lima
and it really can be seen glittering from the sky
even today! Trident is called The Parades
Candelabra of the Andes. The Ramayana refers to
the Andes as the ‘Udaya’ Mountains. ‘Udaya’ (उदय)
is Sanskrit for ‘Sunrise’.
The perfect description can only mean that either
Sugriv or somebody even earlier must have seen
this trident from the sky, probably from an airplane
( Vimana)! Around 100 miles
from this hill with the Trident, there are the now
well known Nazca lines , massive geometric
shapes drawn on land spread over miles. These
can be seen only from the sky. Was it an
ancient airport?
Dr. Vartak says that the trident, a sign of the east
was created by Lord Vishnu around 15000 – 17000
years ago. And the Nazca lines, according to him,
are the signs of the ancient airport of King Bali,
Sugriva’s brother, around
15000 years ago! It may be also be noted that
Maya, who started the Mayan civilization, is
also mentioned in Ramayan as Ravana’s friend
who eventually assisted him in the war with Ram.
Ravana, as is well-known was a friend of
Bali too. So were Bali and Maya close
associates too?
In Ramayana, Sage Valmiki describes about a
circular city which is towards west of bharata
khanda (India). This could be the city of Yerevan in
Armenia, which is one of the oldest
continually inhabited cities of the world.

Source: Vaastav Ramayana By Dr. Vartak