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The Land of a Million Contradictions,
The Land of a Billion representatives of Humanity,
The Land of the Oldest Existing Civilization on the Planet!

What is it about this land that fills one with a sense of Enigma??? The very name conjures up vivid images of contrasting Geographies and colorful Traditions..

The Sub-continent where some of the Greatest religions of the World originated,
The Nation which created History by attaining Freedom through Non-Violent means,
The Economy which is the 4th largest in the world in terms of Purchasing Power Parity,
The Land supporting a Multi-lingual, Multi-ethnic, Multi-cultural and yet Functional Democracy!

Home to over a billion people, India is where people live with variety, thrive on diversity and are too familiar with largeness of it all to let it boggle them..
Our country has two official names - India and Bharat. The Persians and Arabs used yet another name for the country - Hindustan/Al Hind and since Persian has played a big part in the development of our National language Hindi, the term Hindustan is also used in common parlance today.

Both Hindustan and India however, are derived from the name of the river Indus which marked the Western boundary of India for travelers. Indus again is derived from the Sanskrit name Sindhu and both the terms have been in use since at least 5th century BC. However, these are the names given to us by travelers and traders.. What did the indigenous people of ancient India refer to their country as??

India/Bharat/Hindustan/Al Hind

I was fascinated by this question and tried to look into all the scriptural data I could lay my paws on. NOT surprisingly, I found plurality here as well :o)

The Indus-Saraswati people extended in the West from Afghanistan-Pakistan border right upto Yamuna in the East and Gujarat in the South. This region, especially the land between Saraswati and Ganga rivers was known as Aryavarta or the Land-of-the-Noble.

The Mesopotamians with whom ancient Indians ahd extensive trade relations, referred to this region as Meluha. The same name has been popularized by one of my favorite authors Amish Tripathi in his best-seller - 'The Immortals of Meluha'. But again, this was an apellation for a particular region of the country and not the entire Indian sub-continent..

Aryavarta/Meluha/Northern India

Delving further into the research, I quite literaly stumbled onto an ancient ruler, Emperor Agnidhra, the son of the FIRST MAN - Swayambhu Manu who is believed to have ruled over the ENTIRE globe, then known as the Jambu-dweep )click link)

While retiring, Agnidhra divided his kingdom (aka the entire planet) into 9 Continents or Divisions handing them over to his 9 sons to rule. Thus, the peninsular stretch spreading from Himalayas to the Ocean, came under the supervision of his eldest son Nabhi, thereby giving us the oldest appellation of our land - the NABHI-VARSHA.

As most of you would know, the term Nabhi refers to the 'Navel' in Sanskrit and thus Nabhi-varsha could easily be translated as the 'Central Region'. Interestingly, the Japanese name for India was Tenjiku. Tian, the root word, means "Heaven", while, jiku, means: "The center of", translating it to "The Heavenly Center of the World".

Nabhi Varsha/Tenjiku/Navel of the World

So I managed to find the oldest name of our sub-continent as per the scriptures. But then, I wondered, where and how did the name BHARAT come from??

India and BhArat

According to at least half a dozen different scriptures, our country is called BhArat as a mark of respect to the legendary Emperor, Chakravarti Raja Bharat.

This fact has been attested by the Vishnu Puran (2,1,31), Vayu Puran (33,52), Ling Puran (1,47,23), Brahmand Puran (14,5,62), Agni Puran ( 107,11-12), Skanda Puran (37,57) and Markandeya Puran (50,41)!! For example, Vishnu Puraan states-

उत्तरं यत्समुद्रस्य हिमाद्रेश्चैव दक्षिणम् ।
वर्षं तद् भारतं नाम भारती यत्र संततिः ।।
The country lying North of the Ocean and South of the snowy mountains is called Bhārat; There dwell the descendants of Bharat.

BhArat Varsha extending from Himalayas to the Ocean

Now, there are again TWO very interesting stories about this ONE name and I'm gonna share both of them with you today..

The Legends of Bharat

The FIRST legend begins with Emperor Nabhi, the grandson of Manu, whom we encountered above.

Emperor Nabhi, First ruler of the Indian sub-continent

According to Hindu as well as Jain scriptures, Nabhi-dev was married to Meru-devi, the daughter of Indra, and their eldest son was the Saint-King Rishabh Dev.

Now, RISHABH Dev was the first Tirthankar according to the Jain tradition and I should mention here that Srimad Bhāgavatam also counts Him as 8th of the 24 Incarnations of Lord Vishnu. According to the Bhagavatam, He was born to show the people of this world the path of salvation. It was He who laid down the foundations of Civilization and advised people to follow the path of spiritual bliss, instead of indulging in a life of worldly pleasures and enjoyment.

Adinath Rishabdev

Now, Rishabh Dev had many sons, and the eldest two from his two wives were Bharat and Bahubali. The two sons were competing for the illusive title of Chakravarti (Emperor-of-Entire-World) but Bharat was the natural winner and as per the scriptures, it is THIS Bharat after whom our country is named.

In Hymns 2.1.31 and 2.1.32, the Vishnu Puraan states-

Rishabh was born to Merudevi, Bharat was born to Rishabh,
Bharatvarsha was named from Bharat, and Sumati arose from Bharat. [2.1.31]

This country is known as Bharatavarsha,
Since the time the father entrusted the Kingdom to the son,
And himself went to the forest for ascetic practices. [2.1.32]

Talking of Ascetic Practises, it has been observed, that a lot of Indus-Saraswati Civilization seals and figurines depict Yogic postures on them, which BTW highlights the continuity of Yogic practice in India since at least 5000 years ago.

Yogic postures in Indus-Saraswati figurines
Three-faced Pashupatinath seal

There are certain seals that depict the Yogic position called Kayotsarga, traditionally described in connection with the penance of Rishabh-dev. It may very well be that the seals record the histories of Jain Tirthankars as much as the Hindu Gods as ultimately both belong to the same Spiritual Tradition!!

The Second Legend of Bharat
The SECOND legend of Bharat, brings us into more familiar territory, probably due to the wider reach and popularity of the Epic containing it, the Mahabharat.

The story begins with Rishi Vishwamitra, one of the Seven Great Seers of Hindu Mythology. The rishis's penance worried Indra sufficiently enough to make him send Menaka, the most beautiful Apsara in heaven, to distract the sage.

The result of their dalliance was Shakuntala who got married to King Dushyant of the ruling Lunar Dynasty. Their story is the stuff of a typical Bollywood movie and has been immortalized in Sanskrit in Kalidasa's poetic rendition and in art by one of the most celebrated Indian artists Raja Ravi Varma.

Shakuntala by Raja Ravi Varma

Dushyant and Shakuntala's son was called Sarvadaman, the subduer-of-all by the caretakers in the ashram where he grew up. Even as a kid, he would play with lions and other ferocious animals of the jungle!

By the time he grew up, he could subjugate lions and tigers with his bare hands, a feat which is remarkable and is mentioned MORE than once in various scriptures. Nevertheless, this subduing child of Shakuntala was later renamed Bharat as he was 'cherished by all' in his father's kingdom.

Shakuntala introduces Bharat to Dushyant

Interestingly, there's again an Indus-Saraswati Seal that matches the description of Bharat subduing two tigers with his bare hands! The scene may or may not refer to Shakuntala's son, but its iconography is certainly suggestive..

Indus Valley Seal probably depicting Bharat

I firmly believe that these seals when deciphered, would be an extremely valuable and AUTHENTIC source of our ancient History!!

Bharat grew up to be a great warrior and a Chakravarti Raja who conquered and united the entire continent of India again, spreading right from the Ocean to the Himalayas, thus giving the country his name.

Chakravarti Raja Bharat

Image courtesy Grant Morrison's 18 Days
{Art by Mukesh Singh}

This appellation for the country was well noted in the ancient world as well. From the perspective of the Malaysians, Indians were the most common visitors from the West, therefore the word Barat was absorbed into Malay language meaning "West".

For the Middle Eastern traders, particularly Arabs and Turks, spices were the most common materials coming from the East. Therefore, some scholars believe, the term Bharat was borrowed first into Arabic as Baharāt (meaning - spices); and then into the Turkish as Baharat with the same meaning.

It is fortunate that the two BHARATs of our History who gave their name to the Nation were called the same, otherwise one of them could have quite easily been forgotten like the Emperor Nabhi!! We should therefore understand BhArat to mean not just the 'Land-of-Bharat' but the 'Land-of-BharatS' instead ;o)

Bharatvarsha, the Land of Bharats

I have heard from various people the view that we Indians have always been fighting with each other and it was the British who actually turned us into a NATION! To the supporters of this belief, I would urge to read their scriptures and understand their own heritage.

There is no Future for any nation, if we do not remember our Past. I hope I was able to share with you some interesting facts about our Origin as a Country and I guess should conclude here with one of the most optimistic poems ever by Gurudev Rabindranath Thakur-

Where the Mind is without Fear,
And the Head is held High,
Where Knowledge is Free,
Where the World has not been broken i
nto fragments
by narrow domestic walls;

Where words come out from the depth of Truth,
Where tireless striving stretches its arms
towards Perfection;
Where the clear stream of Reason has not lost its Way
into the dreary desert sand of dead habit;

Where the mind is led forward by Thee,
into ever-widening
Thought and Action,
Into that Heaven of freedom,

My Father,
Let my Country awake.

Vande Mataram!


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TWO different types of Creations. For easy understanding of the descriptions from our Scriptures, we'll now take each topic individually beginning with our Galaxy, the  MILKY WAY.

Zoom out from Earth to the Milky Way

As you can see from the video above, ours is a Spiral Galaxy containing a Galactic Center, and various arms radiating outwards from it, in a spiral fashion.
Our Spiral Galaxy

As mentioned earlier, Puranic literature is full of Astronomical details and our Galaxy is quite vividly detailed in {Chapter 23, Canto 5 of the Bhagvat Puraan}.

When I went through the descriptions, I was pleasantly surprised to know that the Rishis of yore have described our galaxy EXACTLY the way it is described now by modern Astronomers!! Bhagavatam compares it with the Kundalini Chakra, the energy source seated at the base of Human Spine like a coiled serpent. As a person's Yogic Powers advance, the Kundalini Energy moves upwards from one Chakra to another ultimately leading the Yogi to complete Enlightenment just as was achieved by Gautam Buddha.

Kundalini rising through the Chakras

This celestial creature forming our Galaxy, is called Shishumar and is supposed to rest with its body wound around itself in a right-handed coil with the center formed by its tail end.

To the students of Science, this shape may be familiar as that of the Benzene Ring, which resembles a Snake biting its own tail!! Incidentally the symbol is also known by the Greeks as Ouroboros and by Chinese as the Dragon representing the never-ending cycle of Life and Death, the different Seasons, Time etc.


Scriptural description of the Galaxy

The Bhagvatam gives complete details of the various Lokas of the galaxy giving precise LOCATIONS of the various divine and semi-divine denizens of our Galaxy! Let us see what these locations are and try to find out a useful address or two from the descriptions ;o)

The Galactic Center, is the tail-end of the coiled serpent and is supposed to be a seat of Immense Power and Energy. According to the Bhagavatam, this Galactic Center is formed by the Dhruva Loka.

It is important to note that according to modern Astronomy, Galactic Center is made up of very large mass and density which scientists believe to be a Supermassive Black Hole. Black Holes are the evolutionary end-point of MASSIVE stars and pack within themselves the power of thousands of Nuclear bombs combined!

Supermassive Black Hole at the Galactic Center

Now, Dhruva as we know is the Pole Star and according to Bhagavatam, it is supposed to be situated right at the CENTER of our Galaxy. At present, the Northern pole star is Polaris, which lies close to the Celestial North Pole, and is visible at the end of the constellation Ursa Minor (Little Dipper). However, after researching its location, I found that this particular Star does not lie as far as the Center of the Galaxy and it dampened my excitement a bit :o(

Present Pole Star Polaris

But, as I kept trying to find out more, I came across a phenomenon known as the Precession of Equinoxes. Simply put, it states that the role of the North Star PASSES from one star to another. This means that Other stars have occupied the position of the Pole Star before now!

Precession of the Equinoxes is slow, taking about 25,770 years to complete a cycle, hence a single star typically holds that title for many CENTURIES, and since Hindu history measures time in billions of years, One of these stars could have been located in the vicinity of the Galactic Center at some point in our Ancient History!!

Pole Stars of Past and Future

Identifying that Star is beyond my current research capacity, but I believe if we can find it, it would help us date our Scriptures in a more authentic fashion as well as give us a proof that our civilization is INDEED very ancient.

The scripture further states that Dhruv-loka is supposed to be the Supreme Seat of Lord Vishnu in the Mortal Realm where He reclines on the Divine Serpent Sheshnaag accompanied by Goddess Lakshmi in the Ocean-of-Milk called Ksheer-Sagar.

Demigods praying to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi seated on Sheshnaag

Now, Black Holes have always been conjectured to be portals between different Universes, sort of like Gateways to different dimensions. This makes me believe that our Supermassive-Galactic-Center-Black-Hole can fit the precondition of being the Abode of Lord Vishnu amazingly well, as it would connect Him with the Spiritual Realm outside as well as the Material realm contained within this Universe!

Moving on from the Galactic Center

Near the central abode of Dhruva resides Prajâpati, worshiped by the demigods Agni, Indra and Dharma near the tail and the Holy Saptarishi Mandal at its waist.

On the right side of the Celestial Wheel are stationed the fourteen Uttarayan Nakshatras (Northern Zodiacs) from Abhijit to Punarvasu, and on its left side are found fourteen Dakshinayan Nakshatras (Southern Zodiacs) starting from Pushya and ending with Uttar-Aashadh.

The back of Shishumar is formed by stars collectively called Ajavithi and its belly is formed by the Sacred Ganges reverently known as the Akash Ganga.

If you look at the clear night sky, you'll observe a faint band of light stretching across the darkness, either through the middle or near the horizon which is considered it the symbolic representation of the Descent of Heavenly Ganges to the Mortal Realm of Earth.

Akash Ganga, the Milky Way

The stars called Punarvasu and Pushya form the right and left loins of the Shishumar; Ardra and Ashlesha form the right and left feet while Abhijit and Uttar-Aashadh form the right and left nostrils.

Shravana and Purv-Aashadh form the right and left eyes respectively; while Mula and Dhanishtha form the two ears; Magha, the group of Eight Stars form its ribs on the left side while the Eight stars of Mrigashirsha, form the ribs on its right. The stars Shatabhish and Jyeshtha form the right and left shoulders, Agasti forms the upper jaw and Yama, the lower one.

The planet Mars forms its face; Saturn forms its organ of generation; Brihaspati forms the hump on the shoulders while Surya - The Lord of the planets, (which I have taken as the reference point for the Labelled image of Shishumar below) forms its breast.

The Supreme Lord Narayan remains seated in its heart and the Moon is situated in its mind. The two Ashvins form either sides of its chest; Ushana or Venus forms its navel; Mercury is its Prana; Rahu is the neck and Ketu is all over its body in the form of different Comets.

The innumerable other stars we see are the numerous pores of its body. I have tried to label the image of our Galaxy according to the descriptions I have shared in this post. Please find below the Image that has resulted from this exercise.

Our Galaxy Shishumar

What is astonishing for me is that without access to any form of modern technology like the Hubble Space Telescope and its like, the Rishis of Yore could still fathom the extent and shape of our Galaxy in such a detailed fashion!

It was only in 1610, that Galileo used the first telescope and determined that Milky Way is formed of billions of dim stars that surround us. Before that, for centuries the astronomers had struggled with the basic questions about this band of light in the sky which were difficult to answer because of several reasons.
  • One, as we live within the Milky Way, trying to fathom its dimensions is like living in one tiny corner of a gigantic box and analyzing its composition and shape!
  • Second, the early telescopes weren't large enough and hence did not have sufficient range to clearly view the galaxy around us.
  • Finally, the Milky Way contains large amounts of cosmic dust that obscures distant stars when we're using regular telescopes.

However, the 20th century brought great advancement in telescope technology and large Optical, Radio, Infrared, and X-ray telescopes allowed Astronomers to peer through the cosmic dust and look further into space. With these tools, they could piece together the puzzle of our Galaxy's shape but the point to be emphasized here is that all this became apparent only after the 20th Century!

Eye-of-God Nebula caught by Hubble Space Telescope

Yet, surprisingly, ancient Vedic rishis had not only described the shape of the Galaxy, they had also identified a huge POWER SOURCE at its Center; given descriptions of most of its major STAR SYSTEMS; as well as defined the relative positions of different Lokas in our ever-expanding Universe!!

Whether it was due to their Superhuman Yogic Powers, or a result of direct observation (Space Travel?!?), I do not know. But, I hope this post opens the eyes of my readers to a brand new perception of these religious texts and would encourage them to analyze our traditional culture and beliefs with a more open and scientific approach.

I will describe the various Lokas mentioned above in more detail in subsequent postsand will try to guide you through the structure of the Universe as per ancient Hindu Science. May Lord Vishnu guide me through this journey that I have embarked upon and help me bring hidden truths from our ancient scriptures to fore.

Shri Hari Vishnu, help me cross this Cosmic Ocean

It is only fitting that I end the post with the traditional prayer to Supreme Lord Vishnu residing in this Coiled Galaxy Shishumar and also pay my obeisance to the Ancients who were able to decipher its structure on the basis of their Yogic powers..

Thou art the Substratum of all Luminaries,
Thou Createst and Destroyest all,
The Lord of all Celestials,
We meditate fully on Thee,

Planets, Galaxies and Stars are Thy body,
Divinity is established in Thee alone,
Thou art Âdipurush, the Foremost of all Beings,
All sins are destroyed by remembering Thee.

Aum Shanti: Shanti: Shanti:

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Vishnu’s Navel Galaxy Center Verified Collapse Of Civilizations

Vishnu’s Navel Galaxy Center Verified Collapse Of Civilizations

Hindu Astronomy, which is intricately linked to Indian Philosophy(in Hinduism all these are intricately interwoven) calls the Center of our Universe,Galaxy)  as Vishnu Nabhi, the navel of Lord Vishnu.


The Galactic Center
The Galactic center. In our home galaxy, the Galactic Center corresponds to an area of space between the constellations of Scorpio and Sagittarius, its critical points are in the Gandanta degrees of these signs. Image from:
Hinduism states that the world, through Brahma, evolved from the Navel of Lord Vishnu.
Brahma , with the blessings of Lord Vishnu created the world by producing Daksha Prajapathi , the first Man.
Then the entire Humanity evolved.
This is creation part elaborated.
Now to Astronomy.
The Sun ascends and descends from the navel of Lord Vishnu,.
Sun takes 12, 000 years for ascension, moving towards the navel, and 12’000 years  for descending, moving away from Lord Vishnu’s Navel.
( in Earth Years and the distance from the navel of Lord Vishnu to the center of the earth)
These 24,000 year of Ascending and Descending cycle approximates the 25,765 Precessional Years when the sun moves backwards in the 12 zodiacal constellations.
This is from the Surya Siddhanta.
1.Lord Vishnu’s Nabhi as the center of our Milky way Galaxy verified.
“The Galactic Center cannot be observed at visible, ultraviolet, or x-ray wavelengths because interstellar dust obscures the line of sight. All scientific information about it comes from observations of gamma ray, hard X-ray, infrared, and radio wavelengths. The precise astronomical location of the Galactic Center at approximately 3 degrees Sagittarius (sidereal) was first verified in 1918 by Harlow Shapley. However its energetic connection to the earth was not realized until 1932 when Karl G. Jansky, an engineer working for Bell Telephone, was investigating the source of the static interference with overseas telephone lines. He discovered that the interference was due to radio waves being emitted from the center of the galaxy. The source of the radio waves appears to be located almost exactly at the Galactic Center, and may coincide with a super massive black hole. This black hole has the equivalent mass of 4 million suns and is the source of most of the gravitational energy in our galaxy. Thus the Galactic Center is the Sun around which our Sun rotates.
Hinduism understood this connection between Sun and the Galaxy, and used it as a marker for the ascending and descending yuga cycles that are measured by our Earth/Sun relationship to it (ie the pole star alignments at the solstices).
During the past decade the winter solstice occurs as the Sun rises in the mouth of the great rift or Galactic Center and will be exact in 2012. In Galactic Alignment John Major Jenkins revealed that this alignment is one of the astronomical phenomena tracked by ancient Mayan, Egyptians and Vedic traditions.
Our Galactic Center  In our home galaxy, the Galactic corresponds to an area of space between the constellations of Scorpio and Sagittarius, its critical points are in the Gandanta degrees of these signs.
..In our home galaxy, the Galactic Center corresponds to an area of space between the constellations of Scorpio and Sagittarius, its critical points are in the Gandanta degrees of these signs. In Vedic astrology the transition of a water sign to fire sign is called Gandanta,.
This is an inauspicious position causing misery to the area of influence of the planet.
Sanskrit word Gand means knot, or node, and anta means end, in particular the last 3 degrees of a water sign, and first three degrees of a fire sign — at the three distinct junctions of Pisces (Revati)- Aries (Aswini), Cancer (Ashlesha)- Leo (Magha), and Scorpio (Jyeshta)- Sagittarius (Mula).

2.Collapse of Civilizations Indicted.
As it is very complicated to follow, later Hinduism follows the Great Bear Constellation’ or the Saptha Rishi Mandala or constellation .
The findings are the same. but these calculations are easy to follow.
“According to this calendar the Great Bear stayed in one constellation for 100 years, thus adding up to 2,700 years for 27 constellations. However, 12,000 years were equally divided into four Yugas or Ages with each yuga getting 3,000 years: Satya Yuga (Golden Age), Treta Yuga (Silver Age), Dwapar Yuga (Bronze Age) and Kali Yuga (Iron Age), with the Transition or Mutation period of 300 years each.
It has been established by several scholars through the historical accounts in Mahabharata and visits of the Greeks travelers etc to India, that the Saptrishi Calendar started in 6676 BCE. Moreover, since Mahabharata describes events happening in Dwapara Yuga, it has been established that 6676 BCE marks the beginning of Descending Dwapara Yuga. According to this calculation, we are in the Ascending Kali Yuga (676 BCE to 2025 CE). Now, the Transitional Period of 300 years starts from 2025 CE and ends in 2325CE before the next yuga starts.
What is important here is the Transitional Period. Calculations indicate that in the past Transitional Periods, Sri Yukteshwar’s “complete change” indeed took place. Scholars have linked in this way:
Consider Transitional or Mutation Period preceding Ascending Kali Yuga, 300 years back from 676 BCE – Troy was destroyed, the great Mycenaean cities collapsed, “Third Intermediate Period” of Egypt happened, Indus Valley Civilisation ended, and Hekla volcano eruption”I
It is expressed in these treatises that Human Intellect and culture peaks as the Sun moves towards the Vishnunabhi and declines when it moves away from it.
Based on complex calculations on this and the checking up of our earth’s History and Civilization , increased volcanic eruptions, sink holes, increased earthquakes, increased flooding, increased cracking of the earth because of earth swelling began in 2012.
It is expected to worsen and the calamities will increase  and would lead to the collapse of Civilizations in Three Hundred years time.


Atomic Explosion Mahabharata Harappa Evidence.

That the ancient Hindus were adept at modern technologies is evident for any one who can read Sanskrit and the Ithihasa and Puranas.
Mahenjo Daro Harappa Ruins.
Ruins Of Harappa.
Indians had described Test Tube Babies, vide description of the birth of the 100 Kauravas(Mahabharata) and Thuchchalai,Sage Agasthya< Mandhadha(Vishnu Purana)
Of Heavenly Vechicle in The Ramayana (Ravana’s Pushpaka Viman), Arjuna’s Chariot given by Agni , when Arjuna burnt Gandeepa Vana,Mahbharata.
Narcotic Bombs in the Ramayana when Indrajit used it on Lakshmana(Mohanstra)
Atom bomb explosions are described when talking about the effects of Brahmastra.
Neutron Bomb in Pasupataastra.
Another weapon Narayanastra,used by Aswathama after the Mahbharata War, we can not understand this.
Atomic explosion.

About ancient atomic explosions Oppenheimer stated that “In ancient India, we find words for certain measurements of length, one was the distance of light-years and one was the length of the atom. Only a society that possessed nuclear energy would have the need for such words.”..

Historian Kisai Mohan Ganguli says that Indian sacred writings are full of such descriptions which sound like an atomic blast as experienced in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He says references mention fighting sky chariots and final weapons. An ancient battle is described in the Drona Parva, a section of Mahabharata. “The passage tells of combat where explosions of final weapons decimate entire armies, causing crowds of warriors with steeds and elephants and weapons to be carried away as if they were dry leaves of trees,” says Ganguli.
Consider these verses from the ancient epic Mahabharata,
““A single projectile charged with all the power of the universe. An incandescent column of smoke and flame as bright as the thousand suns rose in its entire splendor. A perpendicular explosion with its billowing smoke clouds. The cloud of smoke rising after its explosion formed into expanding round circles like the opening of giant parasols. It was unknown weapon, an ironic thunderbolt, A gigantic messenger of death, which reduced to ashes.
The Devastating Power of a Nuclear Bomb.
Entire race of the Virshins and the Andhakas were destroyed. The corpses were so burned as to be unrecognizable. The hair and nails fell out, pottery broke without apparent cause,And the birds turned white. After a few hours all foodstuffs were infected. To escape from this fire the soldiers threw themselves in streams to wash themselves and their equipment.” Until the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, modern mankind could not imagine any weapon as horrible and devastating as those described in ancient Indian texts. Yet they very accurately described the effects of atomic explosion which is not possible unless they have experienced a similar one those days. Radioactive poisoning will make hair and nails fall out. Immersing oneself in water gives some respite, though it is not a cure.
Excavations at Harappa.


Other evidences were obtained during the excavations at Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro. These excavations discovered skeletons scattered about the cities, many holding hands and sprawling in streets as if some instant, horrible doom had taken place. People were just lying, unburied, in the streets of the city. Excavations down to the street level revealed 44 scattered skeletons, as if doom had come so suddenly they could not get to their houses. All the skeletons were flattened to the ground. A father, mother and child were found flattered in the street, face down and still holding hands. And these skeletons are thousands of years old, even by traditional archaeological standards. What could cause such a thing? Why did the bodies get decay or eaten by wild animals? Furthermore, there is no apparent cause of physically violent death.
These skeletons are among the most radioactive ever found on par with those at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Another curious sign of an ancient nuclear war in India is a giant crater near Bombay. The nearly circular 2,154-metre-diameter Lonar crater, located 400 kilometres northeast of Bombay and aged at less than 50,000 years old, could be related to nuclear warfare of antiquity.
Giant Unexplained Crater Near Bombay
No trace of any meteoric material, etc., has been found at the site or in the vicinity, and this is the world’s only known “impact” crater in basalt. Indications of great shock (from a pressure exceeding 600,000 atmospheres) and intense, abrupt heat (indicated by basalt glass spherules) can be ascertained from the site. David Hatcher Childress in Nexus Magazine:
Crater near Bombay.
Unexplained Crater near Mumbai
“The crater is formed in the basalt rock of thickness 600-700m (2,000 to 2,200 feet). This rock is made of many layers or flows which were laid why volcanic activity at various times, five of such flows are exposed at the crater rim. Thickness of these flows ranges from 5 to 30m.
The crater is about 150m (500 feet)deep and has average diameter of 1830m (1.4 miles). The elevated rim consists of 25m of bedrock and 5m of ejecta over it. This ejecta blanket is spread over about 1350m (4,400 feet) away from the crater rim and slopes away by 2-6°. The uppermost region of ejecta contains the deposits that were melted due to the impact”.
“Lonar is a place of obscurities, especially as the only meteoric crater formed in basaltic terrain. It has remained relatively intact due to low degree of erosion by environmental agents, making it an excellent model for study. However, several strange things happen here:
1. The lake has two distinct regions that never mix — an outer neutral (pH7) and an inner alkaline (pH11) each with its own flora and fauna. You can actually do a litmus paper test here and check this for yourself.
2. There is a perennial stream feeding the lake with water but there seems to be no apparent outlet for the lake’s water. And it is also a big unsolved mystery where the water for the perennial stream comes from, in a relatively dry region like Buldhana. Even in the driest months of May and June, the stream is perpetually flowing. Lonar generates questions and more questions”. Lilyn Kamath
The total number of skeletons found at the main site of Mohenjo-Daro, during the initial archeological digging during 1922-1931, was, just 37. Let me quote Prof. G.F.Dales from his “The Mythical Massacre at Mohenjo-Daro“. (He was of course debunking the myth of Aryan invasion, much to the joy of Hindu apologists).
Nine years of extensive excavations at Mohenjo-daro (1922-31) – a city of three miles in circuit – yielded the total of some 37 skeletons, or parts thereof, that can be attributed with some certainty to the period of the Indus civilizations. Some of these were found in contorted positions and that suggest anything but orderly burials. Many are either disarticulated or incomplete….Where are the burned fortresses, the arrow heads, weapons, pieces of armor, the smashed chariots and bodies of the invaders and defenders? Despite the extensive excavations at the largest Harappan sites, there is not a single bit of evidence that can be brought forth as unconditional proof of an armed conquest and the destruction on the supposed scale of the Aryan Invasion.
Later excavation unearthed more skeletal remains in other Indus valley ruins like HarappaDholaviraLothal etc., which numbered, more than 300. [I am not sure of the exact number.]



Formula for Electric battery in Agastya Samhita an Ancient Hindu text by The ancient text of Agastya Samhita describes the method of making electric battery, and that water can be split into oxygen and hydrogen. Modern battery cell resembles Agastya’s method of generating electricity. For generating electricity, Sage Agastya had used the following material: 1.One earthen pot 2.Copper plate 3.Copper sulphate 4.Wet saw dust 5.Zinc amalgam His text says : “Sansthapya Mrinmaya Patre Tamrapatram Susanskritam Chhadyechhikhigriven Chardrarbhih Kashthpamsubhih. Dastaloshto Nidhatavyah Pardachhaditastah Sanyogajjayte Tejo Mitravarunsangyitam” संस्थाप्य मृण्मये पात्रे ताम्रपत्रं सुसंस्कृतम्‌। छादयेच्छिखिग्रीवेन चार्दाभि: काष्ठापांसुभि:॥ दस्तालोष्टो निधात्वय: पारदाच्छादितस्तत:। संयोगाज्जायते तेजो मित्रावरुणसंज्ञितम्‌॥ Which means, “Place a well-cleaned copper plate in an earthenware vessel. Cover it first by copper sulfate and then by moist sawdust. After that, put a mercury-amalgamated zinc sheet on top of the sawdust to avoid polarization. The contact will produce an energy known by the twin name of Mitra-Varuna. Water will be split by this current into Pranavayu and Udanavayu. A chain of one hundred jars is said to give a very effective force. (p. 422)” When a cell was prepared according to Agastya Samhita and measured, it gives open circuit voltage as 1.138 volts, and short circuit current as 23 mA. Anen Jalbhangosti Prano Daneshu Vayushu Evam Shatanam Kumbhanamsanyogkaryakritsmritah. if we use the power of 100 earthen pots on water, then water will change its form into life-giving oxygen and floating hydrogen. Vayubandhakvastren Nibaddho Yanmastake Udanah Swalaghutve Bibhartyakashayanakam. If hydrogen is contained in an air tight cloth, it can be used in aerodynamics, i.e. it will fly in air. (Today’s Hydrogen Balloon) Process Of Electroplating by Maharshi Agastya in Agastya Sanhita: Excerpt from “Technology of the Gods: The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients” – By David Hatcher Childress “In the temple of Trivandrum, Travancore, the Reverned S. Mateer of the London Protestant Mission saw ‘a great lamp which was lit over one hundred and twenty years ago’, in a deep well in side the temple. ……. On the background of the Agastya Samhita text’s giving precise directions for constructing electrical batteries, this speculation is not extravagant.”

अगस्त्य संहिता में एक सूत्र हैः
संस्थाप्य मृण्मये पात्रे ताम्रपत्रं सुसंस्कृतम्‌।
छादयेच्छिखिग्रीवेन चार्दाभि: काष्ठापांसुभि:॥
दस्तालोष्टो निधात्वय: पारदाच्छादितस्तत:।
संयोगाज्जायते तेजो मित्रावरुणसंज्ञितम्‌॥
अर्थात् एक मिट्टी का बर्तन लें, उसमें अच्छी प्रकार से साफ किया गया ताम्रपत्र और शिखिग्रीवा (मोर के गर्दन जैसा पदार्थ अर्थात् कॉपरसल्फेट) डालें। फिर उस बर्तन को लकड़ी के गीले बुरादे से भर दें। उसके बाद लकड़ी के गीले बुरादे के ऊपर पारा से आच्छादित दस्त लोष्ट (mercury-amalgamated zinc sheet) रखे। इस प्रकार दोनों के संयोग से अर्थात् तारों के द्वारा जोड़ने पर मित्रावरुणशक्ति की उत्पत्ति होगी।
यहाँ पर उल्लेखनीय है कि यह प्रयोग करके भी देखा गया है जिसके परिणामस्वरूप 1.138 वोल्ट तथा 23 mA धारा वाली विद्युत उत्पन्न हुई। स्वदेशी विज्ञान संशोधन संस्था (नागपुर) के द्वारा उसके चौथे वार्षिक सभा में ७ अगस्त, १९९० को इस प्रयोग का प्रदर्शन भी विद्वानों तथा सर्वसाधारण के समक्ष किया गया।
अगस्त्य संहिता में आगे लिखा हैः
अनेन जलभंगोस्ति प्राणो दानेषु वायुषु।
एवं शतानां कुंभानांसंयोगकार्यकृत्स्मृत:॥
अर्थात सौ कुम्भों (अर्थात् उपरोक्त प्रकार से बने तथा श्रृंखला में जोड़े ग! सौ सेलों) की शक्ति का पानी में प्रयोग करने पर पानी अपना रूप बदल कर प्राण वायु (ऑक्सीजन) और उदान वायु (हाइड्रोजन) में परिवर्तित हो जाएगा।
फिर लिखा गया हैः
वायुबन्धकवस्त्रेण निबद्धो यानमस्तके उदान स्वलघुत्वे बिभर्त्याकाशयानकम्‌।
अर्थात् उदान वायु (हाइड्रोजन) को बन्धक वस्त्र (air tight cloth) द्वारा निबद्ध किया जाए तो वह विमान विद्या (aerodynamics) के लिए प्रयुक्त किया जा सकता है।
स्पष्ट है कि यह आज के विद्युत बैटरी का सूत्र (Formula for Electric battery) ही है। साथ ही यह प्राचीन भारत में विमान विद्या होने की भी पुष्टि करता है।
Process Of Electroplating by Maharshi Agastya in Agastya Sanhita:-
“Technology of the Gods: The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients” – By David Hatcher Childress
“In the temple of Trivendrum, Travancore, the Reverned S. Mateer of the London Protestant Mission saw ‘a great lamp which was lit over one hundred and twenty years ago’, in a deep well in side the temple. ……. On the background of the Agastya Samhita text’s giving precise directions for constructing electrical batteries, this speculation is not extravagant.”
आपको यह जानकर आश्चर्य होगा कि आज की अनेक आधुनिक तकनीकों का वर्णन हमारे प्राचीन ग्रंथों में मिलता है। शुक्र नीति के अनुसार आज के इलेक्ट्रोप्लेटिंग के लिए “कृत्रिमस्वर्णरजतलेपः” शब्द का प्रयोग करते हुए इसे “सत्कृति” नाम नाम दिया गया है – “कृत्रिमस्वर्णरजतलेप: सत्कृतिरुच्यते”।
अब यह बताना चाहते हैं कि अगस्त्य संहिता में विद्युत्‌ का उपयोग इलेक्ट्रोप्लेटिंग के लिए करने की विधि दर्शाते हुए निम्न सूत्र मिलता हैः
यवक्षारमयोधानौ सुशक्तजलसन्निधो॥
आच्छादयति तत्ताम्रं स्वर्णेन रजतेन वा।
सुवर्णलिप्तं तत्ताम्रं शातकुंभमिति स्मृतम्‌॥
अर्थात्‌- लोहे के पात्र में रखे गए सुशक्त जल (तेजाब का घोल) का सानिध्य पाते ही यवक्षार (सोने या चांदी का नाइट्रेट) ताम्र को स्वर्ण या रजत से आच्छादित कर देता है। स्वर्ण से लिप्त उस ताम्र को शातकुंभ स्वर्ण कहा जाता है।