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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Kalpa Vigraha is the Oldest Hindu Idol of Lord Shiva (26450 BC)

Around 1959-60, a heavy chest containing the idol was reportedly given to CIA officials for safekeeping at Lo Monthang (called “Mustang” in CIA files) by a Tibetan monk accompanied by Khampa bodyguards. The monk apparently related to the CIA officials the importance of the chest and its contents. A curious CIA official meticulously wrote down the details of what the Buddhist monk told them about the chest and its contents. Why he thought it important to record the Buddhist monk’s story is anybody’s guess. But it also appears that the Americans were initially not quite impressed with the quaint values attached to objects of Oriental worship at that time when their priority was conducting a guerrilla war against the Chinese forces advancing into Tibet.

In the same week that the CIA officials received the chest a skirmish erupted with Chinese forces in which the Tibetan monk and his guards were killed. The CIA officials not knowing what to make of the curious chest loaded it onto an aircraft and had it sent to a secret airbase in India, later transporting it to Camp Hale, a now-abandoned Army base near Vail, Colorado. A few weeks later the chest wound up at a CIA store-room in Washington DC labeled “ST Circus Mustang-0183″.

Many months would elapse before someone in the CIA decided to take an interest in the chest and its contents. A strange manuscript found inside and the unusually age-worn chest coupled with its noticeably unique design prompted them to conduct a radiocarbon test of the timber with which the chest was made. The results given to them by the University of California Radiation Laboratory, Berkeley astounded the CIA officials. The antiquity of the worn-out wooden chest and the idol was mind-boggling to say the least. It did not belong to this “yuga” or epoch on the Hindu time scale just as the monk had claimed. That is to say, it belonged to a period called the Dwapara yuga, making it the oldest human artifact in existence. Radiocarbon (C14) dating conducted by the University of California Radiation Laboratory on the heavy 9-inch thick timber sides and lid of the chest in which it was discovered arrived at readings that indicated a period around 26,450 BCE. That would make it over 28,450 years old today, and about 23,300 years older than the legendary Hindu Kurukshetra war described in Mahabharata.
The idol was also tested by experts who concluded that it was the oldest Hindu idol in existence. None of the known ancient excavated civilizations of history – Egyptian, Mesopotamian or Indus Valley existed before 6000 years ago.

The Kalpa Vigraha idol was reportedly found placed inside this heavy metal-lined wooden chest with a socket-and-pivot hinged lid and an ancient loop-and-rod lock assembly. The chest itself presented a curiosity, as the space within the box was barely 8 X 8 X 8 inches while the timber pieces used to construct all its five sides was about 8 inches thick each! The timber of which the lid of the chest was made also measured about 6 inches in thickness. The teak-wood timber was further protected by a 1-inch thick bronze-like alloy plate on all sides which despite severe external corrosion had preserved the teak-wood of the box to a fair extent. The metal plate appears to have been riveted into the teakwood with nails of some similar metal alloy. Though many rivets were missing, the metal casing held well. The appearance of the chest suggested that it might have lain buried for a considerable period of time, though scrape-marks from attempts made to clean the corrosion on the outside were visible.

Corrosive salts or dampness had not crept into the chest despite its age, though some degree of natural oxidation and decay was noticed in the contents of the chest which included a manuscript written on wooden slats and the small brass-like crude metal idol. The old pre-Rigvedic Sanskrit-type manuscript was translated by the CIA with difficulty. In fact it reportedly took two long years to decipher, employing experts including some Indian and Nepalese. They concluded that the language belonged to the proto-historic period of Hinduism when it was thought no language existed and that the Vedas were being passed down orally. The manuscript appeared to be something akin to Sanskrit, but not quite anything any archaeologist or historian had ever encountered before. The manuscript mentioned the name of the idol – “kalpa maha-ayusham rasayana vigraha” abbreviated in CIA files to “Kalpa Vigraha.”

The Kalpa Vigraha is a small crude brass idol weighing about 47.10 gms depicting a deity resembling the Hindu god Shiva kneeling or seated on one knee, a serpant’s hood forming a canopy above the head of the idol. In the right hand of the figure was a discus or circular weapon, perhaps the “sudharshan-chakra” of Hindu mythology. Around its neck was a string of beads. The metal formed three “loops” on one side caused by the snake, an arm holding a conch-shell and the discus. It measured about 5.3 cm tall and about 4.7 cms wide, with an oval base 2.5 cms long and 1.7 cms wide. There was no doubt the small statue was of some extreme importance to have been preserved with such care in a chest of such strength and durability.

But following the translation of the manuscript, events surrounding the Kalpa Vigraha suddenly took a mysterious turn. The UCRL’s records were impounded by the CIA and a shroud of silence was cast over all matters regarding the chest and the Hindu idol. “ST Circus Mustang-0183” was removed from the inventory at the CIA storehouse records, and the whole episode was swept under the carpet for some inexplicable reason.

Kalpa Vigraha Water Experiments in USA by CIA

However, a retired CIA agent, revealed that based on the text of the manuscript found along with the idol, a series of top-secret experiments were conducted by the CIA on unsuspecting human subjects in the United States and elsewhere in the world. According to this unnamed source in Langley, Virginia, an “inner-circle” of the CIA dedicated most of their time in the early 1960s conducting experiments based on the ancient manuscript, and the Kalpa Vigraha idol itself played the most important role in this bizarre research.

The source, who was partially involved in the research, explained that one of the experiments was particularly intriguing. It required a human subject to consume a tumbler of water each day for 3 days. This water was earlier “charged” by CIA agents by simply placing the idol in a large copper vessel containing drinking water for nine days before the human subject was required to drink it. What results the “inner circle” officials expected to see by this innocuous experiment was not known to anybody at that time, but top CIA officials evinced great interest in it. The “charged” water was also sent to various laboratories under heavy security and all reports and documents received from the labs were sent directly to the CIA director, John McCone.

He also recalled that during this period a number of packages containing literature on homeopathy and ayurveda were received from various parts of the globe and often circulated in the department with markings and footnotes. Barring perhaps the inner-circle, nobody quite knew what this was all about.

A month later, the source was asked to head a nine-member team consisting mostly of women whose sole task was to feed this water to unsuspecting citizens in the US. They called themselves the “Watering Team“. It was not known to the Watering Team whether the subjects to whom the water was to be fed were randomly chosen by the inner-circle officials, but what was certain as the team met up with the target recipients of the water was that they were of all ages- some in their teens, some even past their middle-ages and many being above the age of sixty or sixty-five at least. Detail instructions were handed out as to how they were to go about the “watering“. What was also apparent to the team later was that all the subjects were born Americans, both black and white from various walks of life. Many were African American women. The “watering” had to be done without the subjects’ knowledge by befriending them or by looking for innocuous opportunities to get them to consume a glass of water for three consecutive days in a row. The team often failed, with some other members of the target recipient’s family ending up drinking the water inadvertently. The CIArequired them to report such slips also.

This went on for a few months. Some of the human test subjects chosen were in far-flung states and in remote towns and cities of the United States. Apparently the CIA had some system in place to monitor their subjects for whatever results they expected as an outcome of the experiment for the “Watering Team” was not required to hang around once the subject had consumed the water over three days. “Ease-out of the acquaintance without raising any questions”, they were told.

For the purpose of keeping a personal record, the source also made notes in his private diary – the names and addresses of the various recipients his team was required to befriend to feed the water. Maintenance of any such record was forbidden by the agency, nevertheless many agents did it and the CIA was aware of it.
The source recalls with amusement that during this time the agents in the CIA who were in-the-know about these experiments, including the members of their own “Watering Team” often doubted and double-checked their own drinking water, often leaving the office to fetch drinking water for themselves or settling for coffee, juice or soft-drinks. “It was a period of discomfort and uneasiness for reasons we could not fathom,” the source recalls.

Soon after the “watering” experiments were completed, the assignment was abruptly called off. In the subsequent years that the unnamed CIA official served in the agency not much was heard or spoken of this experiment, except as a joke. The inner-circle members were deployed to more pressing assignments around the US and the world. The reason for the bizarre experiment was never revealed, neither were the results ever known. Over time it was quite forgotten, and treated as some of the many idiosyncrasies that the CIA indulged in during the cold war years.
A recent long-distant telephone call from another state in the US on the morning of December 2008 changed all that. The source, now long retired, with great-grandchildren playing around him, was unexpectedly informed one night by another retired agent of the CIA that the Kalpa Vigraha was “missing“. The agent who made the call was once a member of the “inner circle“, a man who knew what the experiments conducted in the early 1960s was all about.

The CIA had been keeping a meticulous watch (“kalpa-tag“, they called it) over almost all test-subjects around the globe, and monitoring their lives in secrecy. There was not much to monitor, really. CIA’s kalpa vigraha cell’s job was, and still continues to be, to report back if a recipient of the charged water (wherever he or she was in the world) was alive. The Reason? All persons subjected to the Kalpa Vigraha experiment were expected to live very long lives, past the age of 100 at least, perhaps crossing 110 and even reaching the age of 120. Of course this does not include those who died unnatural deaths in road-accidents or other mishaps, murder, suicide, accidental poisoning, or dying in conflicts or war.

The Loss of the Kalpa Vigraha

Kalpa Vigraha, the CIA store-room inventory item labeled “ST Circus Mustang-0183”, was not seen or heard of for many decades. An audit conducted in 1996 revealed that the heavy metal-lined chest was very much in the store, but that the idol and the manuscript had been “misplaced“. In a search conducted over many weeks, spanning many states, and enquiries made from many retired personnel, the agency was able to trace the manuscript from the house of a microbiologist the CIA had many years ago hired for analysis of the “charged” kalpa vigraha water. The manuscript was found but the whereabouts of the Kalpa Vigraha is still a mystery. Following the discovery of the manuscript, a spate of mysterious deaths of microbiologists followed. The media and the internet were rife with conspiracy theories on the death of the rather alarming number of them, but few laid suspicion on the CIA until our above-mentioned source No 2, a serving agent of the CIA spilled the beans. However hard it will be to pin all these inexplicable deaths on the CIA, the coincidences are equally hard to rule out if source No.2 is honest regarding the facts. We would not like to go into the details revealed to us and would rather allow police and the investigation agencies to arrive at their own conclusions with regard to the deaths.

According to CIA source no.2 the Kalpa Vigraha has since been smuggled out of the United States to India. The latest information received at the CIA headquarters is that it lies in the possession of some software employees or IT professionals at Hyderabad, India or moved to some interior place in state of Andhra Pradesh.
For the first time since 1960, photographs of the Kalpa Vigraha, depicting the idol from four different directions were circulated around the world by the CIA with an enormous cash reward for its recovery.

Sudarsana Chakra was given by Siva to Vishnu

Sudarsana Chakra was given to Lord Vishnu by Lord Siva who was pleased with Vishnu’s devotion.
Vishnu who was having a torrid time as preserver god , in controlling the evil asuras , went to Mount Kailasa and began to pray to Siva.
Vishnu chanted many mantras, but there was no sign of Siva.
Lord Siva has a thousand names and Vishnu next started to chant these names.
Each day he chanted the thousand names and offered a thousand lotus flowers to Siva, who decided to litmus test Vishnu.
One day, he stole a single lotus flower from the thousand that were to be offered. When Vishnu realized that there was one lotus flower less, he gouged out his own eye and offered it in place of the missing lotus flower.
Siva was now pleased and appeared before Vishnu and presented him with the Sudarshana Chakra.
The above idol shows Siva with Snake as crown on top of his head, giving Sudarsana Chakra with his right hand to Vishnu.
Also can be seen Rudraksha Mala as garland.

The use of the Sudarshana Chakra is occasionally mentioned in the Hindu texts of Rigveda, Yajurveda and Puranas, as an ultimate weapon to eliminate the enemy of law, order and preservation.
Sudarsana Chakra is the most powerful mind controlled Scalar Weapon used multiple times by Vishnu and his avatar Krishna in war situations.


Source – booksfact

Sunday, July 24, 2016

सनातन धर्म का रक्षक महान सम्राट पुष्यमित्र शुंग।

सनातन धर्म का रक्षक महान सम्राट पुष्यमित्र शुंग।

मोर्य वंश के महान सम्राट चन्द्रगुप्त के पौत्र महान अशोक ने कलिंग युद्ध के पश्चात् बौद्ध धर्म अपना लिया। अशोक अगर राजपाठ छोड़कर बौद्ध भिक्षु बनकर धर्म प्रचार में लगता तब वह वास्तव में महान होता । परन्तु अशोक ने एक बौध सम्राट के रूप में लग भाग २० वर्ष तक शासन किया।
आचार्य चाणक्य ने भी जिस अखंड भारत के निर्माण हेतु आजीवन संघर्ष किया उसका लाभ भी सनातन धर्म को न मिल पाया, आचार्य चाणक्य जीवन भर चन्द्र्गुप्य मौर्य को संचालित करते रहे, परन्तु आचार्य चाणक्य के स्वर्गवास के बाद चन्द्रगुप्त मौर्य जैन बन गया, और जैन सम्प्रदाय के प्रचार प्रसार में ही जीवन व्यतीत किया, अंत में संथारा करके मृत्यु को प्राप्त हुआ । चन्द्रगुप्त मौर्य का पुत्र बिन्दुसार हुआ जो आगे जाकर मखली गौशाल नामक व्यक्ति द्वारा स्थापित आजीविक सम्प्रदाय में दीक्षित हुआ, आजीविक सम्प्रदाय भी पूर्णतया वेद-विरोधी था, अर्थात बिन्दुसार ने भी आजीवन आजीविक सम्प्रदाय के प्रचार प्रसार हेतु ही सारा जीवन लगाया ।
बिन्दुसार के बाद उसका पुत्र चंड-अशोक गद्दी पर बैठा, जिसने वैदिक धर्म पर अधिक से अधिक प्रतिबंध लगाए, यज्ञों पर प्रतिबन्ध लगाये, गुरुकुलों को बोद्ध-विहार में परिवर्तित किया, मन्दिरों को नष्ट किया, शास्त्रों में हेर-फेर भी करवाए, अधिक से अधिक सनातन धर्मियों को बोद्ध सम्प्रदाय में तलवार के जोर पर और धन आदि का लालच देकर भी बोद्ध सम्प्रदाय की जनसंख्या बढाई । अहिंसा के पथ पर भी अशोक को वास्तविकता और आवश्यकता से कहीं अधिक बढ़ा चढ़ा कर महिमामंडित किया गया, जबकि अशोक की हिंसा और अहिंसा के सत्य का एक पहलु तो यह भी है कि अशोक के जन्मदिवस पर एक बार एक जैन आचार्य ने अशोक को एक चित्र भेंट किया जिसमे महात्मा बुद्ध को जैन महावीर के चरण स्पर्श करते हुए दिखाया गया, क्रोधवश छद्म अहिंसावादी चंड अशोक ने 3 दिन के भीतर ही 14000 जैन आचार्यों की हत्या करवाई ।
अहिंसा का पथ यह भी कैसा कि कलिंग विजय के बाद शस्त्र त्याग दिया, यह तो कुछ ऐसी बात हुई कि आपने कोई परीक्षा देते हुए सभी प्रश्नों के उत्तर लिख दिए अब आप कह रहे हैं कि मैं आगे किसी भी प्रश्न का उत्तर नही लिखूंगा… जीवनभर हिंसा करके अंतिम अविजित स्थान पर विजय पाकर आपने शस्त्र त्यागे और उसे त्याग की परिभाषा दी जाती है । अहिंसा का पथ अपनाते हुए उसने पूरे शासन तंत्र को बौद्ध धर्म के प्रचार व प्रसार में लगा दिया। अत्यधिक अहिंसा के प्रसार से भारत की वीर भूमि बौद्ध भिक्षुओ व बौद्ध मठों का गढ़ बन गई थी। उससे भी आगे जब मोर्य वंश का नौवा अन्तिम सम्राट बृहदरथ मगध की गद्दी पर बैठा ,तब उस समय तक आज का अफगानिस्तान, पंजाब व लगभग पूरा उत्तरी भारत बौद्ध बन चुका था । जब सिकंदर व सैल्युकस जैसे वीर भारत के वीरों से अपना मान मर्दन करा चुके थे, तब उसके लगभग ९० वर्ष पश्चात् जब भारत से बौद्ध धर्म की अहिंसात्मक निति के कारण वीर वृत्ति का लगभग ह्रास हो चुका था, ग्रीकों ने सिन्धु नदी को पार करने का साहस दिखा दिया।
सम्राट बृहदरथ के शासनकाल में ग्रीक शासक MENINDER जिसको बौद्ध साहित्य में मिलिंद और मनिन्द्र कहा गया है ,ने भारत वर्ष पर आक्रमण की योजना बनाई। मिनिंदर ने सबसे पहले बौद्ध धर्म के धर्म गुरुओं से संपर्क साधा,और उनसे कहा कि अगर आप भारत विजय में मेरा साथ दें तो में भारत विजय के पश्चात् में बौद्ध धर्म स्वीकार कर लूँगा। बौद्ध गुरुओं ने राष्ट्र द्रोह किया तथा भारत पर आक्रमण के लिए एक विदेशी शासक का साथ दिया। सीमा पर स्थित बौद्ध मठ राष्ट्रद्रोह के अड्डे बन गए। बोद्ध भिक्षुओ का वेश धरकर मिनिंदर के सैनिक मठों में आकर रहने लगे। हजारों मठों में सैनिकों के साथ साथ हथियार भी छुपा दिए गए।(जैसे कि आजकल के मस्जिद-मदरसों में हो रहा है)
दूसरी तरफ़ सम्राट बृहदरथ की सेना का एक वीर सैनिक पुष्यमित्र शुंग अपनी वीरता व साहस के कारण मगध कि सेना का सेनापति बन चुका था । बौद्ध मठों में विदेशी सैनिको का आगमन उसकी नजरों से नही छुपा । पुष्यमित्र ने सम्राट से मठों कि तलाशी की आज्ञा मांगी। परंतु बौद्ध सम्राट बृहदरथ ने मना कर दिया (आजकल की सरकारें भी ऐसा नही होने देतीं)
किंतु राष्ट्रभक्ति की भावना से ओत प्रोत सेनापति पुष्यमित्र शुंग, सम्राट की आज्ञा का उल्लंघन करके बौद्ध मठों की तलाशी लेने पहुँच गया। मठों में स्थित सभी विदेशी सैनिको को पकड़ लिया गया,तथा उनको यमलोक पहुँचा दिया गया,और उनके हथियार कब्जे में कर लिए गए। राष्ट्रद्रोही बौद्धों को भी गिरफ्तार कर लिया गया। परन्तु वृहद्रथ को यह बात अच्छी नही लगी।
पुष्यमित्र जब मगध वापस आया तब उस समय सम्राट सैनिक परेड की जाँच कर रहा था। सैनिक परेड के स्थान पर ही सम्राट व पुष्यमित्र शुंग के बीच बौद्ध मठों को लेकर कहा सुनी हो गई। सम्राट बृहदरथ ने पुष्यमित्र पर हमला करना चाहा परंतु पुष्यमित्र ने पलटवार करते हुए सम्राट का वद्ध कर दिया। वैदिक सैनिको ने पुष्यमित्र का साथ दिया तथा पुष्यमित्र को मगध का सम्राट घोषित कर दिया। सबसे पहले मगध के नए सम्राट पुष्यमित्र ने राज्य प्रबंध को प्रभावी बनाया, तथा एक सुगठित सेना का संगठन किया। पुष्यमित्र ने अपनी सेना के साथ भारत के मध्य तक चढ़ आए मिनिंदर पर आक्रमण कर दिया। भारतीय वीर सेना के सामने ग्रीक सैनिको की एक न चली।
मिनिंदर की सेना पीछे हटती चली गई । पुष्यमित्र शुंग ने पिछले सम्राटों की तरह कोई गलती नही की तथा ग्रीक सेना का पीछा करते हुए उसे सिन्धु पार धकेल दिया। इसके पश्चात् ग्रीक कभी भी भारत पर आक्रमण नही कर पाये। सम्राट पुष्य मित्र ने सिकंदर के समय से ही भारत वर्ष को परेशानी में डालने वाले ग्रीको का समूल नाश ही कर दिया।
बौद्ध धर्म के प्रसार के कारण वैदिक सभ्यता का जो ह्रास हुआ, पुन: ऋषिओं के आशीर्वाद से जाग्रत हुआ। भय से बौद्ध धर्म स्वीकार करने वाले पुन: वैदिक धर्म में लौट आए। कुछ बौद्ध ग्रंथों में लिखा है की पुष्यमित्र ने बौद्दों को सताया, किंतु यह पूरा सत्य नही है। सम्राट ने उन राष्ट्रद्रोही बौद्धों को सजा दी, जो उस समय ग्रीक शासकों का साथ दे रहे थे।
उपरोक्त चित्र भारत में कई स्थानों पर पाए जाते हैं जो कि तत्कालीन वैदिक धर्मावलम्बियों द्वारा बोद्ध धर्म पर विजय के रूप में स्थापित किये गये, जिसमे बोद्ध सम्प्रदाय का प्रतीक हाथी है जिस पर सनातन धर्म का प्रतीक सिंह विजय प्राप्त करके उसे नियंत्रित करता हुआ दिखाई दे रहा है । पुष्यमित्र ने जो वैदिक धर्म की पताका फहराई उसी के आधार को सम्राट विक्रमादित्य व आगे चलकर गुप्त साम्राज्य ने इस धर्म के ज्ञान को पूरे विश्व में फैलाया। साम्राज्य के विभिन्न भागों में राजकुमार या राजकुल के लोगो को राज्यपाल नियुक्त करने की परम्परा चलती रही। पुष्यमित्र ने अपने पुत्रों को साम्राज्य के विभिन्न क्षेत्रों में सह-शासक नियुक्त कर रखा था। और उसका पुत्र अग्निमित्र विदिशा का उपराजा था। धनदेव कौशल का राज्यपाल था। राजकुमार जी सेना के संचालक भी थे। इस समय भी ग्राम शासन की सबसे छोटी इकाई होती थी। पुष्यमित्र का शासनकाल पूरी तरह से चुनौतियों से भरा हुआ था। उस समय भारत पर कई विदेशी आक्रान्ताओं ने आक्रमण किये, जिनका सामना पुष्यमित्र शुंग को करना पड़ा। पुष्यमित्र के राजा बन जाने पर मगध साम्राज्य को बहुत बल मिला था। जो राज्य मगध की अधीनता त्याग चुके थे, पुष्यमित्र ने उन्हें फिर से अपने अधीन कर लिया था। अपने विजय अभियानों से उसने मगध की सीमा का बहुत विस्तार किया।विदर्भ को जीतकर और यवनों को परास्त कर पुष्यमित्र शुंग मगध साम्राज्य के विलुप्त गौरव का पुनरुत्थान करने में समर्थ हुआ था। उसके साम्राज्य की सीमा पश्चिम में सिन्धु नदी तक अवश्य थी। दिव्यावदान के अनुसार ‘साकल’ (सियालकोट) उसके साम्राज्य के अंतर्गत था। अयोध्या में प्राप्त उसके शिलालेख से इस बात में कोई सन्देह नहीं रह जाता कि मध्यदेश पर उसका शासन भली-भाँति स्थिर था। विदर्भ की विजय से उसके साम्राज्य की दक्षिणी सीमा नर्मदा नदी तक पहुँच गयी थी। इस प्रकार पुष्यमित्र का साम्राज्य हिमालय से नर्मदा नदी तक और सिन्धु से प्राच्य समुद्र तक विस्तृत था। पुष्यमित्र ने जो वैदिक धर्म की पताका फहराई उसी के आधार को सम्राट विक्रमादित्य व आगे चलकर गुप्त साम्राज्य ने इस धर्म के ज्ञान को पूरे विश्व में फैलाया।पुराणों के अनुसार पुष्यमित्र ने 36 वर्ष (185-149 ई. पू.) तक राज्य किया। भारतीय इतिहासकारों ने पुष्यमित्र शुंग के साथ बहुत अन्याय किया है, महान इतिहासकार KOENRAAD ELST का कहना है कि अशोक से अधिक धर्म-निरपेक्ष पुष्यमित्र शुंग था, जिसने वैदिक धर्म का प्रचार प्रसार तो किया परन्तु शांतिप्रिय बौद्धों को भी जीवन यापन की समस्त स्वत्रंता प्रदान की और उन्हें परेशान नही किया।

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Hindus Gotra System: Scientific Ancestry

In Hindu society, the term gotra means is same of what modern day Ancestry is. t comes from Sages whose name Gotra comes from .

Gotra means cowshed (Go=Cow, tra=shed) in Sanskrit. Paini defines gotra for grammatical purposes as apatyam pautraprabhrti gotram (IV. 1. 162), which means the word gotra denotes the progeny (of a sage) beginning with the son’s son. The system does not mean coming from Brahman(not cast basis), but all who were educated were called Brahman, means know er.
Hindu Brahmins identify their male lineage by considering themselves to be the descendants of the 8 great Rishis i.e Saptarishis (The Seven Sacred Saints) + Bharadwaja Rishi. So the list of root  Gotras is as follows :
. Angirasa
. Atri
. Gautam
. Kashyapa
. Bhrigu
. Vasistha
. Kutsa
. Bharadwaja
The offspring (apatya) of these eight are gotras and others than these are called  gotravayava. These eight sages are called gotrakarins from whom all the 49 gotras have evolved.
For instance, from Atri sprang the Atreya and Gavisthiras gotras.In almost all Hindu families, marriage within the same gotra is prohibited, since people with same gotra are considered to be siblings.
It connects to the root Seer. Gotra does not have to pass from father to children ,as in  Malayalis and Tulu’s its passed on from mother to children.

Additional rule in the Gotra system is that, even if the Bride and Bridegroom belong to different Gotras, they still cannot get married even if just one of their Gotra Pravara matches. Now, why only male carries fixed lastname and gotra and why female can change her last name, gotra after marriage?
Genes and Chromosomes Among Humans
Humans have 23 pairs of Chromosomes and in each pair one Chromosome comes from the father and the other comes from the mother. So in all we have 46 Chromosomes in every cell, of which 23 come from the mother and 23 from the father.
Of these 23 pairs, there is one pair called the Sex Chromosomes which decide the gender of the person. During conception, if the resultant cell has XX sex chromosomes then the child will be a girl and if it is XY then the child will be a boy. X chromosome decides the female attributes of a person and Y Chromosome decides the male attributes of a person.
When the initial embryonic cell has XY chromosome, the female attributes get suppressed by the genes in the Y Chromosome and the embryo develops into a male child. Since only men have Y Chromosomes, son always gets his Y Chromosome from his father and the X Chromosome from his mother. On the other hand daughters always get their X Chromosomes, one each from both father and mother.
So the Y Chromosome is always preserved throughout a male lineage  because a Son always gets it from his father, while the X Chromosome is not preserved in the female lineage (Mother, Daughter, Grand Daughter etc) because it comes from both father and mother.
A mother will pass either her mother’s X Chromosome to her Children or her father’s X Chromosome to her children or a combination of both because of both her X Chromosomes getting mixed (called as Crossover).
But Mitochondrial  gene in offspring comes only from mother so you can trace all son and daughter to mother by Mitochondrial gene.

On the other hand, a Son always gets his father’s Y Chromosome and that too almost intact without any changes because there is no corresponding another Y chromosome in his cells to do any mixing as his combination is XY, while that of females is XX which hence allows for mixing as both are X Chromosomes.
Women never get this Y Chromosome in their body. And hence Y Chromosome plays a crucial role in modern genetics in identifying the Genealogy ie male ancestry of a person. And the Gotra system was designed to track down the root Y Chromosome of a person quite easily. If a person belongs to Angirasa Gotra then it means that his Y Chromosome came all the way down over thousands of years of timespan from the Rishi Angirasa!
And if a person belongs to a Gotra (say Bharadwaja) with Pravaras (Angirasa, Bhaarhaspatya, Bharadwaja), then it means that the person’s Y Chromosome came all the way down from Angirasa to Bhaarhaspatya to Bharadwaja to the person.
This also makes it clear why females are said to belong to the Gotra of their husbands after marriage. That is because women do not carry Y Chromosome, and their Sons will carry the Y Chromosome of the Father and hence the Gotra of a woman is said to be that of her husband after marriage.

Y is the only Chromosome which does not have a similar pair in the human body. The pair of the Y Chromosome in humans is X Chromosome which is significantly different from Y Chromosome. Even the size of the Y Chromosome is just about one third the size of the X Chromosome. In other words throughout evolution the size of the Y Chromosome has been decreasing and it has lost most of its genes and has been reduced to its current size.
Scientists are debating whether Y Chromosome will be able to survive for more than a few million years into the future or whether it will gradually vanish, and if it does so whether it will cause males to become extinct! Obviously because Y Chromosome is the one which makes a person male or a man.
Y Chromosome has to depend on itself to repair any of its injuries and for that it has created duplicate copies of its genes within itself. However this does not stop DNA damages in Y Chromosome which escape its local repair process from being propagated into the offspring males.
This causes Y Chromosomes to accumulate more and more defects over a prolonged period of evolution and scientists believe that this is what is causing the Y Chromosome to keep losing its weight continuously.
Y Chromosome which is crucial for the creation and evolution of males has a fundamental weakness which is denying it participation in the normal process of evolution via Chromosomal mix and match to create better versions in every successive generation, and this weakness MAY lead to the extinction of Y Chromosome altogether over the next few million years, and if that happens scientists are not sure whether that would cause males to become extinct or not.
And that is because Scientists are not sure whether any other Chromosome in the 23 pairs will be able to take over the role of the Y Chromosome or not.
On the other hand, it is not necessary that humanity will not be able to survive if males become extinct. Note that females do not need the Y Chromosome, and since all females have X Chromosomes, it would be still possible to create a mechanism where X Chromosomes from different females are used to create offspring, say like injecting the nuclei from the egg of one female into the egg of another female to fertilize it and that would grow into a girl child. So yes, that would be a humanity where only females exist.
Even modern scientists have concluded that children born to parents having blood relation (like cousins) can have birth defects. For example, there is a recessive dangerous gene in one person.

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Pakistan succeed wiping out knowledhe of Hinduism and become terrorist country

Pakistan succeeded in wiping out Hindu Culture from Luvpur (Lahore), once a heart of Hindu Culture

Established by Luv, the son of Shriram, birthplace of the great Sanskrit grammarian, Panini and capital city of Raja Jaipal - Luvpur (Lahore) !

Ancient name of Lahore was Luvpur ! Luv, son of Shriram established this city on bank of river Râvi. Later, it was known as 'Lahawar' and now as 'Lahore'. It is the birthplace of great Sanskrit Grammarian, 'Panini' and the capital city of Raja Jaipal of 10th century.
Lahore - a city of very mystifying temples where hundreds of Hindus lived !

There were nearly about a hundreds of Sanskrit pâtshâlas (schools) in Lahore. Like Kashi, it was a maternal mansion/renowned for the study of ved and shastra. Great Pundits who lived there used to ritualistically follow the daily chores. Vedic brahmans and philosophers used to perform regular Shraut yadnya (ritual of sacrificial fires). Smarth yadna were also performed there. Lahore was city of very mystifying temples where hundreds of hindus lived !
Temple of Shriram in Luvpur (Lahore)!

Since thousands of years, hundreds of temples in Lahore were as it is. Regular daily worship were offered everywhere along with the vedic chants. Shriram temple in Lahore was stunning ! Temple entrance was outstanding. Walls, pillars and dome? of the temple had beautifully carved ancient sculptures of rich âryâvrat heritage and paintings depicting incidents from Ramayan. Shriram was worshipped religiously (trikal ?) by chanting of vedic hymns. Since the era of Shriram, hundreds of hindu temples of Sanâtan heritage were there in Luvpur and for ages it was known worldwide for ancient remnants of sanâtan heritage.
Exquisite idol of Shriram drenched the entire city of Lahore in devotion

The mesmerising dome of Shriram temple was so beautiful that one would be enchanted by it. The entrance, pillars, dome of the temple and the exquisite idol all spelled out devotion unto Shriram and entire city of Lahore was drenched in devotion !

In 1992, Ram mandir of Ayodhya in Bharat created a chaos everywhere. Dome of Babri Masjid was demolished. About the same time, the editor of 'Nava-e-wakt' writes, ' Although our country is Islamic, ancient Shriram mandir of Lahore stands safe. Lahore which was established by sons of Shriram, Luv and Kush is safe and we are proud of it.
Pakistan government destroyed glorious temple for constructing a six storey shopping complex

Temple in Lahore was as old as that in Ayodhya. But Pakistan government demolished this glorious temple in such a manner that no remnants of the temple remain. This temple had an area of one acre but nothing remains of it now ! Contractors are planing to construct six storey shopping complex there in accordance to the plans of the government which includes a ground floor and a basement too. Bhartiya government has shown a careless attitude as if it has nothing to do with the Shriram temple. This pseudo secular government which believes in Nehru ideals must be elated by the demolition of the temple in their hearts of heart.
How did Lahore go to Pakistan during partition?

Weak and impotent Indian administration and English/ convent educated Hindus who look down upon Hindu culture as uncivilized

Indian administration is weak and impotent such that anybody may bully it. If those bullying it say that, 'Bharat is a country of slaves and the inmates are destined to be so', they accept it as though slavery is in their blood. They do not deserve independence. They are incapable of it and mere thought of facing the enemies baffle them. Britishers have disgraced the Hindu Sanatan culture such that English educated hindus of today look down upon Hindu Sanatan culture as uncivilized and feel honoured to follow the footsteps of / emulate the Britishers.
Radcliffe, the authority / mentor to decide where Lahore would be after partition

Later during the British rule, in 1849, Lahore went in the hands of the Britishers. During partition, the fate of Lahore was in the hands of a British officer, Radcliffe. In front of him laid the map of Akhand Bharat (Undivided Bharat) and he held red and blue colour pencils in his hands. The map would be demarcated with blue for the cities and villages which would remain in Bharat and those marked with red would go to Pakistan. He had his eyes set on Lahore ! Would it be marked with red or blue ! Its fate was in his hands ! Hindu activist were labouring hard to prevent Lahore from going Pakistan / so that Lahore remained with Bharat. History was a witness to the fact that Lahore should remain with Bharat and there were proof on Adhibhoutik (Physical), Adhyatmik (spiritual), Adhidavik (Divine) grounds to say why Lahore should remain with Bharat.
Hindu leaders were unable to give bribe of two lakhs rupees and thus Lahore went to Pakistan when Jinha League arranged for the money :

Radcliffe, corrupt by nature, demanded bribe. British and their language, both manipulative knew only to deal in terms of pounds ! They could destroy culture for the sake of mere wealth. They were indifferent to what is right or wrong. Britishers were basically dishonest and crazy ! Eight highly posted Viceroys like Warren Hasting, Dalhousie were corrupt and left no stone unturned to loot Bharat. If we look at history, we realise that they cheated people like Unichand by looting wealth. Money meant all for them ! Radcliffe had nothing to do with culture or historical proofs / history, all he knew was money. He straight forwardly demanded a bribe of two lakhs rupees from Hindu leaders. 'Pakistan Herald', a newspaper from Lahore brought a detailed report about this. Similarly, there was an editorial and a five column detailed article. Although hindu leaders tried hard; they failed to give the bribe. Jinha league arranged for it and Radcliffe got his demand met. Immediately, Lahore was marked red in the map and Lahore became a part of Pakistan.

- Dr. Kate Swami (Sapthahik Sanatan Chintan, 29.9.2011)

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Oldest evidence of Hinduisim in World in Indonesia

Hindus Lived 74000 Years Ago Survey Finds
New evidence suggests that Hinduism existed in Indonesia 74,000 ago and it is safe to assume that Hinduism antedates this period.Earlier to this finding a city older that Mohenjo-Daro has been found.
About 76,000 years ago, the volcano Toba – located in what is now Indonesia – erupted to create the largest and most devastating volcanic event of the past 2 million years. Almost 3,000 cubic kilometers of magma was spewed out, while sulfuric acid rained over the earth as far away as Greenland. The world became subject to a volcanic winter, and what followed was one of the most severe ice ages in documented history.

Over in India, the land was showered with 15 centimeters of volcanic ash, which can be seen today, working as a distinct age marker in the earth’s stratigraphy. And yet, contrary to all logic, archaeologists have unearthed assemblages of stone tools both above and below the ash deposit in India’s Jwalapuram Valley.
The tools look remarkably similar to those made by humans in Africa, which indicates that these tools were also human-formed – and yet, if humans were still in India after the depositing of ash (an incredible feat it itself), they would have had an extremely difficult time trying to survive. After all, the sheer magnitude of the eruption suspended both volcanic gas and sulfuric acid in the earth’s atmosphere for years, causing warm sunlight to be redirected away from Earth – and plunging the world into several centuries of temperatures that were at least 3-5 degrees C lower than normal after the event.
Mapping of stone tool artefacts on a Middle Palaeolithic occupation surface under the Toba ash.
Newly discovered archaeological sites in southern and northern India have revealed how people lived before and after the colossal Toba volcanic eruption 74,000 years ago.
The international, multidisciplinary research team, led by Oxford University in collaboration with Indian institutions, unveiled to a conference in Oxford what it calls ‘Pompeii-like excavations’ beneath the Toba ash.
The seven-year project examines the environment that humans lived in, their stone tools, as well as the plants and animal bones of the time. The team has concluded that many forms of life survived the super-eruption, contrary to other research which has suggested significant animal extinctions and genetic bottlenecks.
According to the team, a potentially ground-breaking implication of the new work is that the species responsible for making the stone tools in India was Homo sapiens. Stone tool analysis has revealed that the artefacts consist of cores and flakes, which are classified in India as Middle Palaeolithic and are similar to those made by modern humans in Africa. ‘Though we are still searching for human fossils to definitively prove the case, we are encouraged by the technological similarities. This suggests that human populations were present in India prior to 74,000 years ago, or about 15,000 years earlier than expected based on some genetic clocks,’ said project director Dr Michael Petraglia, Senior Research Fellow in the School of Archaeology at the University of Oxford.
This exciting new information questions the idea that the Toba super-eruption caused a worldwide environmental catastrophe. Dr Michael Petraglia, School of Archaeology
An area of widespread speculation about the Toba super-eruption is that it nearly drove humanity to extinction. The fact that the Middle Palaeolithic tools of similar styles are found right before and after the Toba super-eruption, suggests that the people who survived the eruption were the same populations, using the same kinds of tools, says Dr Petraglia. The research agrees with evidence that other human ancestors, such as the Neanderthals in Europe and the small brained Hobbits in Southeastern Asia, continued to survive well after Toba.
Although some scholars have speculated that the Tob
[8/29, 13:18] Darshan Kumar: volcano led to severe and wholesale environmental destruction, the Oxford-led research in India suggests that a mosaic of ecological settings was present, and some areas experienced a relatively rapid recovery after the volcanic event.
The team has not discovered much bone in Toba ash sites, but in the Billasurgam cave complex in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, the researchers have found deposits which they believe range from at least 100,000 years ago to the present. They contain a wealth of animal bones such as wild cattle, carnivores and monkeys. They have also identified plant materials in the Toba ash sites and caves, yielding important information about the impact of the Toba super-eruption on the ecological settings.
Dr Petraglia said: ‘This exciting new information questions the idea that the Toba super-eruption caused a worldwide environmental catastrophe. That is not to say that there were no ecological effects. We do have evidence that the ash temporarily disrupted vegetative communities and it certainly choked and polluted some fresh water sources, probably causing harm to wildlife and maybe even humans.’
Older Than Harappa.
“A team of archaeologists from the Deccan College Post Graduate and Research Institute is back from Haryana where they stumbled upon a record 70 Harappan graves at a site in Farmana, discovering the largest burial site of this civilization in India so far. It is an extraordinary archaeological finding. A big housing complex that matured during the Harappan era was discovered by these archaeologists who have been working in this little known village for the past three years. The archaeological team here uncovered an entire town plan. The skeletal remains belong to an era between 2500 BC to 2000 BC.“volcanic-mega-eruption-no-problem-how’ve-you-been”-ca-74000-bc

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God Ayyappa in Kerala was called by Pharoah In ~4000 BC, known as Imhotep , an Indian Maharishi  in Cairo.
He is the God of Egypt, as called by  people of Egypt than the Pharoah himself.
He was a healer,mathmatician, was able to build Pyramids in Egypt,A GOD. 9th AVTAR OF VISHNU(Not Buddha-Who was a great SAGE).
Imhotep or God Ayyappa has symbol of Swastika , and also he had the U Vaishnavite marks on him.
He came in UFO/FLYING SAUCER like Vimana, from Kerala to Egypt and then left to  the Nazca desert plateau or Peru, the Ankor Wat in Cambodia,  Easter Island  , the SE corner (Stonehenge area) of Alaska and an island of Shiva (currently sunk ) in the south Pacific and the Mohenjodaro are of the Vedic Saraswati civilization. These are the MOST ANCIENT and holy areas on this planet.

1) Sphinx at Giza Egypt ( with Narashimha half lion ) and the Sri Yantra based Pyramids.

2) The unbelievable Nazca desert Shiva Lingam trishul ( trident )--the largest 300 metre long , and most impressive petroglyph.Below Nazca ( Mayan Peru ) Shiva's trident ( Tamas- Satva -Rajas ) -- which can be appreciated only from the sky -- used as Vimana landing lights.--the largest of them all.   Ramayana’s Kishkinda Kanda describes the Trident of Nazca Peru

3) The 11000 year old Mohenjodaro city complex ( Indus valley ) which is still radioactive

4) The amazing Hindu temple complex of Ankor Wat of the Meru shape.

5) The Vedic mandala Stonehenge at the SE corner national park of Alaska.

6) The gigantic stone statues of Easter Island, with insciptions of same Rongorongo script found at Mohenjodaro. 
Mohenjodaro tablet is PASHUPATI another name of Lord Shiva ( Rig Veda 5000 BC ).
The druids who built the English Stonehenge also worshiped Lord Shiva
 God CERNUNNOS the Lord Shiva ( with cobra ) of the Druids ( of Harry Potter fame )  or Dryuhus who migrated from Indian Saraswati civilization 4000 BC. This god is holding a cobra

 Distance from Ankor Wat to Giza pyramids is 4754 miles. This multiplied by the Vedic Golden ratio of 1.618 gives 7692 miles which is the distance from Giza to Nazca . Now 7692 miles multiplied by the golden ratio again gives 12446, which is the distance from Nazca to Ankor Wat.

The spherical triangle between Alaska at the apex, Giza and Nazca gives the Sri Yantra angle of 51 degrees 49 minutes 38.25 seconds , which is the same as the Egyptian pyramid, and also the Vedic Sri Yantra.

Distance from Ankor Wat to Giza pyramids is 4754 miles. This multiplied by the Vedic Golden ratio of 1.618 gives 7692 miles which is the distance from Giza to Nazca . Now 7692 miles multiplied by the golden ratio again gives 12446, which is the distance from Nazca to Ankor Wat.

The spherical triangle between Alaska at the apex, Giza and Nazca gives the Sri Yantra angle of 51 degrees 49 minutes 38.25 seconds , which is the same as the Egyptian pyramid, and also the Vedic Sri Yantra.


Below the 8000 year old Sri Yantra mandala , divine fractal geometry , which contains the Theory of everything TOE and the Bindu Singularity

This is ow the Golden mean 1.618 of the Sri Yantra mandala. 

Fibonacci stole his patented series , from Matra Meru written by Pingala in 500 BC-- he ran away to Italy with a Arabic translation from Bejaya,  Algeria. 

Fibonacci series or sequence : 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597, 2584, 4181, ... (each number is the sum of the previous two). The ratio of successive pairs is so-called golden section - 1.618033989

  HAARP system of Alaska was a little more towards south, we would have seen many more such resonating mysteries

On April 4, 1944 at 4:40 a.m. the German submarine U-859 left on a mysterious mission carrying 67 men and 33 tons of mercury sealed in glass bottles in watertight tin crates. The sub was sunk by a British submarine and most of the crew died. One survivor on his death bed about 30 years later told about the expensive cargo and some Naval divers checked out his story and found all the mercury. This was the mercury destined for a secret base in Antartica , near a warm water geo-thermal pond, where a VIMANA construction factory was situated .

Indian INA leader Subhash Chandra Bose was aware of this UFO programme and he had helped Hitler with Sanskrit translations , by using Bengali Sanskrit Pandits.
Indian INA leader Subhash Chandra Bose was aware of this UFO programme and he had helped Hitler with Sanskrit translations , by using Bengali Sanskrit Pandits.

Rudolf Hess NO 2 of Hitler, was incarcerated by Eisenhower and Churchill-- as they knew that Hess knew everything about the Antartica Vimana contruction base.  Hess , a true son of Germany-- refused to reveal theUFO programme  secrets despite severe torture and baits of being a free man..

Vedic Vimanas or flying saucers used mercury vortex ion engines. The ion engine was first demonstrated by German-born NASA scientist Ernst Stuhlinger.  The Vedic texts were taken to Germany by Hermann Gundert.

The use of ion propulsion systems were first demonstrated in space by the NASA Lewis “ Space Electric Rocket Test SERT.. These thrusters used mercury as the reaction mass. The first was SERT 1, launched July 20, 1964, successfully proved that the technology operated as predicted in space. The second test, SERT-II, launched on February 3, 1970, verified the operation of two mercury ion engines for thousands of running hours.

 The kings chamber coffin , of the Giza pyramid  is NOT a coffin . It used to contain mercury, exported from India . The apex of the Giza pyramids used to give a blue glow which could be seen thousands of miles.

 Italian Fibonacci of 1200 AD is given the credit of the Golden ratio, while the Indian Sri Yantra based on Golden ratio of 1.618 was drawn in 8000 BC --see video below.

 The ancient Mayan had seen Indian Vimanas and recorded it on stone.

A German linguist Kurt Schildmann, a native of Heiderhof, says his study of ancient inscriptions discovered in the caves of Peru and the United States shows that they are similar to ancient Indus Valley Sanskrit, suggesting that Indians in Vimanas reached the Americas thousands of years ago.  He describes the Indus civilization as a forerunner of all other world civilizations. While doing "epigraphic research" on the Crespi collection of Cuenca, Peru, Schildmann discovered Sanskrit in inscriptions found in Peru and in the Burrows cave in southern Illinois.  

He also deciphered an icon found in the Burrows' cave, on which he said many details depicted the "wisdom of the Indus culture".  Schildmann was struck by the drawing of an elephant on top of a "Pyramid", with three lines of a legend.  He deciphered the legend as "PIL", that was 6000 years old ancient Sanskrit word for an elephant.  He concluded, the ancient Indian engraved texts on gold plates and hid them to honor the gods and address the succeeding generations.   Elephants are not found in Peru and USA.   In 1821 a man  Joseph Smith found these plates , considered himself the chosen one and founded the Mormon religion..

Before 7000BC , India ruled the whole world.  

After 7000 BC, India ruled from Jerusalem to Urals to Vietnam.

Regarding the Stonehenge at Alaska –

The Rig Veda of 5000 BC, has written down clearly about CIRCUMPOLAR heavenly bodies. . There is a verse that describes the polar dawn as “many were the days between the first beam of light and sunrise”.  

There are verses which state that stars were not seen to rise or set but revolve around the pole completing one revolution in 24 hours—which can happen only in very high latitudes.  

The verses describe the heaven as a wheel which is supported on an axis.
 Another hymn which is presented below mentions that the Sun unyoked his chariot in the middle of the heaven and stood still.
Vi sûryo madhye amuchad ratham divo
vidad dâsâya pratimânam âryah |
Dridhâni Pipror asurasya mâyinah
Indro vyâsyach chakrivâm Rijishvanâ ||
 In 1992 by the side of Narada ( named after Narada Maharishi )  on the eastern side of the Ural mountains, the found unusual, mostly spiral-shaped objects.  The size of these things ranges from a maximum of 3 cm down to an incredible 0.003 mm. 
Thousands of these Vimana parts have been found at the Arkaim Stonehenge and also several other river bank sites . The 20000 year old spiral-form objects are composed of various metals: the larger ones are of copper, while the small and very small ones are of the rare metals tungsten and molybdenum.
The great Indian mystic Vivekananda ( who explained ZPF to Tesla ) had said that it was architects from my home place of Kerala who built Pyramids. Vivekananda had visited the pyramids in 1900. 

He inspected the pyramids for 10 days from 15th  to 25th Nov 1900. He understood and felt the Vaastu pyramid scalar energy there.
 All the Egyptian Pharaohs used Cinnamon for their mummy embalming procedure. This came from Malabar 5500 years ago-- whose capital was Calicut ( my home town ) -- where Vasco da Gama landed in 1498.
 The Indian Mantra of OM or AUM is 11000 years old. When you chant this master mantra with its harmonics at 7.83 Hz ( earth's heart beat --lifted by Schumann ) , the Sri Yantra --which contains the" theory of everything" forms like magic on water --cymatics.
 The whole of Arabia was part of Indian Aryan Emperor Vikramaditya's empire in 7000 BC.
A "chariot to heaven"  titillated the Pharaoh's imagination--  This is the literal meaning of Sri Yantra in Sanskrit . 
The spiritual meaning was about Kundalini or the vortex energy ( fire snake ) from root chakra to the crown pineal gland for opening Shiva's third eye. With the proper sound mantraOM , the gravitational force can be reduced ( levitation ).
 Sri Yantra was revealed in 9000 BC, during the Vedic civilization on the banks of the holy river Saraswati, six thousand years before the first pyramids were built.  It is the foundation of Vaastu ( the original feng shui ).  Vaastu insisted on the PERFECT ,  NESW cardinal orientation--just like the pyramids. Warrior sage Parashurama introduced it to Kerala.
in 1990 a crop circle of Sri Yantra came on a wet lake bed or Oregon --13.3 miles long. Footprints could not be camouflaged here. This photo was taken by a US airforce fighter jet.
 this geometry contains the elusive THEORY OF EVERYTHING. On Dec 21st 2012, the sun will be at the bindu ( cosmic womb )
The 3 vertical ones are what you see on the west bank of Nile.  
51 deg 49 min 38.25 sec are the angle measurements for
both the Egyptian  pyramids and Sri Yantra pyramid. This
can NEVER EVER be a coincidence, as Sri Yantra is too complicated geometry.

Our ancient temples had the pyramid ratio -- to keep prasadam fresh .  A Vaastu pyramid slows down  putrefaction of food.  Sharp sword blades placed in a N/S direction sharpens by itself to razor edges --like magic.
 The Sri Yantra large pyramid, showing exactly the same relationship between pi and phi . The ratio of the hypotenuse to half the base is phi, the Golden Ratio-- or 'divine proportion', given by (1 + square-root 5)/2 (its value to five decimal places is 1.618033989 ).


A golden rectangle is a rectangle whose side lengths are in the golden ratio, 1: 1.618. whose reciprocal is 0.618033989 . . . . . so that we have 1/G = 1 + G.

Fibonacci was a 12th century Italian who studied the 8000 year old Indian Vedic Mathematics from the Arabians at Bejaya, Algeria, and took this knowledge to Europe.  
Aryabhatta born in Kerala ( my home state ) in 2700 BC, was one of the early members of this school.  Aryabhatta was the first to calculate Pi of 3.1416 and the solar year of 365.358 days . He propounded a heliocentric universe 4200 years before Copernicus, with elliptically orbiting planets and a spherical earth spinning on its axis explaining the motion of the heavens. He was the father of plane / spherical Trigonometry and Algebra, when Europe was in the dark ages.. Today you don't see this pioneers name in the list of top 100 mathematicians.

Aryabhatta was the first to compute the circumference of the earth, with an error of just 64 miles.. Aryabhatta gave a method to find the cube root of numbers and dealt with arithmetic,geometric and indeterminate equations in algebra. He dealt with square, cube, triangle, trapezium, circle and sphere in geometry. He was called Arjehir by the Arabs. 

Poor Galileo did a Aryabhatta 4 millenuims years later , that the earth is round and circles the sun , and the church blinded him , so that he can never look into another telescope .

His series is lifted from Pingala the great Indian mathematician of 500 BC and of Virahanka of 6 AD, whose work the Arabs translated into Arabic.

Fibonacci was the first to introduce the Hindu-Arabic number system into Europe- the system we now use today- based on ten digits with its decimal point and a symbol for zero: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. and 0

12th century-- Fibonacci series or sequence : 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233,

377, 610, 987, 1597, 2584, 4181, ... (each number is the sum of the previous two). 

The ratio of successive pairs is so-called golden section - 1.618033989 . . . 
Our navels are placed at .618 of our bodies.

The Golden Ratio is a Vedic universal law in which is contained the ground-principle of all formative striving for beauty and completeness in the realms of nature art, structures, forms and proportions, whether cosmic or individual, organic or inorganic, acoustic or optical. This is the future of QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS.

The Europeans have taken the credit for themselves ( as they have done for every other stolen idea ) in 1300 AD.  If our Sanskrit texts written 7000 years ago were shepherds verses,  why have they stolen it. Even the encyclopedias give the credit of compass needle to China in 247 BC ( WOW!--how exact! ). Nobody on the planet had an idea what is sun's declination via astronomy . The geographic and the magnetic poles are NOT the same.The North pole is 1600 miles away and the south pole is 2570 kilometers away. 
The ancient people in Kerala found the exact co-ordinates by using a strain of Gandhari mulagu , chillie plant on land. The plant stems show vertical on the Northern side and and horizontal on the southern side. The ancient Kerala sailors sailed to Socotra and Aquaba and Basra using a compass of magnetised fish blade floating on light oil floating on water. This is symbolised by Arjun shooting into the eye of the fish to win Draupadi in 4000 BC. Our temples had magnetised idols which could levitate stolen by Europeans. On the East coast of India too  there was such a temple with levitating idol which disrupted the ship's compass needles of the British East India company.
 A tablet containing this sanskrit verse from Bhagawat Gita of 4000 BC was found in the great Pyramid. It is now in the British Museum. vasanvsi jeernani yatha vihaya, navani ghrunnati naro parani.
Capt. Ajit Vadakayil