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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New discovery changes evolution theory of Unicorn

Scientists may have discovered the fossilized skull of a ‘Siberian unicorn’
As new discovery coming, historians and evolutionists are baffled about their lie and one of those  was that Unicorns were  died out some 350,000 years ago, but a beautifully preserved skull found in Kazakhstan has completely overturned and it is found out that incredible creatures were still around
 as recently as 29,000 years ago.
The real unicorn, Elasmotherium sibiricum, was huge and looked just like a modern rhino, only it carried the most almighty horn on its forehead.
According to early descriptions, the Siberian unicorn stood at roughly 2 meters tall, was 4.5 meters long, and weighed about 4 tonnes. That’s closer to woolly mammoth-sized than horse-sized.

The newly found skull, was found in the Pavlodar region of Kazakhstan. Researchers from Tomsk State University were able to date it to around 29,000 years ago
via radiocarbon dating techniques.