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Dilation and Time Contraction

In Mahabharat after loosing their kingdom in gamble Pandavas and Dropadi while in exile were facing hardships when one day Bhim was very much angry and asked Yudhistir{see Vanperva}-” In RIG-VED [one of the holy Veds] it is written that one can ‘contract time’, so please do it and contract thirteen years, my anger is crossing its limits. I immediately want to crush Duryodhan and want to break his thighs.”
In Mahabharat there are several examples where amazing events can be explained on the velocity of light related phenomena viz-Time dilation and Time contraction.
Time dilation is a well known experience [at higher velocities] of space travelers. Theory of relativity says that as a moving object reach speeds closer and closer to the speed of light, time within that object realms, will slow, eventually stop, upon traveling at the speed of light. Suppose there are two friends on earth ‘A’ and ‘B’. A starts a journey into space say on January 2010.He travels at a speed near the speed of light for one year by his clock and returned on 31 december 2010. But for ‘B’[which remains on earth] this will not be 31-12-10 but certainly a date of year 2011 or months or years ahead depending upon how much fast ‘A’ traveled in space.

Time contraction is a very new concept in modern Physics. In this light exceeds the documented speed of light and time is contracted for the stable observer . This has been observed in living cells that protons moves faster than light in tryptamine oxidation by aromatic amine dehydrogenase enzyme . This has very successfully proved on the basis of NEW RELATIVITY THEORY OF ALMOSALLAMI.
Swine flu virus performs a transform each 40 years. If one would like to know what form this virus will take after forty years, he should make a tunnelling barrier of certain specification and take the virus into that barrier .Inside barrier he spent forty years to see how virus transforms. He exits the barrier. For outside observer this will be only one second past , means he will get the results not in 40 years but in one second.
Our holy books are full of similar type of incidences. In one such type of incidence one day{a story of Guru kul leela of Krishna in BHAGVAT} When KRISHNA and Sudama were taking bath in a river Sudama asked Krishna what he knew about Maya. Krishna did not answer but smiled and started moving towards the bank of river. Suddenly Sudama felt that he was drowning into river .He cried for help. Krishna did not hear. Sudama drowned into and lost his consciousness. When sudama regained consciousness he found himself on the bank of the river. Some soldiers came and they took Sudama to the capital of that state.
One Saint had declared after the sudden death of king of that state that early morning person found lying on the bank of river would be their next king. So they made unknown Sudama the king of that State. Sudama ruled there several years. He got married there and had several offsprings.after some years there occured a famine in that state as there was no rain for several years.People of that state again went to the same saint. Saint told them that the famine was due to their king and they should throw him into the same river . People of that state threw Sudama into the river. Sudama again drowned to regain consciousness at the same place where he was taking bath with krishna. Krishna was still to reach upto the bank of river means few minutes ago sudama drowned there after asking krishna about Maya.
I want to emphasize that our holy books are not mere imaginations but symbolic representation of highly advance science of ” ‘VISITERS’ FROM OUTER SPACE “who were god to us as they originated and evolved life on earth , taught us knowledge about several facets of life and culture and who resided with us only [up-to] five thousand years back.
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