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Rebirth/Afterbirth/Astral life- All are true by many accounts-Hinduism Philosophy and spiritual science

A computer programming student was undergoing surgery in Costa Rica, when she died, experienced the afterlife, then returned to her body—in the morgue.
Graciela H. shares her story on the Near Death Experience Research Foundation website. This story has not been independently verified. 

During Surgery

Image of doctors performing CPR via Shutterstock
I saw doctors working fast on me. … They were agitated. They took my VS [vital signs], did CPR. Everybody began to leave the room slowly. I didn’t understand why they were acting like that.
Everything was quiet. I decided to get up. Only my doctor stood in the same place, looking at my body. I decided to get closer, I was standing near him, I could feel he was sad and his soul was in pain. I remember touching his shoulder, then he left. …
My body began to elevate and elevate, I can say taken by a strange force.
It was great, my body was getting lighter and lighter. While going through the roof of the surgery room, I [discovered] I could move anywhere I [wanted].
I was pulled to a place where … [the] clouds [were] bright, a room or space. … All around me was light, very bright, and filling my body with energy, filling my chest with happiness. …
[I looked] at my arms, [and they were the] same shape as human [arms], but different material. The material was as white gas mixed with [a] white glow, silver glow, pearl glow around my body.
I was beautiful. I had no mirror to see my face, but I … [could] feel my face was pretty, I saw my arms and my legs had a white, simple, long dress of light. … My voice was as a teenager mixed with [the] tone of voice as a child. …

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Suddenly a light brighter than my body [approached] me. … His light was making me blind. …
He said in a very … fine voice, “You are not going to be able to continue.” …
I remember talking his same language with my mind, he spoke with his mind too.
[As I cried because I didn’t want to go back,] he picked me up, held me. … He was quiet the whole time, gave me strength. I felt love and energy. [There] Is no love and strength in this world [to] compare to that. …
[He said:] “You were sent here by mistake, somebody’s mistake. You need to go back. … To come here, you need to accomplish many things. … Try to help several people.” …

In the Morgue

I opened my eyes, everything around was metal doors, people on metal tables, one body had another body on top. I recognized the place: I was in the morgue.
I felt ice on my eyelashes, my body was cold. [I] could not feel anything. … [I wasn’t] even able to move my neck or talk.
I was feeling sleepy. … [Two or three hours] later, I heard voices, [and I] opened my eyes again. I saw two male nurses. … I knew I had to make … eye contact with one of them. I barely had strength to blink my eyes again and again, but I did. [It] took a lot of energy.
[One of the nurses looked] at me, scared, … [telling] his partner: “Look, look, she is moving her eyes!” Laughing, [he] said, “Let’s go, this place is scary.”
Inside of me, I was screaming, “Please, don’t leave!”
I didn’t close my eyes until the nurses came, and doctors. All I heard is [someone say], “Who did this? Who sent this patient to the morgue? The doctors were mad. I closed my eyes until was sure I was far away from that place. I didn’t wake up until three or four days later.
I had episodes of sleeping for long periods of time. … I could not talk. [On] day five, I began to move [my] arms and legs … again. …
Doctors [explained] to me that I was sent there [to the morgue] by mistake. … They helped me to walk again, with therapy.
One of the things I learned is [there] is no time to waste doing the wrong things, we need to do everything good for our sake … [on] the other side. [It] is like a bank; you save that much, you will get that much at the end.
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