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Western Scientists like Heisenberg & Schrodinger were inspired and influenced by Vedas

Recently Stupid Indian media was buzzing after a statement of Home minister Of India Mr Rajnath singh regarding Heisenberg’s theory and its roots in the Vedas. Let us look in to that-
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Encyclopedias are usually the first level of references and since this is about ancient sciences, I referred “Encyclopedia of History of Science” (published by “Springer Science & Business Media”), in which page 204 says Schrodinger, the co-creator of quantum theory, was inspired by the Vedic texts and he along with Heisenberg built theories which were consistent with Vedantic concepts.
Page 204 of this book:
While Indian media and students are forgeting Vedas education, Europian Scientists learned and used Vedas in their research. Even Indian Genetry try to stay away from Vedas etc why? because they have inferiority complex developed by British for 400 years and before that by Mughals for 200 years. Time to reclaim identity you son of Bhartas and Aryavart before Europeans say that Sanskrit and Vedas are theirs.
Page 214 of this book:
See how Heisenberg’s theory of uncertainty is consistent with the teachings of Rig Veda, the book titled “The Hindu Mind” by Bansi Pandit provides more insights with simple illustrations and parallels at page 334.
Page 334 of this book:
A biography on Schrodinger (by William Taussig Scott) shows how he was inspired by the concept of “Brahman” in the Upanishads.
Page 141 of this book:
For insights into the Vedic interpretation of Quantum theory by Bohr-Heisenberg, the book “Unified Theories” written by RL Amoroso is recommended
Page 75 of this book:
Bohr’s fascination & inspiration from Upanishads is also well documented.
Page 168 of this book:
Moving beyond Quantum theories, Vedas had inspired scientists in nuclear sciences as well. For example, Oppenheimer (the father of atomic bomb) had publicly stated that access to the Vedas were the greatest privilege of the century.
Page 23 of this book:
Carl Sagan (a renowned Astrophysicist) was deeply inspired by Vedas and had stated that the Vedic cosmology corresponds to the modern scientific cosmology.
Page 25 of this book:
During his visit to USA, Swami Vivekananda had inspired Tesla (popularly called father of electricity) to look into Vedic Sciences to overcome the challenges imposed by conventional sciences, which in turn helped Tesla build theories which were later used by scientists for research on quantum physics & relativity.
Above references can be used to suggest that some of the Western Scientists were indeed influenced & some of their theories were inspired by Vedas & Upanishads.

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