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Proof that all over world people were HINDUS.

Extraordinary Proof ! All humans once were HINDUS. Every one including Non Hindus and Non Indian Must read it _/\_
------------ From Bhakti Ananda Goswami:

Several Devotees have asked me what God this is about, or WHO is the God that this Montage is about. Here is my answer...

The interdisciplinary evidence proves that ALL of ancient humanity once worshiped the SAME Original Supreme Personality of Godhead. Africans, Europeans, the Slavic Nations, the Semites (of the Biblical Tradition), the peoples of the Middle East, India, the Orient, Southeast Asia, Oceana and the Western Hemisphere All once worshiped the same One True God.

Did these peoples all retain the original Sattvic worship of their God in the benevolent nature of the Sattva Guna Mode of Goodness? No. Some societies devolved into the Modes of Raja-Guna / Passion and Ignorant Tamo-Guna. In His Bhagavad-gita As It Is, the Supreme Lord Hari (Krishna-Vishnu) describes religion in these Three Modes of Material Nature to His Friend and Devotee, Arjuna.

Using Sri Krishna's description, we can actually sort-out GLOBAL human history according to the more-or-less Sattvic, Rajarshic and Tamasic tendancies of the various civilizations and their RELIGIOUS REALIZATIONS and IDEALS.

The global worship of the Supreme Lord in His Man-Lion Form as Time, associated with His Serpent of Infinity Form as Eternity, can easily be traced through the ancient Sacred Art of the various civilizations. In this Album, I am giving some examples of how the Supreme Lord of Time and Eternity was worshiped and depicted by various civilizations in the ancient World.

To the Vedic-Vaishnavas of India, He was Nara-Hari or Krishna-Vishnu's Man-Lion Form as Kalah / TIME, His Wrathful Theophany (Appearance of God) in His Bhagavad-gita Self-Revelation.

The Shaivite Hindus also call Shiva "Kalah" TIME and say that the Revelation of Cosmic All-devouring TIME / Kalah in the Bhagavad-gita is of their Shiva-Kalah TIME.

The Pure Land (Mahayana) Buddhists say that Kalah-Bairab or Mahadeva (Shiva) is the Wrathful Transformation of Hari or Avalokiteshvara [Vishnu]. Thus Northern or Mahayana Pure Land Buddhism affirms that Shiva or Kalah-Bairava is a Wrathful Form of the Supreme Lord, Hari or Krishna-Vishnu.

Among the many Names of Nara-Simha or Nara-Hari, the Wrathful Man-Lion Form of Hari (Krishna-Vishnu), are the Names of Kalah/Time, Shiva, Mahadeva, Bairava (Bairab) and other Names of Baladeva and Shiva from various cultures and languages.

In this Album I am giving a few of these ancient Holy Names and showing the related Man-Lion Forms associated with them. In ancient times, other than through sound and language, people first communicated visually by signs, symbols and art. Early writing was very pictographic. Thus at first communication was by simultaneous NAMA-RUPA. The HOLY NAME described the FORM, and the FORM revealed the NAME of GOD. So the further back we can explore in the ancient evidence of human religious experience, tracing backwards the more convergence we can find of the Global worship of the One True God, via His Holy Names and Forms. Conversely, if we trace His ancient worship forward in time and space diffusion, the more divergence we find.

Please realize that the very late association of some of these Holy Names of the Supreme Lord with mere polytheistic astrological planetary powers or kings/regents, reflects a terribly mis-leading corruption of the original ancient Monotheism of HARI. Thus a real expert on the most ancient forms of Greek and Roman religious thought or Helios / Soleus-centered Monotheism will say the the Greek Kronos TIME or Roman Saturnus TIME was the Supreme Father God of a previous or Golden Age, that He was associated with agriculture, the civilizing sciences and arts and even, perhaps a Global Edenic Age of Peace of World Peace. He was a Form of Helios Kouros / Krishna associated with that original Monotheism. AND as TIME He was the Origin of the Cosmic Emanations and Incarnations of Divinity. He was the Supreme Father God as the Creator, Maintainer and Destroyer of all Temporary (Material) Worlds!

As Eternity, Ananta Sesha Naga, the Ourobolos Serpent of Infinity, He was also the Lord and Maintainer of the Deathless Spiritual Sky too. Thus He was worshiped Globally and by all peoples as the Supreme Lord of the Spiritual Sky, all of the Spiritual and Cosmic Heavens / Manifestations and Earths, past present and future.

As the Lord of the Three Worlds of Past Present and Future, He was called Zeus or Jupiter Amun Tri-Opes Three-Eyed, Helios Tri-Occulos Three-Eyed, or Nara-Hari Vishnu-Shiva (or Buddhist Narasingha-Lokeshvara, or Kalah-Bairab) TRI-AKSHA Three-Eyed! Commonly when HARI or Krishna-Vishnu wears a single peacock Eye Feather on His Head or Three such Eye-Feathers, this ALSO is a pictorial pun for the fact that He is in- reality ALSO the Three Eyed Lord of the Three Worlds, or Kalah of His Bhagavad-gita Self Revelation as Time and Eternity!

These are the things West calls it has Alien Gods. But they are no one but Ancient Hindus . Do u think These highly qualified Scientists have noclue about it ? BIZARE and Shameless Way of faking Human History. Every one has the right to know who they are , And wr they are from ! As i always said ,History can be faked and Hidden But History can not be changed . This is the reason many religions wr found and lost But Hindusim Still goes strong . Its just matter of time White,Black Brown Asians Join hands as Hindus for a Good old Peaceful ancient Days . Live has a One Community in search of Divinity and Peace .


lf Revelation as Time and Eternity!

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