Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hinduism is surging as Sanatan Dharma. Holi celebration by western Brasil.

holifestival Brasil

VEDIC Sanatan Established 43,00,000 Years Ago. SRI KRISHNA born end of Dwapara Yuga. End of the Kali Yuga Average life span of Human will come down to 20 to 50 years.Ready Full Story. Time Span of the four Yugas( one MAHA YUGA): Krita (Satya) Yuga – 17,28,000 years (Kri – four times kali yuga) Threta Yuga – 12,96,000 years (Thre – three times kali yuga) Dwapara Yuga – 8,64,000 years ( Dwa – two times kali yuga) Kali yuga – 4,32,000 years A total of 43,20,000 years constitute a Maha Yuga! Ten Incarnations (Avatars) of Lord Vishnu: The first FOUR Avatars happened in Kritha Yuga – Matsya, Koorma, Varaaha and Nrisimha The next THREE Avatars happened in Treta Yuga – Vaaman, Parasuraama and Sri Rama The next TWO Avatars happened in Dwapara Yuga – Balaraama and Krishna The next ONE Avatar will happen in Kali Yuga – Kalki First Avatar – Matsya – Creatures that live solely in water; Next Avatar – Koorma – Creatures that could live both in water and land (amphibian); Next Avatar – Varaaha – Creatures that solely live on land (ofcourse with swimming ability); Next Avatar – NaraSimha – The half-lion and half-human – a stage between Homo sapiens and animals; Next Avatar – Vaamana – The Homo sapiens with short stature; Next Avatar – Parasurama – The rough and tough human (Rama with the axe); Next Avatar – Sri Rama – The perfect civilized human (Rama with a bow & noble practices); Next Avatar – BalaRama – The human with occupational skills (Rama with the plough – agriculture is his occupation?) Next Avatar – Sri Krishna – The Superhuman! Final Avatar – Kalki – The apocalyptic (The one who would end this Mahayuga!) Average life span of Human in Krita Yuga – 800 years; Average life span of Human in Tretha Yuga – 400 years; Average life span of Human in Dwapara Yuga – 200 years; Average life span of Human in Kali Yuga – 100 years.End of the Kali Yuga this will come down to 20 to 50 years.

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