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Even After 1947,Indians dont know our Hindu culture & values. Nowadays world accepts Hinduism & India's culture but we Indians dont know our culture, religion, values, shared Hindu ancestry.India culture, Hinduism and Hindu culture same term and inclusive terms [since time immemorial India culture has been inclusive for Non Hindus]

We love those who paint beautiful picture of dirt [appeaser] but hate, exploit those who show mirror [facts], politeness, innocence thinking it as weakness is our mindset

Argentina[Roman Catholic Majority country] Nightclub 'Groove' in Buenos Aires city plays Sanskrit Music dealing with Hindu God,serves Veg Food and non alcholic drink

Indonesia,Muslim majority country are proud of there Hindu ancestry has Lord Ganesh on 20,000 rupiah,Garuda Airlines, Indonesia Embassy gave Saraswati statue to USA if India does it than its communal.

Pakistanis Muslims like Hassan Nisar,Fouzia Saeed,Tarek Fateh,Late Fouzia Waheb accept that there ancestors were Hindus and they are closer to Indian culture not Arab culture on Pakistan News,Programme channels

Hindus believe all Religion leads to Divine but content wise scripture differ is that communal.Islam,Christianity believe there way is only way
If I believe in one God I will be Hindu.If I believe in one Goddess I will be Hindu and if I believe in multiple God/Goddess I will be Hindu and even if I am Athiest/Agnostic I will be Hindu and its one of the rare religion which has no founder.
but if I dont believe in Christ or Muhammad I cant be Christian and Muslim.

Hinduism is a religion,culture,way of life & one of the rare religion,better call DHARMA, to have secular concept in it.Thats why Jews, Parsis,Syrian Christians, Dawoodi Bohra Muslims who were persecuted, mocked, threatened were accepted and blended in our culture married Hindu females.
Moplah Muslims came as trader and they also married Hindu females.Even Athiest and Agnostic were accepted Ex: Charvaka

DNA studies and the above history proved that all India Subcontinent people [South Asia region but we dont want there land bcoz Pakistani & Bangladeshi Muslims based on religion partition a fact could not co exist but wont give an inch of India] irrespective of there religion have Hindu Ancestry
Hindus have distorted,colonized mindset but we need to bring change.

India culture,religion tells us to respect females thats why we call them Devi[Goddess] (Ladies) but to gentlemen we dont call Devta[God]
Namaste means I bow to the God/Goddess in you shows no untouchable.Islamic invaders gave the concept of Pak[Pure] and Najis[Dirty/Untouchable] but Indian subcontinent Muslims,Christians have no association with them as they accepted there religion only

Marriage based on understanding,respect is love or arrange but no forced or cousin marriage[incest] and if done then no honor killing but avoid it as it causes genetic problems.

Sex without Marriage & Marriage without Sex both R pathetic

Hindu caste system is not birth based as it was classification of job [Knowledge,Weapon,Land,Wealth not in one hand to be misused] not based on birth but ability,skills.The present Hindu caste system was followed by Portuguese,Spanish invaders called casta check these facts.But now its an outdated concept as we are jack of all trades thus follower of Hinduism and a Hindu only no caste

Present dowry system is European yes Bombay was used as Dowry by European invaders based. In Hindu it was called streedhan which was property of daughter cannot be used by groom,his family & it was generally used in emergency when she was widow.

Purdah system,Female Infanticide,Jauhar/Sati came when Arab invaders captured our females converted them,enslaved them,raped them & to escape,purdah system started.
British painted Indian caste system as by birth,infact created division so Indian public fight with themself,as it is hapenning now.In fact history is distorted by British authors.Valmiki who composed Ramayana was born in a family who we call Harijan/Dalit/Untouchable/Shudra same with Ambedkar but both are scholars and pundits,Ved Vyas Author of Mahabharat her mother was fisherwoman whom we call lowcaste, Krishna Bhakt Meera Guru was Ravidass who was born or did Cobbler work.Chandragupta Maurya was born in family whom we call Harijan but he became King.

Present Indian Army is Kshatriya. Kalpana Saroj was born in Harijan family but transformed Kamani Tubes from debt to million hence she is entrepreneur,Hugging Mother, Narayana Guru birth in Harijan family but they are Gurus,Scholar so its based on ability,skills not birth.Kalidas of Shankuntala was also born in same type family.

Modi,Mayawati CM of states were Born in Harijan family.Jagjivan Ram Defence Minister and Deputy PM in 70s,KR Narayana President of India 97,Kanshi Ram founded BSP Party,Late Santosh Koli of AAP Party,Cheif Justice of India BalaKrishna were born in Shudra/Harijan family etc

Aryan Dravidian theory/Aryan Invasion Theory is fake.Recent studies on DNA of Indians by CCMB of India,NCBI, Harvard proved that All Indians whether they are so called Upper/Lower Caste, Tribal,SC,Muslims, Christians of India have same genetic lineage.Color of the skin is dueto Melanin in it.We Indians R Indigenous to India and not outsider as per DNA Studies and we are not against Muslims as many are good but against Islamization of India and one sided conversion to Islam and altaqqya[deciet]

For example, if we take a typical person from Punjab, another from Maharashtra, and a third from Tamilnadu we will find that the Maharashtrians generally fall in between the other two in terms of build and skin color. We see a gradual shift of characteristics from north to south, but no real different race. An Aryan and Dravidian race in India is no more real than a north and a south European race. Those who use such terms are misusing language. We would just as well place the blond Swede of Europe in a different race from the darker haired and skinned person of southern Italy.By David Frawley a USA Hindu

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan,Muslim Rashtrya Manch follows RSS ideology accept there Hindu ancestry.

Read Francious Gautier,David Frawley,Maria Wirth,Rajiv Malhotra,S Gurumurthy and there videos also.Check and Spread .

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