Saturday, October 25, 2014

Floating Statues of Hindu Goddess Vajravarahi (Varahi) in Bhutan

Floating Statues of Hindu Goddess Vajravarahi (Varahi) in Bhutan :

Secrets of Vedas were passed from one Sage to another. Some of the buddhist monks who lost shastragya (battle of divine wisdom) got reconverted to Hinduism and later revealed these secrets to their fellow buddhist monks.

Varahi is worshipped by all the three major schools of Hinduism: Shaktism (Goddess Worship); Shaivism (followers of the god Shiva); and Vaishnavism (Devotion to Vishnu).

She is usually worshipped at night, and according to secretive Vamamarga Tantric practices.

Floating statue temple located in Chumphu nye in Paro, with almost 24 hours journey from main city Thimphu. The temple is situated at top of the hill – true to the Vedic practice.

Taking photos of the statue is not allowed in the temple. So no photos are found, however hard you search in chronicles, research papers or internet. The picture of Hindu goddess Varahi devi who is prayed in the form of Vajravarahi devi in Bhutan is shown above.

The idol worshipers are directed to the shrine by the monk, the shutters are opened, as per account shared by worshippers, then the monk showing Goddess Vajravarahi’s statue says ” the statue is floating” and proves it by sliding a paper currency under the foot of the statue. The devotees get mesmerized on seeing this wonderful statue.


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