Friday, October 24, 2014


Photo: Ancient #Hindus knew about modern science and even very advanced than our latest technology. For example Ancient Indians knew the speed of light and its properties . Awsome ??? Check this picture and Share them with all Indians you care 

Jai Sri Raam
Photo: This post is for our beloved Prime Minister of #Hindustan Sri  Narendra Modi ji. On behalf of Hindustanis , Indians all arround the world.
(#AIUFO urge -_/\_ all indians to share it with all Indians all arround the world.CONTRIBUTE TO THE NATION NOW.ITS UR TURN)       
                               Ancient Indian UFO request Govt. of #India to do extensive research on Sanatana Dharma / Acient #Hindu scripts , inventions in mathematics , physics , cosmos,chemicals, minerals , metals  , war technologies (like invention of arrows was made by hindus) etc . And bring out the truth , spread it accross the world to regain our PRIDE . Which belongs to us , Its Ours .
Sun and whole universe are round – Yajur Veda 20. 23

Shape of Earth is like an Oblate Spheroid. (Rig VedaXXX. IV.V)

Moon is enlightened by the sun – Yajur Veda 18, 20.

‘Earth is flattened at the poles’ (Markandeya Purana 54.12)

Blue Sky is Nothing but scattered sunlight (Markandeya Purana 78.8)

There are many suns – Rg Veda 9. 114. 3.

Seven colours in the sun – Atharva Veda 7. 107. 1.

Electromagnetic field, conversion of mass and energy – Rg 10. 72.

The gravitational effect of solar system makes the earth stable (R.V.1-103-2, 1-115-4 and 5-81-2).

The axle of the earth does not get rusted ,the earth continues to revolve on its axle (R.V. 1-164-29)

The Sun never sets or rises and it is the earth, which rotates (Sama-Ved 121).

The science of Time and its subtle nature is described in (R.V.1-92-12 and 1-95-8)

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