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Translation of Songs 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20

Song No.14

Affirm they solemnly, form of air or fire, as the state of god
When asked to discover the form of air or fire and apprise,
Retract they to an alternative, which if disputed with others
By repeated blinking, people like me, stand too bewildered;
Principles both in state of manifestation and the un-manifest
Transcending barriers of limitation, becoming one with bliss
Dancing inaccessible altogether to mind and senses in space;
 Could anyone ever define the form of my Lord, oh my maid.

Song no.15
Reached up to sound un-struck, we know not the way above
Up to said light celestial we sought but beyond know we not
Incomparable sound celestial frontiers of which we reached
But saw no way to proceed; up to what is the mighty space
With guidance we went; but to go beyond know not the path
Alas, so exclaimed all the Vedas and testaments altogether
Praised  for ever stands the dancing lord of whose form
Could there be anyone to tell the truth, tell me oh my maid

Song 16SONG NO -16 (5640)
Forces manifesting many more in millionssprouting
Forces immeasurable in millions, quantum unknown
Galaxies creating forces many more in millions;
Nameless such forces combined and channeled
Into forces of yet another in millions and millions;
To all these forces, My Master, the only monarch
Dancing in the hall of genesis in the form of bliss;
Anyone there who can ever glorify His Greatness?   Beware of this for ever my comrade.

It is to be kept in our mind that the milk of kindness meant for feeding all the souls of this world was always on the lips of Saint Vallalar. The supreme soul of compassion who has circumambulated the soil of Vadalur in India was always in prayer for all the souls of this world beyond time and space. Let us not forget the thought of the Saint

The experience of the soul which is the truth of nature, is actually the life of excellence.

Song 17

Manifestation one for ever, form is one and colour one
Radiance there is one and therein nature is yet another
Below that stratum resides atom subtle; then there part
That is the one and within that part nestles nucleus one;
Within that nucleus supreme rests energy; to that energy,
There is one Almighty; to all these, other than my Master
There is none else as the monarch within in that council
Who could ever praise his dancing glory, oh my maid

Song no.18

Manifestation of oneness is the one, basics are varied over
Neighbours are they, still but strangers; all these in unison
From twice, thrice to quantum septenary, aggregating in all
Exalted sanctum centreless, with sides counting numberless
That grace glowing in glory subsides pivoted in the fulcrum
Great grace in the middle, dances at the state above sleep
Glory of Him, could any one cognize; His own glory Himself
Has not any knowledge; how could you alone, oh my maid.

Song no.19

Genesis of genetics is one, primordial ever potential as cause
Within segments, assignments apportioned vary and varied
Sprouting ever, sojourn they, permeating even those beyond
The Monarch ruling, Him to minister the conscious absolute
Dancing among them all, within that sanctum of sanctorum
Petals of the divine with feet little, lasting as foundation piled
Encompassing all of them and blazing still beyond them all
His glory who could know, never you would ever, oh! maid.

Song no.20

Creation ever is one; smaller than smallest particle subatomic
Causal core grows conceived; smaller than that core's growth
Emanates the star; much smaller than that star shines moon,
Subtler than moon, sprays heat radiant; within that radiance
Forces more micro than the most miniscule resonance below
Trillions below the zillions; within sanctum of the temple divine
Dancing in grace, the Lord, my Master, the glory of His grace
Who could ever speak, never would you ever know, my maid.

Translation of Songs 21,22,23,24, 25,26.

Song 21

The Brahmas are greater but above them all the greater
The Narayanas are; much greater than others all above
The Rudhras of the skies are greater; above them all over
The Maheshwaras and Sadasivas are still much greater
The star faced light  for ever greater; sound , still the greater
Greatest for ever the primordial; all above greater than Her
Among all souls the prime of supreme; greatest of all above
His dancing feet, if anyone could ever know, oh my maid.

Song 22

Earth, its measure ever immeasurable, of the water within
Splashing hundred and one trillions above more of the fire
Raging counted thousands of trillion above another million
Eighty four above all the more air along with all of the sky;
Measure of the sky the basis of life in delusion inherent
Measure of the light immeasurable of all these of varieties
Speck of dust are they in the smaller nail of my lord, if so
Who can proclaim His glory? Know you not oh! my maid.

Song no.23
Beginning with earth elements five remain two within one
From the strings of atom as the form of color and of nature
Rays of the eyes pierce never the phenomenon, it radiates
Dwelling within inside, outside, bottom, up and the middle
Into dimensions one of three to fivefour of three to eight
Raising ascension up to nine, the pivot to forces potential
Driving them incessantly to dance with forces in perpetuity
Glory of that divinity Great, He is the one knows, my maid.

Song no.24

Earth force of element first as atoms within strings of atom
Gauging its aura inside within aura of that aura spreading
Within that aura of elements counted as expanding space
Amid that space natural, as one of finite within the infinite
Dancing of elements countless, the glory of the feet divine
None can ever gauge, realize the feet of flower on my head
With the blessing and gracing, the lord of dance in eternity
Mighty are his acts of good who could chant, behold maid

Song 25

Within forces crossing confluences strong, crouches there
Force of light great in oneness; within that there is a basis,
For forces causal in space; within them leading as for ever
Saddled as the master force; from the fountain of such force,
Spreads the force of octagon; within that as of force of itself
Extolled as ever Almighty, becoming dancing of that dancing
Cool divine feet of compassion beyond the grasp of reason
Who could delineate His form of eternity, oh my comrade,

Song no.26

All the elements considered hitherto considered mightiest
Of all them they crouch at the state of most insignificance
Greatest expansion and the resident inherent of that part
Beginning with mindful primordial forces in unison of whole
Dancing in the state of four at the feet of blooming flames
It is a wave of vibe consequential to mildest motion slight
Monarch dancing the dance as the most precious objective
Extent of His grace ever in glory, never you know my maid'

Translation of Songs 27,28,29,30, and 31.

Song no.27
Colour of the golden element at outset within state of truth
Around all the golden, manifests nucleus in white and red
Blending a spectrum of green with the shades of blackness
State within that state, in isolation from that of the foremost
Raising silhouette of light brilliant manifest with life infused
Such strings of atoms stacked in execution well disciplined
The feet of dancing in the holy council of electrical brilliance
Could anyone affirm the truthful nature, answer me my maid.

Song 28

Golden core of penta nucleus within its causal foundation
The said trillions of six and in addition millions of six then
Aggregating after to one of sixty thousand and at the end
One six thousand, among them to another of six hundred
Then with the bounty of sixty and after to that count of six
Forces of such causal manifestation spread in explanation
Form of consciousness in council of sound, dancing prime
Glory of such feet Divine, could anyone declare my maid.

Song 29

The exalted penta nucleus with its nature, part and causality
With said trillions of seven yet another seven millions added
Manifesting thousands seventy, squaring seven in thousand
Multiplied them by the hundred and then with the said seventy
Inherent in such of those forceful it being seventh of the causal;
Creating all these in isolation, then fitted them with a pivotal axis
Deploying utility of form, colour and taste rare to any explanation
Such glorious feet of the Almighty, could anyone refer my maid.

Song no.30

Exalted such penta nuclei are of infinite within the nucleus
Forces cropping up are infinite and the harvest of them all
Forces of yielding much of all prosperity over are of infinite
Forces of obtaining much of all exaltation over are of infinite
Forces existing mindful and of regulating them are of infinite
Directing such exemplary forces, separating them in isolation
Providing basis, within each of them dancing in luminescence
The glory of such divine feet who could describe oh my maid

Song 31

The seed of the penta nucleus seen with variety of nature all
Considering nature of the sprout in all distinctions, at the end
Devolving varieties of nature are different, within the middle
Gathering nature in difference, differ they at the crest above;
Widening ever the nature immeasurable with all their varieties
Aligning all of them, then becoming alignment itself of them
Within that operation optimizing without operating, of dancing
Glory of such beautiful compassion who could sing my maid


Translation of Songs 32,33,34,35, and 36 is presented herewith. From next presentation, 
the commentary of the songs is being taken up individually. As usual, I look forward to 
our Master Vallalar to guide the commentary in the way the Saint presented the method 
of meaning in "Thiruvadi Perumai', the crest jewel of all the six cantos of the Saint.

Song 32

Principle of earth to begin with, the quality thereof into trillions
Consequent to colliding energies, aggregation thereof infinite
Within that immensity of quality, masses in trillions many more
Congregation of such energies accorded tasks to exist in infinite
Accountable such masses, of their differences in between them
All these founded ever in isolation but also to function in unison
Like the vault of the sky intermingling but also unmingled within
Glory of such a playful divine feet, who could recount oh maid.

Song no.33.

Blossoms in trinity bloomed in the cosmos, one among them
Spread petals, yet another bloomed all in all of flowers to five
In that eye thereof another bloomed; petals of eyes within that
Unwound yet another blossom to count seven all among them;
Four with maternity and paternity with three, apportioned along
In unison as in isolation, intertwining physical ever with causal
Choosing domicile and creating, within that centre exemplified
Who could ever tell about the divine good feet of glory oh maid.

Song no.34

Within mighty blossom, forms many, colours many, above all
Nature thereof many more, truth of light many more, within light
Energies inherent are many more, within these energies resting
Strings of sound are many more, within that axis from angle one
Dances in difference are many more, displacements many more
Masters are many more, of all these masters supreme in common
Within the reach of sight with things mixed and unmixed as well
Experiencing the Divine feet, its honour to comment, none could.

Song no.35

Blossoms of pentagon, blooms of each denser more in mass
Founded; yet another that too bonding with others, of bearing
Greater energies stored up mightier remain without dispersing
Sojourn they, in that state therein as entities of independence;
When stagnant without motion, with many a method to disband
Blazing as light, space of grace, the door-less open vault of light
From all the angles always constant, the glory of the feet divine
Here to exemplify who could ever be capable, tell me my maid.

Song No.36

Within penta nucleus spreading, content of energy measureless
Existing with faces, then with those differences in ratios different
Apportioning the stellar disciplines many over trillions, undivided
Greater energies the method of which many more into of trillions
Known within the states of four, from there manifesting for ever;
Whatever acts of many, the omnipotent above cosmic presence,
Raging fire in the central eye of the galaxies, of the divine feet
Who could ever gauge the range of its reach, declare my maid.

Translation of Songs 37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44 and 45
Song no.37

In that penta nucleus manifest one of all nature inexplicable
Springs; within them zillions of clans in twins of the sovereign
Span existence; the unaltered of them many more in zillions,
Within that domain purity of pristine manifests immeasurable;
Filling within such infinity, amid them a rarity hard to determine
Shone only galaxies of radiance, within these shining galaxies
Deeply rooted reigns inter stellar energy, within this centre
Founded the feet so divine, its glory who can extol my maid.

Song No.38

Resting alive penta nucleus, forms of energy contraries crop
Countless still to comprehend, impossible and immeasurable;
Plenty of them to emanate separately in existence, in them
Embedding the cross of polarity, within those poles opposite
Not subsiding but on manifesting, qualities of multitudinous;
Among such qualities formulating many symbols, seated there
Glory of such flowery feet diffusing pleasant scent of unknown,
Who could ever comment upon and elucidate, tell me maid.

Song No. 39

Encircling the penta nucleus energy, of primeval polarity all
Beyond the reach of speech, of mind, beyond any measure;
Never to descend, each of its everything in isolation to exist
Within them armed with functions ever new, such of those
To continue in perpetuation creating a state of energy therein;
Within that energy integrated emerging as force of intensity
Subsuming, vibrating the one subtle of the subtlest, in dance
Who could depose about the glory, never you know my maid.

Song No.40

In penta nucleus of green in shade, the quality of flavours
Trillions in trillions within those of emanating energies all;
Sun shaded infinite variety of energies ever new in trillions
Within these shades rests the primordial, of such primordial
In shelves of ten, within each of them resides queen of Aum
Takes shelter by her side, the prime of the primeval conjoins
Within directions eight, dancing in axis of the force primeval
Great form of the divine feet, who can talk about, my maid.

Song 41

Blossom of blooming flame encircling within and without
Blooming, fruits in plenty ripened to ooze the elixir of moon,
Within that great council divine, how glowing glory excels
Ignorant of the method of an iota of truth, gospels all around
By prayers of praising simply ascend, descend in succession;
So deposed all the enlightened, if so how of this most humble,
Delighted in seeing me in prayerful palms within that council
Glory of that glowing feet divine, strive to comment my maid.

Song No.42

Within that space of atom as the moon, the sun and heat
And as blazing star and all these manifestations altogether
Dazzling plane of consciousness full of energy everywhere;
Envoy as a prime of force, with all of the principles washed
Entering the council within mind, dancing and gracing ever
One monarch whose feet to praise, who is there in any world
To measure the immeasurable, if so all of scriptures babble,
Reflections of a simpleton suffice not, never you know maid.

Song No.43

In the penta nucleus spreading the energies of seasons all
Force of the primeval regulating the blissful sound and light,
Atoms of different principles one with another in conjugation
Spread as elements in base, middle, in the line of triplicates
Interacting, directing soul, declaring intelligence to intellect
Dancing in dazzling light in the glory of the holy space open
Phenomenon inherent is of this nature who could know, say
An insignificant could be competent to delineate, tell me maid.

Song 44

On the mountain of radiant peak one as form of resplendence
Encircling the other peak the incarnation of wisdom as of all
In the yet another peak blending of form and wisdom together
The defined penta nucleus of each one granted one triplicate
Without any beginning, middle, end, in the form ever blissful
Dancing in the space open, with the feet of unparalleled glory
Neither Brahma nor Vishnu nor Rudhra, all in ignorance ever
Altogether oblivious to the effect how I could, tell me my maid

Song No.45

Always the blossom is one, in trine, in penta, septet and nine
Blossoms in a total twenty of five blooms and blooming forth
Only one, sweet scent and colours, methods are varied over;
Within them residing the good use, within time so infinitesimal
Without merging remains still and within that centre of wisdom
Dancing the flowery feet of divinity spanning the space of all
Such greatness in poesy who could state, highly insignificant  
As I am, ever incompetent in expertise; you never see my maid.

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