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Time Non Linear-3 Hinduism Explains How #HINDUISM #DECODED


The reason for this situation is the assumption that Time is Linear.

Time flows in one direction that is forward.
What if Time is Cyclic?

That is, it flows around and depending on where you are.

Time moves both forwards and backwards .

Time is a stream; so is Space. Per se they are Absolute.

They are Relative to the observer.

To put it in simpler words ,things exist in Space and Time at all times irrespective of your positioning and what we say to day has happened ,is right now happening at another level for an observer positioned to observe it.

For them, our Universe is Past.

Similarly for another observer, what we see as future, may be Present.

Indian Concept of Time.

Hinduism advocates Cyclic Theory of Time.

Time, Indian Perspective.
TIME- Calculation in Hindu Philosophy.
3.2 seconds- 1 Kaashtai.
30 Kaashtais or 1.6 minutes or 96 seconds -1 Kalai
30 kalais or 48 minutes – 1 Muhurtham
30 Muhurthams or 1440 minutes one day.24 hrs of western time)
15 Days -one Paksha
2 Paksas – one Month
6 Months -one Ayanam
2 Ayanams -one Year)
There are Four AEONS (yugas).-In terms of Man-Years.
I. Kali Yugam 4, 32,000 years.
II. Dwapara Yuga 8, 64,000years. (Kali x 2)
III. Tretha Yuga 12, 96,000 years. (Kali x 3)
IV. Krita Yuga 17, 28,000 years. (Kali x 4)
V. Total 43, 32,000 years
For Devas, in the next plane of existence, one year by human calculation is one day.

On this basis they have 43, 32,000 years as one chatur yuga or Aeon (By their account 12033 years approximately).

They live for 12033 years. At the end of the day Brahma effects Dissolution.
Next Level. Brahma, the Creator
30917370000000 one Life of hundred years).
*43, 32,000 human years is one day for Brahma.
During the day, 14 Manus reign, under the orders of Brahma
.Each Manu reigns for 30, 67, 20,000 Human Years.
30, 67, 20,000 multiplied by 14, is *42 940 80 000 human years is Brahma’s one day. (The difference is due to Sandhyaa and Sandhyaamsa calculated for Deva years).

The universe is dissolved at the end of each day.

Creation begins the next day.

Brahma reigns for 100 Brahma years or 30917370000000 of human years (For the Creator, there shall be Dissolution at the end of each of his day.

At Night there shall be withdrawn.Next Day starts.)

That is 0 .53 light years. This is for Universe of Matter of one fourteenth of the Universe of matter (14 Lokaas). Matter occupies only 0.1% of entire Universe. Balance of 99.9 % of Universe consists of Anti matter (named now as dark Energy).
The Universe of Antimatter has corresponding Time scale .It contains anti matter.

At the time of Final Dissolution, matter and antimatter collide and Entire Universe becomes dormant to become dynamic again. Matter and Antimatter forming the Universe is said to be contained in the SriChakra of Devi.

The Gods mentioned so far are nominees assigned for a specific purpose and they undergo evolution and dissolution.

The individual Gods are embodiments of Principles of Creation, Sustenance and Dissolution.

They are Principles and are given Name and Form to help one to realize the Ultimate Reality.
This Cycle is for fourteen known levels of existence and all of them exist simultaneously.

That means all activities happen simultaneously.

That is to say, Ramayana happened somewhere and is also happening and will happen in future. (With reference to us).
We can see Time is Nonlinear and is Cyclic.




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