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What the Significance of "Aaragya (अर्ध्य)" (offering water to Sun)?

What the Significance of "Aaragya (अर्ध्य)" (offering water to Sun)?

Our parents, grand parents teach us to get up early get ready and offer water to Sun since our childhood. in the society where we have been dealing with rituals, faith and belief does it actually help us in offering water to Sun. or its just another myth.

There have been researches and many provide scientific reasons for offerning water to sun which generally is done using a Lota. When we pour water by raising both our hands towards Sun God a very thin flow of water falls from the Lota and we do not even see towards the Sun because of the strong rays coming from it. While our ancestors would offer water to Sun God at the time of dawn, when the Sun rises, with a utensil which had a wide edge. When the water was offered by raising both the hands towards the Sun God a wide film of flowing water would be made in front of the eyes and our ancestors (sages, saints) would see the Sun God through that film of flowing water. The rays of the Sun coming (filtered from the flowing film of water) at the time of sun rise were not only excellent for their eyes but it would also energize their entire body and soul.

scientists say that the early morning sun rays are good for the human being, after all human body is also a bundle of energy. The human body is made up of five things, air (vayu), water (jal), earth (prithvi), fire (energy) and space (aakash) and the cure of all the ailments of the body is amongst these five things only and the rays of the rising sun are one of these things. Many diseases can be cured by the use of sun rays e.g. ailments of the heart, eyes, jaundice, leprosy and weak mind. Rigveda says, it is sun that wakes one up from sleep. It is due to thesun that all can work and are active. All living beings of the creation depend on the sun. The sun removes physical, mental and spiritual weaknesses and makes one healthy and long lived. The seven colours of the sun are very good and important for the health. If early morning one has a bath and after offering prayers to the Lord one has sun bath and allows the sun rays to fall on one's body then one could free the body of all ailments and increase one's intelligence.

On the other hand there are theories that say SUN isn't thirsty of water OR it is the way our offering reach to SUN. just to prove this theory one saint created a 2 - 3 feet way for water to move on banks of ganga . when others asked why is he wasting sacred Ganga's water, the saint calmly replied he has moved water to his fields in village.

All other saints got angry and said this way water can't be reached to his fields so the said smiled and asked then how come your offerings reach to SUN.

anyways question still remains what benefits we get from "Aaragya"? and the confilct continues amongst two philosophies.

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