Saturday, January 4, 2014

NEW Crop Circles In California With Binary Code 12/30/2013

On the 30th of December, 2013, Salinas valley,California,USA witnessed mysterious Crop Circles appearing suddenly.
There have been reports of strange lights, much like UFO in California on  January, 2014
This reports came in from Stockton,Auburn and Sacramento.
Video of  LIST OF UFO SIGHTINGS in the area on 30 July  is here.

An unexplained crop circle in Salinas, Calif., has captured the curiosity of alien enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists across the nation.
The patterns were noticed by aerial photographer Julie Belanger, who told ABC News she was shocked to discover them during a flyover on Monday.
There is also a section of Scientists who believe that the Crop Circles are a BINARY CODE from the Aliens.
The crop Circle image has a portion that resembles a Computer Chip in the Computer.
Check the image below.
Crop Circle January 2014 California,
                                  Crop Circle in Salinas Valley, California,USA
Stamped in the middle of the field, the design covered about an acre and looked like a strange computer chip with dots in the middle that some Internet observers interpreted as either Braille or Morse code.
Most crop circle enthusiasts were quick to call it a hoax. But with the landowner apparently unaware of how it happened, theories were multiplying all over the Internet by press time.
Security guards from San Jose-based Echelon Security were outside the property Monday morning. They said they could not reveal their client, only that they had been hired to stop the area from “becoming a circus.”
Ben Johnson, one of the guards, said the circle appeared either Sunday or Monday morning.

Crop Circle has Binary Code.
Then I started following the inner circle and this is what I got, but understand it depends where you start around the circle…I used the big arrow point with the 6 triangles in it to start. The code is in sets of 8 using zeros and ones…very similar to binary code. 1000 0100 0100 0101 0011 0100 1011 0100. For instance the 01000101 will = E (capital letter e), but as for the rest I am still working on it.
I also tried changing it directly to text but got this four symbol message:   �E4´
Then I tried Base64 and got: hEU0tA==
Next I tried ASCII and got: 132 69 52 180
For HEX I got: 84 45 34 b4
Perhaps you can solve it. I’m high and dry here on ideas, but being binary if we can solve the two small hands and the six triangles…I’m confident there will be a message found. SCW
Update: Had an idea that the six small arrows inside the triangle =1s and 0s or (100101) so I inserted them between each set.
So it came out to: 100101 1000 100101 0100 100101 0100 100101 0100 100101 0100 100101 0101 100101 0011 100101 0100 100101 0100 100101 1011 100101 0100 100101
In Base 64 it = liVJUlSVJVlOVJUluVIF


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